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Sometimes I like to look at camcorders with the intention of purchasing a newer model, with better quality video, however this always becomes a long drawn out process of looking through meaningless drawl, watching video’s on youtube to attempt to find any footage actually recorded in the high definitions stated to look for something that doesn’t have motion blur, terrible slow autofocus etc.

On top of this you have to decode where 16mp interpolated with a 1.5mp actual cmos sensor is worse than a 5mp cmos camcorder, fish eye lenses which give a horrible stretched out viewpoint at the extremes, wether HD really means HD as this can be from 720p to 4k ultra HD, often this is not the easiest information to find but is usually the most useful in my opinion in what will provide the better video quality.

What I would like to see is a standard where interpolated is not mentioned, still shot megapixels is not noted as the primary selling point when you’re looking for the megapixel recording quality of the camcorder, sure you can mention it later in the tech specs, but with the title to draw you in, mention the camcorder qualities after all that is what the shopper is looking for, and you’re more likely to get a sale than trickery and filling your page with gumph.

So what features would I really like to see?

Standardisation amongst the industry, cmos recording quality without the digital trickery, lens type, focus speed and factors that effect blurring while filming, obviousely there would be a desire for lighting issues so you can see what works well in a variety of light ranges.  And an easy way to search for camcorders on shopping sites where you don’t have to look through individually you can actually select the cmos quality as a primary function, so you get the best cmos sensor initially and you can weed it out from there, along with having something in your price range, rather than spending 3 hours looking, finding something that seems reasonable but then noticing its 2.5mp cmos than the 5mp you’ve been looking at in the same range for the last hour and a half but not going with because of the blur or focus, but the footage you’re watching is deliberately slow and not showing something that might highlight these issues and just giving up shopping yet again.

I’m sure one day I will find something that will meet my means within a reasonable price range that doesn’t look flimsy and tiny and puts me off, but for now I just can’t do it, especially when there is due the leap from 1080p to 4k hd and inevitably prices will come down for really good quality camcorders soon enough, but for now I just can’t pick out a reasonable one I would be happy with over the cheap knockoffs that just wont cut it, so I stick with what I have.

Having browsed the entire meat section, not just the tesco finest display and looked at the entire range I noted that the majority of the products were just boring standard meats and overpriced, without any sort of note on what made them extra special over the standard variety to pay extra (I.E provenence etc)

Looking at products to select many were in expanded packs where the meat had clearly began to pass its best as it had created gasses expanding the vacuum seal, also the “thinly cut” steak had all fat removed from them (which is the flavour adding component) and had been machine tenderised to within a millemeter of thier existence, which left rather deep cuts and something looking like it was on the verge of being a patty rather than a steak, and clearly all of its protien bonds had been broken which would have made it not taste and feel like a steak.  I much prefer a thicker steak with nice trimmed even fat throughout, maybe lightly tenderised, but this had been battered so much it looked like it was ready for mcdonalds.

I continued to browse and most of the products seemed a bit pricey, with 6 pork medallions for £6 which were so small you would have a £2 coin of pork after cooking, although the joints looked like they would be nice the £30+ price tag with little provenence over the £10-15 equivilent was a little hard to swallow.

I’m not saying that the products are bad or poor quality, just maybe they had been on the shelves a little longer than the regular produce due to thier price tag and not as fresh as a result, so maybe a shorter best before date on finest products might be ideal to ensure they remain at thier freshest on your plate, and also a price reduction to make them more affordable, or even highlighting the provenence or what makes them extra special compared to the regular variety of the same meat from tesco, as otherwise it is hard to tell what exactly you are getting for quite a considerable price increase.

Coming to the finest sausages however I noticed a nice selection of fillings, ranging from cheese to mustard and challot.  So at 2 for £5 I decided to go with those as these sounded very nice, although the selection was wide in pork I would have liked to see a tasty beef and chilli variety that use to be around but I have not seen for a long time as that was my favourite and definately worth the additional cost.

Upon cooking the sausages however I was dissappointed to find that the instant the skin touched the pan it blackened to such a severe degree that the outside was burnt (at a regular steady heat, not particularly high) and the middle remained raw, so I had to leave the sausages to burn to a dry crisp on the outside just to cook the sausage to an edible degree, this left the promise of flavour lacking as the charred (burnt as char would be acceptible but this was beyond barbequed) outside took over the flavour and left the expected special tastes hiding very distant in the background, and left for a rather dissappointing dry sausage sandwhich.

All in all I recommend tesco products, and if you wish to spend extra perhaps there is some extra provenence or the animals are treated better in a finest standard meat product, but from a regular standpoint it was hard to tell if any of this was noticable, if the animal had lived a longer slower better life, if the product istelf was anything above and beyond the standard, I personally would stick with regular tesco meat and get considerably more for my money, and have it fresher than was on the shelves for the finest range here.

I have been lucky enough to obtain press access to the bbc good food show winter event at the NEC and will be bringing you coverage from the event, I will be attending on friday and get you the roundup of what goes down and if I’m lucky I’ll let you know what the supertheatre events were like and the tastiest produce and the best bargains at the show, supertheatre tickets aren’t a garuantee though as it isn’t included in my press access.

The show officially launched today and here is what you can expect from the show based upon the press release.

BBC Good Food Show

Opening for its 23rd year the good food show returns with big names such as Brian Turner, Frances Quinn, James Martin, Lisa Faulkner and Natalie Coleman launching the biggest food event of the year.

What can you expect to see?

A variety of kitchen appliences, gadgets and accessories from well known brands, as well some of the best local and regional produce, live cooking sessions, book signing by celebrity chefs, and plenty to taste as well as 50 chefs and experts from around the country demonstrating on 7 stages throughout the event.

Tesco Finest Supertheatre

The supertheatre will be where you can expect to see the big names, tickets are available for purchase on the door, and promise to be “your favourite tv shows come to life” with expected guests to be James Martin, The Hairy Bikers, Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry amongst others.

The Great British Bake Off Village

Fans of the show will be pleased to note that not only will the winners and contestants from the show be baking thier favourite dishes, but you can also book an afternoon tea session in the garden, no word if this is actually outdoors but it sounds a relaxing place to have a nice lunch.  I will have to look at this and the prices to let you know what you can expect once I am at the event itself.

M&S Christmas Theatre

Seasonal christmas produce from celebrity chefs Phil Vickery, Michael Caines and James Nathan are promised on this stage made only using ingredients readily available from M&S, visitors can pick up tips for the christmas season and if there is anything more unusual or wacky suggested you know I’ll be taking a note of that one.

Producers’ Village – Bursary Awards Winners & Good Food Champions

A showcase of six producers who were awarded burseries for thier award winning foods will be showcasing thier products, I will definately be taking a look to see just what is so special and hopefully sampling some of thier produce for you. The winners this year were

Ross and Ross Foods, Benjamin Chocolatier, Beach Food Co, Manfood, Edwards Cordial, and The Fruit Pig Company


Not only will there be live displays from masterchef contestants showing dishes you can create at home yourself you also have the opportunity to dine inside of the masterchef restaurant itself, an experience you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Wine tasting

WineTubeMap offer tasting tours of a variety of wines, offering three different tours, it is not stated if this is a map of the show, a train around the show or much more than the tour through different tastes and flavours and the food matches, but I will get more details for you on this, and having a wine tasting qualification myself I can let you know if the quality is just right

The world cheese awards

Not only will the event itself be taking place along with judging but it is also promised that you can view and taste the cheeses after the awards take place for the rest of the show, no word on what day the actual awards take place but if tasters are available I can get you the inside scoop on my winning cheeses of the day.

The magimix theatre

Who would have expected not only there to be an entire theatre for the magimix but also a selection of celebrity chefs showing thier recipe’s using it including Theo Randall, Glynn Purnell, John Whaite and host Marcus Bean.  But there will be the theatre running the entire event and showing just how versatile the Multifunction Magimix 5200XL Premium can be in your own cooking and how it can save you time and effort.  Definately an experience to watch.

How will you cover all of this?

With so much to see I probably won’t be able to bring you footage from everything, but I will definately bring you the highlights and the bargains of the show and give you a full roundup of the experiences.  If it comes down to it the show does run a further two days and I can always return on the weekend to look around anything I missed just so you do get the full experience.

Tickets on the door will cost £24.50 which for all of this plus much much more and all of the tasting experiences you will discover at the event you will definately get your moneys worth especially if you have cook books to have signed by the celebrity chefs.

If you can make it maybe I will see you there

Its not too late to get your tickets to the festive gift fair, running from the 21st to the 24th at the birmingham NEC.  I will be bringing you coverage from the event as well as the hidden gems and my favourite stalls along with a host of other content, but until then here are some of the things you can expect to see at the event as a confirmed final list (this list isn’t exhaustive there is plenty more Im not listing, seriousely… it would be too huge to list everything here I can’t list all 325 stalls and details about them, want to know more look at thier site at the link above.)

Present Creche

No matter what you buy you won’t have to worry about carrying around everything like an over encumbered camel, trust me we’ve all been there at some point right?  Carrying so many purchases and seeing something else you’d like to get.  You can drop off your gifts and collect them later, perhaps even take the chance to go for a calm meal or enjoy the entertainment without worrying about all of your packages.  This definately makes it a convenient xmas shop.


Many of the stands will offer tasters of thier products, and with food from companies such as the cornish cheese company, fudge kitchen and perfect tiple there is a range of treats for all tastes.

Something for the ladies?

Nail art and jewellery seems to be emphasised as the gifts to go for however I would say to visit stands like vintage teapot and baby doll bling for the more unusual gifts as these would stand out for your loved one and be more unique, you never know you could find the perfect gift to match your loved ones taste, one fine example is a LED lit compact makeup mirror, small convenient and ideal gift material.

Don’t forget the guys

Well also the ladies too lets face it I know plenty of ladies who are into gadgets and technology, there promises to be stands to fit any taste really, but there are also “dad” related gifts which lets face it if nobody buys a dad gift for someone, even if they’re not a dad its not xmas is it, someone has to unwrap one just for the cheesyness.


Of course, theres stands such as on the big red bus, jumping clay and the book people amongst others, what this means is that there will be plenty even for the most choosy kid as toys, books, creative and learning toys, sweeties, music games etc.  If you can’t find a single thing your child would like I would be amazed to be honest.

Ah but you forgot decorations

Maybe but the show didn’t, you’re starting off the festive season so its not too late to get some new decorations this year, and there will be the usual party string lights (in a plethora of designs from elephants and fish to simpler more traditional ones like butterflies or snowflakes.)  However jormae pourri will have some nice smelling decorations for spreading the christmas scent through your home, along with other stands offering some more unusual decor.  There will even be the chance to get some lighting with telling tales’s range of candles and lanterns.  I personally think the hand blown glass decorations from treasure tree would be one to look for.

Book me up

Well its not ideal to get tickets posted so show up at the doors, NEC £9.50 thursday and friday and £0.50 saturday and sunday with children going for £3.50 unless they’re under 5 in which case its free.

I shall be heading to the event and getting you the inside on the bargains of the event, what samplers I took and my opinions as well as the highlights of the event.  Maybe you’re reading this a bit late for this year, watch my footage in the next post and you’ll be sure to book up for next year.  I know its my ideal start to the xmas season.


Okay so there has been a lot I have been having to deal with, especially involving releasing the inheritance funds from my fathers estate after he died in january and I have avoided putting up anything until an outcome was reached, in february my sister attempted fraud in the bank by taking one of her friends in attempting to forge my signiture, using mail obtained from my mum to pretend to be me as an identity document.

My mum has been happy to assist my sister in the fraud pretending to not be involved or care but still continuing to support the criminal in her endevours rather than reach a mutually agreeable outcome, I have attempted to be reasonable and assist but I have been ignored and held out of the entire situation, our father divorced my mum a long time ago and the estate should be split between my sister and myself, the entire estate not just the bank account, however my sister has already sold off all his posessions, his car, and more and made money from all of that, and is also attempting to fully steal everything in the bank account rather than allowing me my 50% legally entitled share, hsbc are happy to be complient to the criminal after her forgery, and actionfraud of the police seem to do nothing to persue the fact that she has committed fraud by attempting to sign my signiture illegally in order to gain a rather substantial sum of money.

There is a lot more to this story and more things I wish to rant about, I will be creating a video with full details along with an acompnaying article at some point, just a little drained right now from all of the stress and dealing with all of thier two faced lies.  It would be nice to have a family who care, unfortunately all Im left with is the ones who don’t and are selfish.  My father would definately not want my mum getting any of the funds, and would want me to have my share so I can get on with life.  I should have listened to him and just entirely cut my mum out of my life sooner, and the fact that my sister is criminal scum and she is assisting her, I don’t expect things to go easy in getting my entitled share, and at least either outcome I will have them out of my life and he would be proud of me for cutting them out of my life.

I spotted blade symphony and new immediately that this game had potential to go far based purely on viewing the video alone, and after getting my hands on the game I can see that this still rings true.

What is Blade Symphony?

Blade symphony is a game made by puny human games, an independant game company who just by reading the disclaimer at the bottom of the page you can see have a sense of humour as obtaining copyright permission to publish this video involved hunting down a custard filled mouse using leg booster, which is no easy task I can inform you.  I however managed to succed and I am glad I took on such an epic quest.

The game itself is a 3d fighting game, sure there are a lot of those about but this is more about skill and execution rather than mashing the buttons to win, as gameplay rewards timing and using the right move to counter the enemy.  And the combat itself can range from 2 – 32 players in one combat arena (correct at time of print, and 16 of these can be AI bots) which could result in some hectic and frantic battles, especially if there happened to be an epic movie hero style mode where one has all the power and everyone piles into him as lesser minions attempting to take him down.

The game stands in an early access format through steam at present, which is a good thing, as currently there is a great deal of polish to the visuals, moves and the game itself.  On top of that early access gameplay means the developers would like to hear from you, anything you feel can be added to make the game better, or suggestions for new move sets, or game modes, they will listen and try to incorporate them into the finished product (provided they fit the game and aren’t just ridiculous or impossible to programme)

Another big feature of the game, apart from the ability to perform skilled close combat fighting is the fact that every aspect is fully customisable, not only with the swords, masks and clothes available in game, but with steam workshop you could create, or choose someone elses creation to have a truly unique character, perhaps fighting with a giant dripping cod whilst wearing a robotic bunny suit like donny darko’s imaginary best friend.  That would be pretty cool, oh and you can also play as a break dancing yakuza

Elements in the level appear to be destructable and interactive, although gates are clear level edges as opposed to somewhere you can bypass so it would be good if there was some way of visibly noticing this like a huge rusted lock of some form, and there are occasional boundry issues where it appears you should be able to traverse the environment but hit an invisible wall but this is early access so this is acceptable but something to polish for the finished product.

How is the Gameplay?

The gameplay is very polished even in this early access state, particle physics and water reflections do not slow down the game even with recording software running, there are a few minor issues of invisible walls and situations where you can find yourself floating in the air if you jump some places on the map, and on one level there is a circular stair case that is just a phantom, but these are minor things you expect in alpha/beta phases of a game.

The game engine itself is based on a 3 tier combat system, where you switch between balanced to either fast or heavy attacks depending on your situation and your opponent to chain together the best combo from a selection of 40+ moves, with special wall running and other abilities available this can make combat difficult to master but rewarding for those who do, and allow combat to be dictated by whoever is the most skilled not whoever picks the player who can chain button mash silly kick move that doesn’t allow you to stand up after you’ve been floored once.

This should allow for a more rewarding and more enjoyable combat experience, and although there isn’t the realism of bushido blade’s cutting of limbs to disable your opponent the gameplay is still focused around realism and allowing true mastery of the blade itself to be the primary gameplay mechanic, it is even in the title itself as achieving the syphony of your blade and your body will allow you to win.

Key Features

  • Steam early access, so the devs can incorporate features to create the best game possible
  • £11.99 Early access price 2 and 4 packs have been mentioned as something the devs would consider (which would come with discounts, and let you get your friends in for some heated battles)
  • Skilled combat, where the weapon choice and timing influences the gameplay result, not the biggest button masher
  • Purely cosmetic unlockables, all moves and weapons are available to begin with so outcomes will result on skill and not who has unlocked the best gear.
  • 5+ characters with 3 fighting stances and over 40 move combinations each.
  • Very Detailed and Varied maps

What would I like to see added?

In its current form bots aren’t present and this would be something to add, and I note that there is a training mode which will allow for people to practise thier game style against a training dummy of some form in order to master combat and timings (maybe some distopian machanoid training dummy that is static but can hit back etc would fit in with the developers humour style)  also if there were easter eggs to see in maps this would be something minor but really cool, bring it to life a little with maybe a custard filled mouse hiding in a corner that if you catch it and kill it explodes in custardy goodness?

I have been thinking before I noticed this game that I would like to see a modern version of battle arena toshinden, bushido blade or another fighting game of this style because they had some particular elements I enjoyed in a gameplay stance that aren’t around today.  So rather than just copying those games or seeing sequels I would suggest those particular features could be added into this easily.

The first feature is the side rolling as seen in battle arena toshinden, sure there is side rolling in this game but its linear to your character, I would like the circle dodge around that takes you slightly closer to the enemy and is a good way of dodging but keeps you in the combat range ready for the next flurry of attacks rather than it taking you out of combat, although both types of roll can remain as a forward side roll could initiate this while a simple side roll is the evasive version to get away, leaving the player questioning which type you are performing adding the the skill ceiling to master

The next feature that would be good in this game would be to add the ability to dash, and also the maps are so detailed and so good it would be nice to see some form of exploration between levels, for example you could escape into a different arena if you run away enough, or you can knock back the enemy through a part of the scenery to go to the next area in a fully traversable multi environment location.

The ability to lay traps would be a very ninja trope, and any additional skills of the sort, they do have the ability to wall run stated, maybe there could be area’s you could hang on the cieling or from the scenery to get the jump on your target.

One very special feature I would think would make this game jump from being a £12 game to a £30-40 premium title is if the single player story had something last sceen in ergheiz or tobal no1 which was the dungeon crawler style fighting game, with the bots and generic enemies to combat on your way down to meet the inevitible finish.  If done right this could make it an immensely brilliant title and something that stands out from the modern fighting game in every aspect.

Challenge features, if there was the ability to challenge a specific player to a duel while in free for all, maybe as a special feature when someone is particularly dominating you to earn respect points or bow out as a forfeit this would be a fitting honour based feature to go with this game, but also in the traditional sense there could be challenge maps where you have to perform specific tasks in order to proceed and earn some extra in game bucks for cosmetic unlocks (and steam achievements)

Okay so how do I get the game?

Blade symphony is available on steam early access for £11.99 at  I would advise you watch thier video as well to see much more skilled gameplay and moves that I could not perform at my current skill level, and also to see how the game progresses.

I welcome challenges from new players so I can play against some equally unskilled combatants, and we can learn together how to achieve blade syphony.

With the festive season coming soon you might be wandering what to buy for those close to you and where to go where you won’t see the same old chain stores with the generic products you see every year, maybe this year you’re looking for something a little more meaningful and origonal. Sure you can look online but where would you begin with that, and then you have postage costs to pay on top of that from every different place you see.

What if there was a place where you could see a variety of different products, unusual, specialised, more thoughtful? All under one location, and not only that have a good time in a festive themed environment and really get into the xmas spirit?

The festive gift fair in birmingham may be exactly what you are looking for, promising over 325 different exhibits with shops ranging from well known brands to lesser known and varied gifts, festive food stalls to sample and a selection of entertainment and music (which I would presume to be merry jingles, possibly even xmas kareoke which would be fun, but I couldn’t tell you besides music being promised along side other entertainment) There is plenty on offer to entice you to visit, and the best part is you don’t have to pay shipping for your items.

Key Points

  • Entry will vary between £8.50-£9.50 when booked in advance
  • Open between 9:30 and 5pm from the 21st to the 24th of November (ideal to start the xmas season)
  • “wonderful, unusual and affordable presents”
  • Festive theme and entertainment
  • Eat drink and be merry with festive food and drink to sample and purchase
  • Santa will greet you when you arrive, so yes he has taken time off to come to this event because this will be where xmas begins in birmingham.

I have been provided press access to the event so I will be able to provide a much more in depth review showing the highlights and hidden gems of the event, along with photo’s and video’s from the location to give you an idea what is happening at the event, along with my personal favourites and recommendations as to what to visit and special gift idea’s from the merchants of the event.

I personally think birmingham should advertise this event more as it offers a wider selection than the german food market which takes up the streets in the city center, and beyond that is actually festive and will get people in the christmas spirit ready for the spirit, exploring a whole kingdom of festive stalls and would make a great day out for the family, and not only this it will be a great place to escape the high street and to explore new idea’s and gifts you might not have seen or considered.

If you are interested in seeing it all close up yourself I would recommend you purchase a ticket, available now from

I found myself working at the ynot festival this year due to an unusual set of circumstances of flair having lost all of thier festival contracts, and creative (who I previousely worked for) having closed thier birmingham NEC branch requiring staff for the festivals in the area and hiring in flair staff to work at thier events. So I agreed to work and found myself at this event.

At the station I met a band who were travelling to the event and also found myself camping in the same area, so security photographers, press, bar staff and the bands were all mixed together in the same camping area which was quite a mix and created a civilised area for sleeping at night with the main partying occurring out in the public area’s of the site.

About the Event

The event itself consisted of 3 days of bands playing accross a number of stages, along with some art installations and a small selection of shops to purchase from.

For a festival that isn’t well known there were some major headliners along the lines of ash, electric six, the cribs, the darkness and the mystery jets amongst others. Along side this there were publicly voted in indie and unknown bands playing on the alotment stage which is where things really got interesting, although it was a small stage inside a tent some of the best music of the event was found inside this and any talent scout worth thier paycheck should have been inside this tent listening to some of the acts that played.

Surprise Highlight of the Event

For me the real surprise highlight was the band naymedici who opened up the saturday morning acts with a lively mix between viking melodic rock and irish sea shanties, and with the charisma oozing from the lead singer you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by the band, and the acts that followed had a hard enough time following such a unique and tuneful band.  Maybe it was following naymedici or the fact that the bands that played afterwards just weren’t my standard, including a very depressing act which came on after the following band that I had to leave the stage area to find a better source of music, if these guys had been given a better lineup position they would have blown the audience away and they would not be out of place at other popular rock festivals such as download and bloodstock where they would be very appreciated and draw in a huge audience.

Homegrown Talent

The allotment stage was of course the location for the up and coming talent of the country and another amazing act was located here on the sunday, parasight drew in a large audience and captivated those attending the stage with thier youthful energy and had skills that matched dragonforce coming out of the hands of a teenager which amazed me personally how such talent could be mastered at such a young age, these guys are definately ones to watch and I would not be surprised to see them signed up shortly as if these guys were to enter britains got talent they would surely win in my opinion.  Following these were chase the rain Another noteworthy act who again outshone some of the early morning acts on the mainstage the day before.  Thier music was much more mainstream than parasight but both were very talented acts.

Of course I had to return for blue sunday (worry I do not have a link at present) who I met at the train station as they were one of the bands who had to travel up on thier own accord as no transport was provided, they were good guys and very down to earth and also played again better than some of the main stage acts which were on at the same time and deserved a much bigger audience than came to see them at the stage.


Camping on the site was split into different area’s, with a family camping site, then 2 more campsites for regular visitors so partying would not disturb families, and also a campsite for artists and staff where I personally found myself alongside a photographer and a band, this of course led to me signing a rickety old guitar which was also signed by if not all of the acts at the event at least the majority of them courtesy of raggle taggle photography. who were very nice people and were very busy interviewing all of the bands and taking photo’s for the event and you should check out thier page to see for yourself some of the views of the site and what went down at the festival.

The feel of the event

Everything at this festival felt a lot more laid back than at more major events, with the capacity of the event being more than ample for the ammount of people there, so the stages never got crushed and there was plenty of room and very family friendly (with everyone remaining very civilised and polite even the children were very polite and not overactive) so everyone could enjoy the event no matter who and how old.

With the mix of unknown bands and known bands this would have been the ideal setting for bands to be a little more experimental and rather than play all of the well known songs or just play the albums through in some form, perform some remixes, B sides or even cover songs, or perhaps even some unknown and up and coming stuff.  But alas this didn’t happen.  There was some fun though with a UFO showing up crashed into the wall for the final day, and a morning ynot echo for anyone up early enough to recieve one for free with a one page newspaper of the events the day before.

I do have to name and shame the creep of the event, who was from the balloon printing company, and when there was this lady olivia attempting to chat me up and get my number (which lets face it I don’t know my new number) and being unable to get my details he decided to act slimy and talk about her having sex with me and being really lude and crude and behaving really strange.  On top of this he told her he would get her details and my details and “make sure” we would get together for sex after the event, of course he took no details off me only her phone number and email so is now probably pretending to be me for his own pleasure, either that or making her feel so unwanted that he hopes he can make her feel disgusting enough to sleep with him (lets face it he was a lump of a man)  I don’t think he realised I overheard everything as I have good hearing, but I couldn’t just talk to her I had a job to do, and he was acting strange and completely unwanted in the situation, she hung around for 3 hours until 30 minutes before my shift finished and headed off into the night never to be seen again.

Overall thoughts

This was definately a fun festival and I would definately reccommend that everyone should visit this at least once, it deserves more recognition and is a lot cheaper than some more well known events and gives the same full weekend of good bands and a lot of fun to be had, there is even a roller disco at £2 for 30 minutes which is amazing for a festival price. I don’t think you would even get that anywhere in birmingham.  Everyone is really friendly and laid back, the bands are good and if the not so good ones come on theres plenty of stages to go find (even one hidden in a wardrobe inside a bar like narnia) so you should definately explore everywhere as maybe you missed that, and who knows that person stood next to you might even be in a band.

Check it out for yourself you won’t regret it.

After recieving some coupons to try the new danio range of yogurts from danone I decided to get a variety of the six flavours on offer in order to provide a true sample of the range and give a fair review as one flavour could have been better or worse than the others available.

I selected the cherry, raspberry and strawberry flavours of the yogurt from the store and immediately ate one storing the rest in the fridge for consumption at a later date.

The first flavour I tried was the raspberry, saving the others for later as I believed these would be the best of the bunch, opening the product I descovered that the yoghurt contained within was very stiff and set in peaks which resembled a crown around the yogurt which would denote the luxury you would expect from paying 85p for a 160g pot, however what was contained within I cannot myself consider a yogurt, it did not contain the characteristics expected from such a product of being creamy and satisfying on the tongue, instead what was provided was a very dry tasteless unsatisfying mouthful of bland.

Beneath the “yogurt” was a thin layer of compote which again was very dry and unsatisfying, throughout all of the flavours I tried none of the products met the criteria neccissary to be considered yogurt to me and left me dissappointed and unwilling to purchase any more of the products, even at a reduced price. Another thing worth mentioning is that the other two pots of yogurt did not remain “set” and instead the “yogurt” layer had began to break down and air holes had blown throughout the product and looked very unnappatising upon opening, even mixing the products thoroughly with the compote they remained dry and relatively flavourless as the compote itself lacked in flavour other than the sugary sweetness of the jam and was definately lost amongst the protien bland contained above it.

Does this fit in with the danone brand? Maybe would be the answer to that, with thier outset of bifidus whatever it is these days (digestivum, regularis etc I’m sure its constantly changing but essentially the same “good” bacteria) and adding a high protien yogurt is another “health” product, but it does not taste great or fit the satisfaction you would want from a yogurt snack, but for those who want a protien boost it would contain that and probably taste nicer than a protien shake or however else they suppliment it, and for that price maybe it matches so it does have a niche market which it is appealing to

Unfortunately the product itself does not match for me and does not in my personal opinion match for the general public for what a yogurt should be, maybe it could sell well in places like GMC or be a staple in gyms for people who wish to bulk up on heavy protien products, but for every day joe (or indelacio) it just isn’t a fit and is over priced when you can get a satisfying creamy yogurt for a better price from any supermarket.

After what seemed like a very short beta period the steam trading cards has been released to the general public, perhaps partly for some of the reasons mentioned in the video and perhaps also because people were initially buying up copies people were listing for 3p and selling them on for £1-2. This was short lived when the second day of the beta steam released 200k new members and the price shortly crashed, however people were still out to make a profit by any means necissary, and this would now involve making dodgy deals in the trading forums to ensure they came out with a profitable deal no matter what, often trading thier one card for 2-3 or even more cards so they could accumulate a sizeable collection, and now these traders hold 500+ cards and still make these deals hopeing to control the system.

There are regular people on the trading system and it is a nice deal where you get card drops for playing the games and as a reward if you collect a full set you can craft a badge which increases your steam level (which grants minor privileges and status) and also gives you emoticons you can use and also a background for your profile, with the rare chance to earn some dlc (or a mystery card) or you will recieve a coupon for a percentage off a random game on steam, which can be applied on top of daily discount rates etc so they can be useful but often will not be.

I’m not being negative about the system or valve, it is a nice thing they have done and it encourages people to purchase and try games they may not have tried or heard of before, but its the people who take advantage of this that need to be kept in check and controlled, as these people creating discontent within the system end up causing valve to stop doing nice things like this and will eventually lead to the end of summer sales and nice treats because theres always the few that spoil it for the many.

What needs to be done is a single account for one person (really who needs multiple unless you’re taking advantage or screwwing valve over) and some sort of regulation over the way people trade and spamming of trade posts to bump themselves to the top, needless to say many arguments go out constantly, one even stating he was not being dodgy like some who offer 1:2 deals, yet he was asking for 9 tf2 cards for one mystery card, which you get by crafting like I just did, and he wanted the entire set so he could craft a new one, just to take advantage of people.

Maybe Im just a cynical brit, but I just don’t think its right to behave like that and take advantage of others to make money off something that is supposed to be a nice treat from valve

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