Video Game Day Secret Gift Exchange Via Throne X Streamforge

I was invited to participate in a special crossover to celebrate video games day on september 12th as I have a throne profile and have previously covered games through streamforge, where creators would be paired up to exchange video game related gifts to each other of at least $25 value to celebrate the day and I thought this was a fantastic idea to help celebrate video games

This seems a great idea because not only does it celebrate the video games we all enjoy but also a great way to celebrate your fellow creators, and everyone agrees that their card will be charged $25 so even if you pair up with somebody who doesn’t end up participating you won’t lose out because everyone will get charged and you’ll get something for definite which is a good guarantee because I have in the past been involved in tournaments where my partner didn’t show and have to get repartnered and even in secret santa’s in the past in work I got paired up with someone who literally bought gifts for other people, the instant I opened them he went to collect to give to the other person and was just rude so it’s nice that there will definitely be no issues and people will definitely get something they’ll enjoy out of this

I am not sure if we get given the partners throne store itself or just gifts based on their profile as yet but I will look forward to finding out, we did get given two prompts based on what we thought was the best game and something missing from our streaming setup so I imagine at the very least we would get something related to those, and I do wonder who I will end up being paired with as it all seems rather fun and I would love to see the reaction of whoever I get paired with to see if they enjoy whatever I end up getting for them

We will get a week from the beginning of september to decide for our partner once the exchange opens up and then gifts will be shipped direct to the creator’s home, so I will show off whatever I end up picking for my partner on a seperate video as well as showing off what I end up recieving through the post from whoever gets to pick for me, and it would as I said be really good if we get to see each others reactions to our gifts as I would like wheover I pick for to enjoy what I get them so hopefully that’ll be something they enjoy

I’m very curious to see how this all goes down and again I think this is a great way to bring creators together to collaborate even if only on this gift exchange it’s definitely a fun way to bring creators together into one event to all celebrate each other and video games on this day.

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