Twitch Affiliateversary/Partnerversary Celebration Livestream June 12th Community Gaming Fun Times Singing & More

On June 12th it will be the annual celebration of the day I got affiliate on twitch, and as a result we will be doing some community gaming to celebrate along with looking back at some of the clips of the channels history.

I reached affiliate through twitch sings but unfortunately due to dmca issues from bigger streamers (who still abuse the platform and work around copyright by just removing audio from their vods while streaming the copyrighted music so we lost sings for nothing) Yes it still hurts and annoys me so I get annoyed that we had to lose a great community because of streamers who still breach dmca and get away with it, anyway even though we can’t actually do twitch sings I will bring some singing to celebrate the affiliateversary especially as this was what helped grow my channel even though I can’t really play an instrument and kareoke is against twitch TOS we will find a way to do some fun things

To celebrate we will be having an extended stream, though no plans for exactly how long the stream will go on I’ll try to make it a longer one to help celebrate, and while I’ve tried subathon’s in the past my channel really isn’t big enough to gather enough attention to extend via subscriptions so we’ll just stream for as long as the feeling is there.

Other plans for the day include things like words on stream, gartic, maybe kartrider and other stream interactive content so you can come join in and have some fun alongside while celebrating, and there will be some giveaways of steam keys for some games so be sure to come watch and join in for a chance to win.

Anything else you would like to see be sure to join the Discord in order to come and make suggestions for what you’d like to see and participate in as I would like to make the day about celebrating and appreciating you who made this able via watching and following, and this is why all subscribers and gift subs on this day will also win a steam key for a random game (and there are some pretty good quality games that can be won, exact list is too awkward and long to be able to write here but I can promise you good prizes)

So be sure to come over to on june 12th to watch and join in the chat and join in the games and we’ll all have some fun together and I’ll show how thankful I am for everyone who came and supported and helped make it this far and thankyou to everyone who sticks around even though we lost twitch sings.

The twitch embed API doesn’t work so I couldn’t figure out how to fix the thing at the top.

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