Friends & Collaborations

am always open to collaboration requests to play some games together or stream together please feel free to get in touch, in the meantime please consider visiting some of my streamer and content creator friends I have played with and enjoy spending time with, you might find me in their chat during their streams or generally supporting their content.



Nataloe often streams in just chatting offering scientific and wildlife knowledge as she studies her masters in biology specialising in ecology and conservation.
She came to my stream during twitch sings and completed a duet with me and we’ve been playing regular jackbox streams together since and she’s a very fun person with a similar quirky personality.


Gawain Is a Fellow Green man gamer, and can often be found interacting in the forums over there, he also runs his own review website providing his own thoughts and insites on the games as well as informing the playtime he has in the titles.
We’ve been playing regular jackbox streams together and he’s a great guy and always a pleasure to play with and spend time talking to.



I met Tharia in twitch sings completing duets with her and she’s a great singer who deserves a lot more recognition.
We’ve been completing duets with each other as well as playing hearthstone and now regularly playing jackbox streams together, and we keep planning on playing a co-op assassins creed together and maybe more co-op games together at some point. She’s a great person and always a joy to chat to.

Queen Nano

Queen nano is a german streamer but does respond in english to people in chat if they’re speaking it, she’s a great singer and I found her through twitch sings and she’s even released her own single.
We’ve done duets together on sings as well as played secret neighbour together during the beta, and she streams a variety of games from apex to indie games as well as sings. She’s a lot of fun and a great person to play with, hopefully we’ll play more together soon.



Moiren is often referred to as the queen of twitch sings having played more than anyone else on the platform and achieved the highest level until people cheesed it.
We’ve sang a lot of duets together and especially during the beta we completed each others duets a lot, moiren is often high and easy going company and always welcome to come pop along and join in any games on my stream.

Fudge Wont Budge

FudgeWontBudge also plays on twitch sings and we met through that, he often streams jackbox and other games as well but often while I’m asleep unfortunately.
We’ve completed duets back and forth a lot as well as having played jackbox games together in the past and he’s always welcome in any of my streams to come play some games with me as he’s a great dude.



Jane has been streaming since Justin tv, and even seems to have been on blip back in those days, we met playing twitch sings and we’ve done a lot of duets back and forth with each other, She often streams a wide variety of content from cooking and IRL content as well as creative streams along with twitch sings.


Resulka has diverged more into game development, but still streams every now and then and I found her watching old school adventure games on her youtube, and I got into creating gaming content from watching her.
We have played some games together and I’ve joined in jackbox streams on her channel both on youtube and twitch many years ago, and I should really reconnect and get her involved in some games with me perhaps sometime.