Tormented Souls Review Retro Inspired Horror Adventure Puzzle Game

Tormented souls is a horror adventure game set in an abandoned hospital with many puzzles to solve as well as monsters to shoot or avoid, heavily inspired with retro classics…

Struggling Review Challenging Physics Platformer With Quirky Environments

Struggling is a challenging physics platformer which can be played solo or co-op best described as a qwoplike though this is a dual stick controller based game, as you struggle…

Twitch Prime Free Trial And Using It To Subscribe To Support A Twitch Streamer Favourite Channel

Many people don’t realize that with their amazon prime membership they have one free twitch subscription available included in the benefits, and while there are many other benefits to using…

Partnering With Humble Bundle Incorporating Everything Featured Site Update And Future Content For 2022

Having purchased humble bundles since their second ever bundle I decided to partner with humble bundle as an additional way to support the site, and I may add more partnerships…

Drama & Controversy Over Mishandling Of Tie Breaker In Big Money Tournament By The Gaming Stadium & Literal Lack Of Care Or Recourse In $2000 Fling To The Finish Twitch Streamer Competition

After putting 9 hours of training in with Kookiee and a further 5 hours competing during the event we had worked our way to a tie breaker situation with 9…

Double Trouble Fling To The Finish $2000 Streamer Tournament Frontpage Twitch And I’m Taking Part

On November 21st 7pm GMT 11am Pacific 1pm Easter and 8pm CET 48 teams of streamers will get together to take on the double trouble fling to the finish tournament from SplitSide Games, Daedalic Entertainment, and The Gaming Stadium, and I am taking part so come by and offer support

The Medium Review Horror Adventure Story Game With Mild Puzzles Across Two Worlds

The medium is a puzzle based adventure game with a horror based story revolving around an abandonned national resort uncovering the mysteries of what happened in the past

Unboxing NPET K10 Multicolour LED Keyboard & Review Indelacio Star

The NPET K10 Keyboard is one of the best designed keyboards I have ever found, not only because it has a funky flashy design with cool led light effects, but also how well designed it is to the core to ensure durability and prolongued lifespan of the keyboard.

Interactive Psychological Thriller Mystery FMV Movie Erica Review Indelacio Star

Erica is an interactive psychological thriller full motion video experience where the decisions you make influence the story as it unfolds leading to consequences for your actions leading to one of 6 possible different endings

Steambox Driver Bricks My Non Steambox PC Attempting To Work Around Steam Update Breaking xbox 360 Controller

An update last month where steam had tried to fix an issue some users were having with controllers dead zones (not myself) they updated their system to include a driver…