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Happy valentines day, and for those of you not with someone hiding your feelings away too scared to make a move, life’s too short so why wait forever hoping that one day they’ll notice you or be more than just friends. If you’ve got deep feelings for someone and you want something more then take the risk and let them know how you feel, if they’re a good friend it won’t matter as you’ll still be able to be good friends but if they’re feeling things for you too you might just get what you’ve always dreamed of.

You might ask yourself why certain people get the girl while you don’t and how some people bat way out of their league, it’s not magic it’s not trickery or “super seducer” nonsense, the simple fact is they’re at ease with themselves and not afraid to make a move, chances are you’d hit it off with that girl you’ve always liked from afar if you just talk to her, if you’ve got things in common that make you like them then they’d probably like those things in you and often it’s these connections that lead to better relationships than physical attraction as looks change over the years. Obviously you would like someone who’s attractive to you but attractiveness is always subjective and different people find different looks and styles attractive so don’t rule yourself out whether you’re ultra thin or plump and round, the most manly of men or androgynous there are people that like different things and I’m sure there’s someone that meets what you’re looking for who’d be in to you too so don’t rule yourself out if you’re not out there and trying to find your perfect partner.

The other valentines tradition is that it’s said to be the one day girls can ask out guys, I find this a bit silly in 2019 where the world is supposed to be even and not sexist sure it’s a tradition but you’re ruling yourself out of all of the days of the year you could ask out that guy you’re interested in and rather than waiting for him when perhaps he’s unsure if you’re in a relationship or remotely interested to put a move on you it might be an idea for you to make the first move, if you’ve got feelings for them you’re free to start making moves and ask them out on a date to see if there’s a future there.

Don’t think about what could have been and wish while keeping your feelings secret forever, if there’s someone you want to be spending valentines day with go let them know, even if it is getting them a card as if you’re extra shy leaving a card can be a good way to communicate your feelings without having to get nervous or scared. Just don’t leave it anonymous that doesn’t help anyone.

In the UK the 5th of November is bonfire night or guy fawkes night, traditionally the time where communal park’s burn a huge fire to re-live the memory of the traitor guy fawkes who attempted to burn the houses of parliament and blow them up from beneath but was sold out by his fellow conspirators and as justice he was burned alive to remind those who might take on the government of the fate that would befall them.

Of course in recent years it’s a shame that bonfire night has twisted to become fireworks night, and although fireworks are also a nice part and relevant to the explosives that may have been used I’ve always appreciated the bonfire as well and I miss the annual bonfires as my area seems to only launch fireworks, so to commemorate the 5th of November and also in eternal remembrance of the years of my life stolen from me by this government and the council illegally withholding housing benefits due to me until they made me homeless, and the amount of time they unreasonably delayed in rehoming me I burn an effigy of myself to have a miniature bonfire as well as to signify the years of my life taken from me burning before my eyes.

Traditionally people use to go around collecting a “penny for the guy” to fund a bonfire carrying around a guy fawkes effigy to elicit funds for a firework and bonfire show, however these days kids seem to just go from house to house begging for money without any actual plans to hold any bonfire, and this spreads to Halloween also where rather than ask for candy with “trick or treat” they just ask for money, perhaps it’s safer to go buy their own candy rather than take sweets from strangers which we all know you’re told never to do other than Halloween so yeah, it might be smart in that sense. The point being funds raised with penny for the guy should really be put towards funding a bonfire rather than just being taken for personal gain, and any funds raised on 5th of November in donations to myself will be put towards putting on a bonfire for you guys next year so feel free to send any Donations appreciated

Obviously I’m never going to forget what the council and the government have done to me, and I think the government should also remember that they cannot do whatever they want to the country and pushing us too far does result in people pushing back, so hopefully the government remembers that they have to be fair to the public at large as well, so November 5th should be a time of contemplation for everyone about the past and the future of the country and if we’re heading in the right direction towards a fair utopia or if they’re just making a bonfire of society

A long awaited update explaining why I haven’t posted here in so long, firstly I have been moving house and sorting everything out from getting services connected and getting the essentials and furniture together have taken some time with having to be productive and look for work along with cooking, eating etc so things here took a bit of a back seat especially after getting combo’d by the brexit depression and massive rise in interviews I suddenly received after brexit (brexit at work and employers needing british workers?) but this did lead to a massive drain feeling terrible from both waking up very early for the interviews and the creeping mould in the flat effecting my health, and no way to clean clothes effectively still waiting on a washing machine promised to be delivered, but now I can at least clean clothes properly and managing my time better I can get back into thing here.

So there are a number of projects I need to catch up on, some being less urgent like updating channel trailers and more creative projects, but some like catching up on reviews and well edited review highlight video’s I really should have done by now rather than waylaying with let’s play series of the games with a reasonably written but rushed article for the site being pushed out. Having more time now and having recorded a reasonable backlog of gameplay video’s I can get back onto getting these reviews put together decently and to a standard I feel happy with, as well as producing the lost footage of EGX where everything was so dark at the show I wasn’t happy with the quality to publish, so have spent many cycles editing and adapting the footage to make something worthy of publish and we’re getting close to being able to do that.

Of course there are shows upcoming like I58 and this seasons EGX which I really should have applied to but feeling down I stupidly didn’t apply to stuff which could have raised my mood and been things to look forward to because I didn’t want the burden of heavy editing, especially having fallen behind with the one EGX video, but I can get that together and maybe at least an article for this year’s EGX even though I’m not going as a way to make up for that, and there are many other articles I really should have been doing too with press releases I have been receiving, however not being one to simply copy and paste these I would have to write them in my own manner and do associated video’s to feel happy in myself making them (unlike some places who simply copy and paste releases without even reading them) and perhaps even get some teasers for shows and events coming up in the hopes of getting press admission as I really should try to get back into doing that effectively and not let complications in life get to me.

So this is a beginning of content returning and being done properly once more not rushed out, yes I took some time out to be able to get things together after moving but from here forward I should be able to get things out in a manner and quality I feel happy with, decently edited when it comes to reviews and with suitably considered and written articles with my twist on any improvements and highlights I feel noteworthy.

I always welcome any contact through the correct channels, so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions for video’s or want me to review something for you.

With the plethora of issues I have been fighting against with the council while they tie everything in red tape and be belligerent in avoiding and delaying in every way possible in dealing with the situation they placed me in I finally have a place back in my town, so having lost the majority of my possessions through when they illegally witheld my benefits causing me to lose my home in the first place I unbox the few things I have and the items which were left in my moms attic from my childhood.

This mini-series of video’s follows my progress of sorting through the boxes through getting furniture and putting my life and home back together again to a liveable standard.

A while ago I took part in the random act of kindness challenge to buy a random gift for the first 5 people to respond wanting a gift, obviously as I didn’t really advertise it well enough and make sure people saw it at a time when facebook was really playing up at posting things and visibility I instead chose to purchase 5 gifts for the person who responded.

I started off with a drawing of that person as I knew she was a crafty person and enjoyed hand crafted things so I figured a drawing would be a good gift, of course I’m not the worlds greatest drawer and I felt like this was a little bit of a cop out so continued my search for further gifts, from there I found the doctor who badges and stickers, again a pretty cheap thing so it needed more to go with it.

Another outing I found a crafting book, containing a style she wouldn’t normally work in I figured it would be a good gift as it would be something a little different to try and perhaps a fun gift, finally I found a little dress and bangle to go with it to round out the gifts to 5 and make a package worth sending through the post, all of which I am sure did the job of bringing a smile to her face!

I would encourage you to take part in the challenge and post for the first 5 respondents to get a random act of kindness gift from you at some point in the coming year to bring a smile to their face, especially with the way the world is at present and show that kindness still exists in the world, of course the requirement is they post a similar challenge for their first 5 respondents in order to participate (and send a gift back to you if they wish) spread some kindness and love and show people still care.

And of course for everyone else there’s always internet hugs *hugs*

Sunday licensing laws were being debated in parliament to be relaxed and as a result the news took to the streets to get peoples reactions to the possibility, I thought that a number of peoples reactions were narrow minded especially in a time of austerity and a lack of jobs available on the market.

Firstly people seemed to think that simply because shops would have the possibility to remain open longer than 6 hours on a sunday it would automatically require every employee to work a full sunday on top of whatever hours they already work, which is rather stupid considering shops already open on a sunday and have to fix their hours to fit within a 6 hour schedule so deliberately open later in order to maximise the 6 hour limit.

The majority of workers fit within what is known as the 9-5 schedule, working 5 days a week and having the weekend off, as a result they would never be effected by the sunday relaxation of the licencing laws as they already do not work any day of the weekend, the simple matter is that extra hours provide extra opportunity for shopping giving a choice for either saturday or sunday as a day of relaxation spreading the weekend rush on a saturday in the shops over both days or even boosting the spending in the economy further, on top of this the additional hours would provide the further possibility of a sustainable part time job with those extra hours which reduces the spending on benefits to support those without a job as they would now be employed and also boost further spending as someone with a job would have disposable income to spend on the economy and further boost the economic foundation of the country.

Of course this is only a minor step in the right direction as you can see that the mindset of the individuals is that they have to work all hours an employer are open, perhaps this is how a lot of employers work feeding overwhelming hours to individuals rather than spreading it over a happy workforce, I have known this to be the case as in some instances depending on the area of the employment it is standard practice to have employees sign out of the working time directive, as a result have zero hour contracts and no guaranteed work but often be forced to take 50-80 hours a week per individual, with a current standard maximum working week of 48 hours this becomes excessive especially when you consider that essentially a 70 hour working week would suffice 2 individuals, and with a spread workload which provides greater time off, lower taxing of wages and a less stressed individual it is smarter to not overwork your employees.

France has a standard working week of 35 hours which is sufficient to pay all bills, and even reducing to this from a 48 hour working week provides an additional 13 hours per week if you apply this with relaxed licensing laws which would provide 2-4 hours of additional work which could provide a perfect part time university job, and if you add part time work hours of 16 on top of this it would provide a 32 hour working week which almost fulfills an extra full time position, if you further account for the additional demand for employment provided by a more stable economy where spending occurs once more due to people having more free time to spend shopping and on leisure activities and with the extra income through reduced taxes (and the heavily reduced requirement of the state to fund benefits through smarter measures than austerity and illegally witholding due benefits) this provides the most sensible path to providing further working positions for those who are seeking work and unable to find it through an economy where employers do not do enough to employ those who require it yet punish those seeking work desperately and are unable to find it.

Recently I had an issue with someone attempting to do something very dodgy compromising my steam group which is publicly open for anyone to join and previously had an unlocked chat room and bulletin board, however this was abused by the steam member brattysnax who joined my group and proceeded to make out that they were a long term “fan” and began to post unauthorized “giveaways” and “competitions” after I had questioned why any developer would give them steam keys for them to sell for their own profit through a chat room on a well known gaming bundle website where I had personally stated I don’t think game developers would be happy to give them keys for free to be sold on lower than the developers sell them for.

Within an hour of questioning that person I discovered that they had been posting illegal and unauthorized giveaways over the internet as though they were a part of my site, so immediately I banned the user once I discovered this action had been taking place, shortly after which they began making posts all over the internet about being “wronged” for being banned, so this video and this post were required to explain the situation.

Not only were giveaways and competitions never authorized, research into the user brattysnax lead to some shocking discoveries. The user had been associated with groups which in the past had extorted keys from developers under the threat of negative steam reviews something I would never be involved in, and as a result I would not wish members remotely associated with such abhorrent behavior anywhere near anything with my sites name which is why the user was immediately banned, and if anyone ever hears of a user or email address doing such things and attempting to associate with my site and reviews incorrectly I would request you immediately inform me which contains the only official contact you should deal with.

I have always been on the side of developers and even valve (steam) and do not stand for people attempting to take advantage of sites like these for their own profits, as not only does it mean the developer essentially loses a sale to the scum, but also deprives indie developers of funds they need to live or even develop sequels and further games, and don’t question supporting valve need I mention the whole desura thing, they’re not too big to fail if they lose their income sources!

That is the main problem with charity bundle websites, sure they were established with the best of intentions and yes a lot of them are getting better and raising the minimum price to reduce those who buy 50 bundles to resell keys and deprive the developers of a fair income they have worked hard for through making their game, especially when it comes to early access or greenlight games, this is one of the reasons a developer will give up on a title before release if people like this have taken advantage to get the game for pennies and sell it on for pounds undercutting the developer and devaluing their game.

It is nice of developers to give their games in the name of charities and does help those who cannot afford full retail to get hold of some good games and it does help with exposure but if you’ve already given away your title for next to nothing to the majority of your audience actual sales become difficult, which is why I would state if you’re ever going to give away a game in a bundle think about your reasons for doing it, as well as considering the downsides along the benefits. The best practice would be to only do it once your game has been through at least a year on steam, taking advantage of the summer and winter sale boosts along with your launch income, then providing it for charity once you’re satisfied with it’s sales, and if you’re looking for promotion of your game there are better options to get your game noticed without giving it away to millions of people.

Of course ultimately the choice is down to the developers, but it is worth noting that this element exists out there on the internet extorting keys to sell for their own income, a practice which I am not involved in and would never be involved in as I find it disgusting. I would prefer to simply avoid posting a review or help the developer to fix a game than post a negative review and I have never requested extra keys for giveaways or extorted developers in any way shape or form, and it was obvious that brattysnax had joined my group to attempt to use my sites name to do this

How was this obvious you might ask? Well the instant they saw my site’s name and that I didn’t perform this they attempted to hijack my group using it to run giveaways and competitions (where they are involved in rigged giveaways through that reddit forum post) and then it would become obvious that they would email developers claiming to work on behalf of my site “showing the giveaways” they ran to attempt to gain more keys for “giveaways” which they had established they actually sold through what they had stated on the game bundle website, and perhaps even extort keys through the threat of negative reviews which they had also seemed to be involved with. So blocking this user and removing all their posts along with any ability to post on the group was required in order to shut down this behavior and protect my site. I run honest reviews based upon my gameplay and will do whatever it takes to protect my site and reputation from dodgy users such as brattysnax.

Furthermore I always provide a steam link to games that I review and play because this provides profits to game developers for their game at a fair price, and also a fair share to steam who host the game and have earnt a fair share for providing a service which keeps all of your games together in one convenient location as well as providing the server space/bandwidth, automatic updates etc and providing what is easily established as the best gaming experience.

With the UK General Election Date set for the 7th of may I wanted to inform people about the party policies and manifesto’s so that they could make an informed decision on voting day, and vote based around the declared policies as opposed to which face they find preferable and who’s slanging matches they believe, or which parties they’re told to avoid rather than actual voting on the issues which matter, which is what changes you would like to happen in the next term of government coming up to 2020 as opposed to avoiding getting certain parties into majority power for the next election, which lets face it if you believe the statistics state no party has a majority and party power will be shared and decisions will be influenced by MP seats in parliament over decisions as opposed to actual power held.

Of course the whole seat system and the forecasts are a matter of discussion because not only can these be completely inaccurate they seem to change on a daily basis, and with some news organisations omitting some parties over others, and often including others which really shouldn’t count such as SNP in the english sector where mp’s aren’t even held for voting and won’t hold primary power where other parties could.

Ignoring all of that, your vote does matter, and if you actually go out rather than listening to forecasts you can make a difference, because forecasts themselves are an influencing tactic, stating you’ve got no chance to put you off voting against that party so they will get the majority in your area, and only by voting can you make change, and by voting you can get a council power in your area that works for you especially over devolved matters, and only by getting seats in parliament which represent the issues which agree most with you can you actually get things in the country to change in a manner which suits you.

So watch the video, or visit The BBC Manifesto guide and have a look through the issues that matter to you, and see which party most closely matches the interests you wish to be represented in the next term coming up to 2020, which itself has its own political issues, especially with the EU mandated changes expected by 2020 which have thier own consequences, and issues which effect young people such as the availability of jobs, homes, the working week, working time directive and “zero hour contracts”

Perhaps some parties have issues which effect different classes or age ranges, and some represent certain socio economic groups and others might better represent another sector, the only way to know who represents you best is to look through the manifestoes, and short of that read the highlights pointed out in the bbc page as I discuss in the video, whatever the option the only way you can truly have an influence is to vote on what matters to you, as opposed to which particular leader you like in a popularity contest, especially when some leaders (IE david cameron) aren’t going to be in power for a full term and you will be represented by some unknown party throughout.

It is a shame that corrupt mp names who have been involved in previous scandals do not get published, as I would have liked to have pointed out a distinct list of names to avoid completely, as you do not want expense grabbing scummy leaders in parliament representing thier own interests as opposed to those of the country and thier county which they have been elected to have a greater responsibility to cover, and are paid more than adequately to cover without looking for every excuse to scum the books while in the name of austerity cutting off benefits and services to those in need.

Whatever your thoughts, and wether they match mine or disagree completely the simple matter is you should vote, as the only way to make a difference is to go out there, if you’re under the impression it makes no difference and only certain parties get in, that is how they continue to get away with it, playing on your mind to put you off voting for a party that goes against them and playing on your insecurities over a split power rather than a majority, when split powers with mutual interests which benefit you as opposed to a majority power which goes completely against your interests is surely a better choice?

Voting day is may 7th 2015, don’t forget.

Taking part in the pay it forward campaign where 5 gifts will be sent to those who want in to recieve a gift that I think will make them smile in some way at a random point in the year. I’m surprised how little uptake there has been considering I posted this on facebook, and really all people would have to do would be to send gifts to 5 of thier friends essentially, only me who decided to make a video with a reach broader on youtube, but still.

Anyway if you want to take part just put I’m in on the youtube comments page, I was thinking about just sending some gifts to friends regardless without the neeed for them to take part due to poor uptake, and had some idea’s in mind for different people like something bunny related for sarah, and a few different things for other people that I know they would like, and I wouldn’t hold them to giving gifts to thier friends, just if a random person I don’t know joined in I would have to see they took part.

So anyone who see’s this you’ve got to be old enough and able to give your address etc, just to avoid laws and complications.

Okay so I thought its about time I wrote a proper post about this, I did have one in drafts from aaages ago but I feel that would be kinda irrelivant today, oh and thanks for that shorthand title post lol! Oh well…

Anyway highlighting the fact of how shit my family are they were oh you lost your home because the government screwwed you over you’re not going to be able to afford to buy us xmas presents so we wont bother, my mum gets me a pack of 27p value teabags and wraps that in christmas wrap, worse than nothing because its not a nice surprise in the wrapper its dissappointment and of course my sister gets me nothing but worse than that continuing the tradition of stealing everything off me like she did while we lived together growing up she has stolen everything from my bag of stuff that was valuable to me (which includes some valuable things like signed cds etc) half of my stuff like shampoo etc but I guess that can be replaced, Im just glad I never left my stephs engagement ring in my bag of valuable stuff when I gave them things to look after when I lost my home, dear god ID’ve killed them if they stole or lost that, thankfully I had the common sense and the heart to keep it with me and by my side as a nice memory, of course now she’s back in touch who knows if we might get to that position again, I live in hope of course but with her going through equal financial problems and other difficulties of her own its not great.

So on top of all of that anyway my dad died recently and instead of getting any of the inheritance my sister is also stealing all of that for herself and her 3 kids which she couldn’t even look after (oh sorry you couldn’t keep your pants on while you were a teenager and then you couldn’t bring them up) and Im getting none of it though Im off struggling to even keep a roof over my head and stay alive, of course Im told Im ungreatful by my mum but yeah, expect me to travel down to a funeral I cant afford to travel to with a suit I don’t have because I lost everything and you lot also stole everything from me and Im expected to just sit back and hold a civil tongue while you all talk shit about me just because you have all of the power, Id rather be disowned and lose everything you’ve already stole pretty much everything valuable to me anyway so why not steal everything, its not like I would use that money to get a home and even take steph in so we have no financial problems and can all be well maybe. Sick of my hypocritical family who dont see they’re the self centered ones who only do things when its advantageous to them.

Anyway they couldn’t care less if I died they just want to be right, heck I was even forced to lie for my mum so she could have my sisters kids, I didn’t particularly care as its none of my business and although they would be better off not being bought up by her I did it just because they’re family, but do I get the same respect no, and am I thrown out the instant after Ive lied for her despite the fact she doesnt get the kids for an extra month after that and Im forced to live in some flea and pest infected shithole when I could’ve easily stayed in there for that extra month and sorted myself out before they arrived for somewhere a little better ha, that would be expecting too much, and to expect to get my fair share of the inheritance from my dad thats expecting waaay too much, had I been irresponsible and had 30 kids maybe they’d get thier share but oh Im sorry I have some respect and I’ve only been irresponsible with girls I wanted to have a relationship with and would be happy to get pregnant and raise a kid with, of course those days are long gone as Ive found steph and felt the difference instantly, just a shame life interferes and its not so easy to just be together and happy.  Still if it ever works then she’s my family and her family and forget this shitty pathetic excuse for relatives, they want to be selfish and money grabbing and only care for themselves then fine they lose everyone else.