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Shutshimi is a frantic action packed shooter game from neon deity games, with an emphasis on the crazy, random and surreal. This is just what you want from a game of this style and manages to get the perfect balance of an approachable shooter that remains challenging without simply being a complete bullet hell throwing everything at you on screen while you dodge in pixel perfect fashion to get through the wave (although this could potentially be a very horrible hat you could find in the future, and the action does ramp up to rather extreme levels in the end game and victory laps)

All of the action in the game is split into 10 second(ish) segments including the shop time so you have 10 seconds to choose your item, which is easier said than done when you consider that the flavour text and item picture are completely randomised further adding to the fishes 10 second memory. If you successfully choose a good item finding the appropriate piece of text this can also result in your goldfish getting so excited that he leaves his previous items behind in a giddy rush to escape the shop with what he feels to be a steal (if he didn’t already steal it considering you never have to pay anything for the upgrades)

The dev has mentioned that there will be additional content in the steam release but even as it stands this game is perfectly fun and replayable, if you consider the fact that action continues after you complete the game in victory laps and that potentially steam workshop could introduce additional enemies, bosses and items that the devs even don’t consider (and don’t forget the plethora of fantastic game bending hats) this could be one of the best games you could purchase in 2015 in terms of value and replayability. runs can be fast and frantic so you’ll always be able to find time to jam in “just another run” and try to beat your high score, or that of your friends with potentially online leaderboards.

I think it’s a pretty obvious buy if you enjoy what you see and enjoy games of this nature, if you need further convincing feel free to check out the links to any of the lets plays on the main site to see the action for yourself and how many people are enjoying the game, and it definately gets a glowing radioactive thumbs up from me (not that I give any sort of rating scheme, but its a positive!)

Let go and embrace the crazyness and be a drunk fish on a party rampage for a few minutes recounting the story of how your home was invaded by the entire ocean, sky and cherry cola and how you had no choice but to go on a gun totting rampage eliminating everything in your path. You know you want to.

Just get through is a very fun procedurally generated trap and hazzard avoidance platformer with one very simple aim, to just get through the levels alive. You begin with 10 each of tnt and lives and have to make these last throughout your entire journey through the game, this is easier said than done but can be bolstered by finding extra throughout the world as you progress.

To make life a little easier you get a choice of power-ups throughout the process which can be anything from finding extra tnt/lives in the world or a simple quick 1up now to keep you going.

The game is very inexpensive at £3 and will give you many hours of gameplay, especially if you add the fact that the game includes a built in sandbox mode and also allows you to input user generated levels (which added to the steam workshop community could generate a number of meatboyesque levels which you can sight read and add to the fun)

The game is fairly simple but you can often get the most enjoyment out of the simplest thing, and considering everything is generated fresh every playthrough no two runs will be the same, so everything will stay fresh for longer. If you’re up to the challenge you should check it out for yourself.

Available to purchase now on the developers site, and coming soon to steam.

Tiny keep is a top down dungeon escape game, where the action is proceedurally generated so no two runs are the same, permadeath adds an extra layer of difficulty because although you can begin on later floors when you unlock them you will lose any power-ups and advantages you may have earnt on previous floors.

This leads to a lot of playtime attempting to get good enough powerups to increase your survivability for later. The floors have thier own elements secrets and traps that makes each one unique and different enough that you keep coming back for more and have to implement strategies specific for each floor and ready for the upcoming challenges.

I can guarantee you will get many hours of gameplay out of this game if you like what you see and want a challenge that isn’t impossible but also isn’t a cakewalk. There are many secrets and even a new game + mode which I have yet to even unlock, so there is plenty to discover beyond the basic escape attempt and a number of achievements to obtain whilst the challenge inevitibly ramps up every floor you complete, with more difficult enemies coming at you in even greater numbers it can be a little daunting if you don’t have a strategy to take them on and survive.

I will be continuing how to escape series as I find the game a lot of fun and want to succeed in escaping, and I like how the developers included permission in the title screen itself which is definately something I think more devs should do, if not in the title at least on a noticable tile within the game itself on the options when they actively want people to post lets play video’s.

Tiny Keep is available on steam for £10.99

Brawlhalla is a free to play game on steam, taking much of its influence from super smash brothers but available on the steam platform. Lacking the appearances of popluar characters or special abilities it instead focuses on fast paced brawling combat with the aim to gain as many points as possible before time expires.

It can be a little difficult to see how long is left in the match, but as long as you’re playing to win and going for the brawls it won’t matter so much what the score is as hiding to run down the remaining few seconds isn’t necissarily the most fun tactic in the world just for a win.

The item pool is set depending on which character you pick, with community items such as the spike ball, horn, bomb and sticky bomb’s while other items such as the sword, guns, hammer and flying spear are drawn depending on which character you choose. Each character has 2 items in thier pool and it appears to be setup for unlockables and perhaps even paid cosmetic differences in order to support the free to play scale, wether this will be pay to win with stronger items only available for cash purchase or unlockable with in game currency remains to be seen as these features are yet to be available, and wether or not all characters are permanently unlocked or on the usual rolling free schedule with a few available each week and purchasable for permanent unlock also remains to be seen.

There does also appear to be minor differences with the characters too besides just the weapons with thier own stats but essentially this makes little difference in the actual combat, at least none I can notice.

Things may change in future updates as is inevitable in any beta gameplay review, and especially as there is to be the free to play and the paid supported elements yet to be decided, because for the most part free to play games don’t tend to remain completely free with nothing purchasable in any form.

However that said there is no requirement to ever make a purchase, and it is a fun to play game which you have a good chance of joining the beta right now via

If you cannot wait for a response and invite to the beta you can also join now via a purchase of the premium kit via steam, which includes in game items of mammoth coins (inevitably for use with in game purchases) as well as skins and “more” which could be added at any time for the founders pack, available for £9.99

The marvelous miss take comes out on the 20th, it is an entirely mouse driven heist game over 25 levels and 5 chapters. With all of the gameplay options essentially that is 150 different puzzle floors and around 8-9 hours of gameplay and possibly more if you want to rerun to get all of the paintings and 100% the game.

The story is set around miss take trying to get back her aunties artwork after it was stolen by an art fiend changing the will and taking the lot, nievely miss take sets out in the stylish life of an upper class cat burgler, taking only what is hers and doing it with style. Not all of the artwork ends up in her gallery which is the hub world for access to the different levels, some must go to her home, or perhaps even sold to fund her lifestyle (essentially the level would become cluttered if everything you took in the level went there and taking just one painting would be too easy)

You can see that there are some artwork’s that remain untouched, although there are optional masterpieces that you can take, presumably in typical revenge style of taking the most prized posession of the fiend who took your aunts work, and to throw the scent off you directly for the crimes.

The game is well designed with stylish flair, very colourful and challenging yet fun and addictive keeping you coming back for more and retrying levels in an attempt to get all of the outcomes, beating the par time, taking the masterpieces etc, and with the extra ways of running the floors that you unlock later such as clearing out the remaining artwork at night during lockdown with most routes gated off and making it harder to progress whilst the focus is on stealth and not being spotted during this time or later when you return to clear out the safe’s for (*redacted plot spoilers*)

I think that this game even has a great potential to be a tablet or phone game, perfect file size with a great easy to use interface with everything being driven from the mouse and depending where you click and what you click, either to move stealthily or run, whistle for distraction, or throw objects with varying effects. Levels are fast paced and ramp up the challenge between chapters to a good degree, adding additional enemy types and even more difficult challenges each with thier own subtle features which you can exploit to speed run the levels and get all of the loot as fast as possible.

The game kept me coming back for more, and I would definately recommend a purchase as this is very accessible and anyone can jump in and out of gameplay and suit either someone who wants a casual distraction, or someone who wants to sit and get addicted and go through the entire game in one sitting.

The artwork is very clever, with faded scenery outside in a blue tone so it doesn’t distract but gives the essense of a living city surrounding you and not just being in a puzzle room, everyone loses thier hat while running, and while you have to retrieve yours it would be a fun achievement to collect the guards hats and escape the floor.

Note that footage shown is from a special press preview build, so there may be changes in the final version, some noted will be that bystanders will have more variation from the current clone everywhere, additional resolution options to ensure everyone can play, along with some minor tweeking to artwork etc. Saying that everything already looks great to me and fits the styling of a classy mischievous cat burgler of the time. Even the music is rather fitting, with elevator music playing while stood waiting on the second floor, and changing to fit the different “modes” of playing the levels, and everything feels very smooth and refined.

You will notice subtle art pieces such as blue fox statues as a nod to TRI, another rising star game, and perhaps even other nods that I have missed or am not aware of.

I found the game fun and definately recommend to anyone who likes what they see in the gameplay footage shown.

Purchase on steam at

Tri is a first person puzzle adventure from rising star games and rat king entertainment. Inspired by games such as portal and q.u.b.e this game throws away shooting enemies and replaces it with the ability to interact with the world, in this case the power to create triangles in the world.

As you progress through the game you learn more about how the great ikean people existed and how thier fox gods friendship suffered with the madness that insues from greater control over the triangle powers, and you yourself gain greater control over triangles from initially being able to simply place and destroy them through to being able to manipulate light streams and traverse walls and defy gravity using them.

The game is very well designed, not only through the artwork which looks like an old oil painting, and the background effects which subtly change depending on your environment and add to the tension of being high up during your exploration process, but also continues through the puzzles themselves. The puzzles are well thought out and cannot simply be blundered through, you have to put a little thought into some of them into how you can use the triangles to manipulate and navigate your environment in order to progress.

There are surprises in store, including early on where the fox god decides to be a little mischievous and flip gravity in the room you are in completely bending reality and leaving you to discover a new way out of the room.

If you enjoy puzzle games then this is a definate purchase for you, and £12.99 for a game of this nature isn’t a lot to ask considering the ammount of effort that has gone into the design and how much enjoyment you will get from the game. The game should last at least 5 hours of gameplay, maybe more depending on how much exploration you plan to do in getting the golden idols for the additional bonus content and full completion, and by purchasing you encourage the designers to make more games and even sequels.

If you like what you see in the video then you should check out the game for yourself and explore the mysteries that lie within the great temple of the fox gods of the ikean people. Just try to avoid jokes regarding the creation of dorito’s and salsa dipped dorito’s, without such a clear palate you would lose your triangles within the scenery and not know which ones were suitable for traversing, all part of the efforts in accessibility that are shown throughout the game from the steps through gaining powers and throughout the entire game with a gradual difficulty curve. Some things that most people would take for granted, but clearly done right in this game.

Available now on steam £12.99 RRP

Live streaming of gameplay is getting more popular with people preferring to interact with content creators live during the creation process, as a result I have taken up to doing some live streams, obviousely in my current situation it isn’t the easiest to record as standard let alone find time for regular streams, however I do plan on doing some streams in particular when I fancy playing a game but not actually doing any recording, these will be surprise unannounced livestreams without the mic attached. The mic won’t be attached because you’ll here crashing and banging from pests that prevent me from recording at all hours, but I will be able to possibly read chat, and if I get enough followers who actively watch then I will be more interactive and find things to do with viewers.

So head over to twitch and click the follow button below the video frame in order to be informed of any livestreams as they are broadcast, as I will not announce most on twitter or in any other form and simply broadcast wether people come or not as I play.

Streams are also available on this site at directly on this site, through twitch, with chat and the video available.

I know I don’t usually ask for subs or follows or the like, but if you want to watch the content and in particular be informed of unannounced livestreams it is the only way to do so without sitting on the site all day hopeing that I begin a random unannounced stream.

Frozen synapse is one of the games I recommend through steam curators, it is a turn based strategy game played entirely online.

With different game modes from extermination of the other team, to hostage rescue, capture the flag and even a “how far do you think you can run accross the course before being eliminated” challenge there is quite a lot of gameplay on offer from this seemingly simple strategy game.

Play is formed accross usually 8 rounds, with planning phases for both teams and then the excecution is calculated online and shown before the next round of planning to hopefully lead to an outcome of victory for your own team.

There is a single player campaign but this isn’t the main draw of this game, and really you should see it for yourself to know if this is for you or not. Watch the video and make judgements for yourselves.

I definately recommend it and have got many hours of enjoyment from the game.

With mixed reviews from critics and viewers I decided to give my opinions on the latest season of doctor who and how everything fits into the existing timeline as set out in the previous seasons, how his regeneration works and why the doctor behaves as he presently does.

Following on from the silence timeline the current regeneration is essentially a blank slate with clara having erased all knowledge of the doctor from history which leads to the inevitable confrontation at river song’s birth in which the doctor is known to be the enemy of the universe and a soldier, the previous season attempted to throw people off with the implimentation of john hurt as a soldier incarnation, however this was already a past regeneration and not the one in question on the timeline, also the whole plot of losing gallifrey is a little silly because they know it exists in the pocket dimension inside the painting itself, and even visited it during that episode.

All of this aside there were some other potential flaws in the writing in where matt smith had began a regeneration cycle on the beach where the silence’s plan to eliminate him culminates in a fixed point where river succeeds, however because of her love for him she decides to give up all of her regenerations to save him, this could have been done in such a manner that already overwrote the 13 lives issue, having provided all of her regeneration energy. Instead though they decided that as she was “dying” in the future anyway that it didn’t matter, but also to provide an alternative method of providing further life to the doctor with the timelord race itself providing energy through a crack on trensalore to help him to regenerate anew.

Hints towards the conclusion at river’s birth were given in this final episode of the last season where he meets the young soldiers that inevitably meet him there, and how the silence from that day vow to eliminate the doctor, which is a timeline that has already passed, as such wibby wobbly nature of time and plots.

Furthermore there are many unexplored themes in the series such as river marrying the doctor who clicks his fingers and the tardis responds as second nature, not just experimentation as previous doctors have done. Also a future doctor still has to provide river with his sonic and associated memory storing device in order to save her to the computer, so this is yet to happen in the series thus showing the doctor always lived beyond trensalore.

In order to correct potential paradoxes you will notice that clara is travelling to her existences through spacetime, she has interfaced with the brain of the dalek in the episode where they travel inside, inevitably she will end up back in the victorian era yet again, perhaps at a point where she loses her mind and ends up abandonned in the past, or at least pretends not to know the doctor so as to maintain continuity.

Lastly you will note that “missy” keeps appearing in a garden of eden place much like that of the computer in which river is stored in the library of the Vashta Nerada, and although these individuals have died they can still be saved in much the same way that river was saved, with hidden memory storage devices that can be collected later, and obviousely dropped off in time discreetly without the doctor noticing. To the individual involved they will die and awake inside the computer, and this can even pass to those who were killed by the brain sucking monster, thier body died but thier brain could have been saved and backed up prior to this.

So how does the doctor free these people, well given that the doctor and river are travelling at opposite ends of the spectrum, and she knew the first day he met her and didn’t recognise her she would die it would be a given that the same would happen where he would meet her and the first instance where he meets river and she doesn’t recognise him would be the day he knows he is going to die, and at this point being smart he would realise he has the opportunity to harness his regeneration energy and feed it into the computer to free river and the others, either by entering it himself entirely or just linking to it and running his energy through it and into the teleporter system to restore those who didn’t have bodies giving up some of his own regeneration energy.

At this point river should explain how he cannot regenerate in his current nature, as a soldier as he doesn’t stand for what the doctor stands for, and a healer of time while he stands for death and not caring about saving each and every individual whatever thier race and the idealism that comes naturally from the doctor, and provide him the opportunity to travel through time and save everyone he let down himself in the same way he saved her allowing the next regeneration to truly be a rebirth of the doctor.

Why missy though, well simply put the computer is able to rewrite the programming of people, within the computer river would be able to be restored as a timelord with all of her regenerations, and she could choose to regenerate anew inside the computer, and also when reborn out of the computer to also have a new start with the doctor both now travelling through time in the same direction together.

These are just my theories and idea’s, and fit the timeline and current events rather well wether or not this is how things progress will remain to be seen, but it makes sense that the current doctor would behave as he is doing given the timeline and established continuency of time from previous events.

It should also be noted that peter capaldi’s eyes appear in the day of the doctor episode when they state “13 doctors” during the transportation of gallifrey from the space time continuum into a painting, so obviousely he would have to return to that point to collect it, and obviousely he would be the safeguarder of the painting. This is also an inevitable spoiler that he already would survive beyond the battle of trensalore, which was already shown in other ways but this particular way is the biggest spoiler considering he has already regenerated beyond it at that point. Wether or not this has an influence on gallifrey offering up extra regenerations to him remains to be seen, but he could influence them considering without him being there to save them they wouldn’t survive in the pocket universe.

Rive is the latest game from Two tribes games usually known for puzzle oriented games, and more recently an open world sequel to toki tori in which they spent several years perfecting the code and game in order to provide an open world exploration puzzle experience where you don’t gain new powers but gain knowledge throughout your exploration on how you can interact with the world and cause things to happen around you. It was a very good and well designed game which unfortunately wasn’t recieved as well as it deserved to, partially due to a steam sale release date and getting lost amongst that, but also partially because of confused loyalty offers via a prior humble sale.

This aside the code behind toki tori 2 has been adapted, so it keeps all of the visual aspects such as multi layered elements and great exploration, but instead of being puzzle based this is a platform shooter action game, promising to be very open world but with obvious progress gates with elements you can only gain from exploration and defeating bosses for new upgrades.

Also being built on the toki tori 2 engine means that there will be the inclusion of the level editor in a very simple graphical format allowing the basic user to create thier own levels, or even full seperate adventures, and with the steam community sharing system these additional levels will also be online available for anyone to download to expand thier playtime potentially infinately beyond the main game.

No word on a price point or length of the game at present, but with such expansion possibility and such a smooth and playable game at such an early stage I believe two tribes are on to another winner with this one, hopefully it will be planned for a better release date which won’t get lost in the draft of sales and usual seasonal steam related hijinks, and get the audience it deserves.

You will have to excuse the lack of sound on the video, problems with my recording software, and also footage freezes and unsmooth frames, these aren’t issues when playing, and you can also turn down settings to lock to 30fps and create a more smooth experience, and also a good base for lower powered machines to still be able to play and enjoy the game.

I will hopefully bring you a better video closer to release when more content is available and a full review can be made on the final copy of the game, but definately looking forward to seeing progress.