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Steam have introduced a new curator system for reviews, where you can post a short synopsys and link this off elsewhere to reviews you have posted such as youtube, or your own website.  It seems a convenient place to keep easy links to all of the steam based game reviews as not only does it link to reviews here but also the steam games and you can keep an eye on wether any go on discount in the store.

My curator page is located at if you would like to follow and keep an eye on any game reviews I create, this should be easy as it doesn’t require me to post full content there also, just a short statement and then a link to wherever I have posted the main content.

So you can still read here and view reviews I post in video format while also being able to checkout the game for yourself and see the accurate current pricing in your district.

The state of britain today is often in question, with many popular media outlets stating how lack of housing and government debt are major problems in society today, and how ukip is racist for wanting independance for the uk from the EU however the scottish independance party, or france and other countries wanting independance are perfectly fine and not remotely racist (where many people are confusing ukip with the BNP) however nobody really ever looks under the surface to investigate matters themselves, most people blindly take what they’re told as fact wether it is true or not and ignore the underlying problems that might be causing these.

One example is how there is a rise in homelessness, media outlets would have you believe that this is as a result of a lack of housing available to the market (offering so called “help” where someone else ownes part of your home that you can never own and will always owe them a part of whatever you sell the house for, and this is only ever available to those who have the significant incomes required to qualify for a mortgage and never anyone who could afford repayments, as for a £50,000 mortgage you need to earn over £23,000 per year just to qualify, which means that this will never be affordable to someone on low income regardless.

As for the rise in homeless youth, this is directly as a result of benefits only being offered at a shared housing rate, which is calculated to the 30%th percentile from the lowest rent (which includes discounted council housing) so on a private rental market there are no suitable houses available other than overcrowded filthy squats, and these are snapped up instantly in desperation so many are left with the option of thier parents, friends or ex’s sofa’s or a life on the streets for those who do not have those options (because nobody has a home to share with)

Harsh savings such as these and cuts to disabled benefits are claimed to be in the name of government savings because they are deeply in debt (and not remotely to do with thier snub nosed policy of getting back at the general public for stopping them wasting taxes on thier own expensive second homes in the countryside and london) while at the same time they decide it is a great policy to pay out entire pensions in lump sums rather than slowly over the course of a pensioners life, this does not seem a very smart policy considering this increases the stress on the government pockets and will mean more harsh savings have to be made at least in the short term, let alone when pensioners have spent thier entire lump sum and start complaining how they require more funds in the name of human decency so they can afford to pay for rent, food and heating etc.

I will be starting a crowdfunded kickstarter project to see if people would be interested in funding a government group which is run by a true democracy via policies decided in forums and voted on by the general internet at large.

Whatever happens I know that the way things are being run right now aren’t working, and forcing young people out on the streets will only end badly, as once enough people are out on the streets and had enough they will join together in social media to take down the government by any means necissary, and far worse than recent riots have ever escalated to.

So a while ago blip decided to “downsize” its content creators removing a selection of users to provide a more streamline service, this wasn’t an issue for me however several months later they have decided to further downsize to a very select type of content being created, choosing to specialise in homemade web drama and the like completely removing all other channels, this includes both this and as these aren’t considered the exact form of entertainment they are looking for.

I had a look into this and it appears that the recent cull has left blip with less than 10% of its existing stock, so 90% of its users have now been removed (and conveniently asked to sign up to thier youtube network, still earning them a commission on your videos but with youtube’s viewers and advertising as well as using thier bandwidth.)

It just seems a little bit like they are slowly closing down blip by pushing people over to youtube, just for convenience for themselves and eventually completely closing down blip because pushing viewers from your own website would be the primary source because few people outright went to blip to view video’s other than perhaps content creators themselves, it would also be noted that “sponsorship opportunities” and the like of cross branding is something youtube itself is working towards, so it is not something unique to blip, and by being a youtube content creator you are gaining access to all of this yourself.

I am unsure as to wether blips youtube partnership offers anything beyond what the youtube partnership programme itself offers at present, but I remain open to see what is on offer, but until then you might experience some downtime on old videos on this site due to my hardlinks being blip video boxes, and these will have to be changed over to youtube videos at some point. This could be a good thing for my youtube views and subscription count etc, but either way you visit here for new videos and to read these anyway so as long as I continue to post here I’m sure you’ll see any new content

Thankyou for your understanding in this time.

Codemasters sent a trailer and a link to thier page for providing a review of the upcoming game GRID Autosport, although there is limited information available and the trailer provided shows interviews with touring car drivers giving generic tips on driving interlaced with CGI of the game (no actual gameplay footage) so it is hard to give any actual opinions on how the game will actually play, and really for that I would need to get my hands on the game, to give a feel of how the game plays and handles, how cars crash and if there is any actual varience between the feels of cars and handling, how the AI actually comes accross etc.

Having said all of this there is information on the different game modes on offer and the cars available, the full list of cars and video clip can be found at where I am sure more releases will be published as well as the blog they link to where up to date information can be found as it is released (or even discussed between other users)

I found the video a little amusing that a soft focus lense was used on the interviews to blurr out the sponsors however the game itself included many of the sponsors in prime shots in the expected locations (possibly just for the real touring car experience as having these plain would just look strange considering) however I guess these were blurred just in case not all of the sponsors were included in the final release.

The press release states that codemasters consulted with the drivers to get an authentic driving experience as to recreate the handling and bring alive the driving experience authentically, wether that goes to the full extent of testing each individual car for the individual feel or the car being represented or just the generic feel of being in a touring car race I could not say.

Classic and modern cars are represented in the game, and I expect the feel of the different standards of cars to be noticeable, although I wouldn’t complain too much with a fun user frienldy experience, and races are held on authentic recreations of existing tracks such as brands hatch and bathurst so you can live out fantasies of driving on your favourite tracks without having to be a qualified touring car driver.

The single player carear campaign promises over 100 routes across 22 locations, with realistic features like managing tyre wear and tuning of the car. Races will consist of up to 12 online players, and 16 offline for the feel of a full heated race, not one of those empty 4 car races that have been commonplace in the past. Online races are promised to be cars of similar or pre-defined specification so you won’t come accross someone with a completely unfair advantage in thier car tuning and it will come down to actual skill on the track and actually provide a far more fun experience for everyone involved.

AI is promised to be aggressive and defend the lie and attack the corners, however it is not stated if it will hold the features mentioned by console developers as the next gen features where AI competitors are based upon real life gamers playstyles, if this was incorporated the AI could be really challenging depending on if it was balanced to your play level, and ruled out hacks and cheaters.

Races span accross multiple rounds, again this is not stated wether it is just the singleplayer campaign or if the online matches are accross several rounds and tracks, perhaps even a special tournament board could be established, with qualifiers being held online and then the best qualifiers compete in a tournament like real racing, perhaps even with real prizes on offer for the very best accross the season. It does state races are held at day, this could mean just that the races are in game daytime, or they have considered this and actual gameplay races are in daytime with qualifiers and practice outside of this, I could comment more when I know more details.

Trading of paint is emphasised, and this doesn’t mean trading designs but instead focusing on the aggressive gameplay of doing whatever it takes to win, even if it means nudging your opposition off the track, I would again have to see how the gameplay handles crash and damage to see how this could effect races.

Either way you look at it, if you’re a fan of racing games you may want to check it out for yourself, GRID Autosport comes out on 27th of June for £34.99-£39.99 depending on wether you’re playing on pc or console, and you can pre order now for access to the limited black edition. (price may vary, price quoted from GAME at time of print)

I hope to be able to get hold of a press copy so I can give you more deeper insight into how I actually get along with the game, and if the press copy allows me to divulge footage I will show you actual gameplay along with my review showing off the features and my favourite parts.

Until then watch codemasters for more details.

Testing bandicam full screen recording software to see if it is a worthwhile purchase while playing FTL advanced edition doing some hard mode pacifist runs in an attempt to get to sector 5 and fulfill the achievement criteria. I apologise for any poor sound and visual quality along with the little chop lost in the software cutting recording without stating, a side of the basic software.

I am unsure I will be doing more ftl runs due to this not really being ideal for me due to not fully editing out the fan sound and also the fact that it has cut the game audio, but at least it worked to a degree. As for wether or not I succeed in the endevour you will have to watch the video to discover.

FTL : Faster than light, advanced edition is available on steam, and a worthwhile purchase for £6.99

Sometimes I like to look at camcorders with the intention of purchasing a newer model, with better quality video, however this always becomes a long drawn out process of looking through meaningless drawl, watching video’s on youtube to attempt to find any footage actually recorded in the high definitions stated to look for something that doesn’t have motion blur, terrible slow autofocus etc.

On top of this you have to decode where 16mp interpolated with a 1.5mp actual cmos sensor is worse than a 5mp cmos camcorder, fish eye lenses which give a horrible stretched out viewpoint at the extremes, wether HD really means HD as this can be from 720p to 4k ultra HD, often this is not the easiest information to find but is usually the most useful in my opinion in what will provide the better video quality.

What I would like to see is a standard where interpolated is not mentioned, still shot megapixels is not noted as the primary selling point when you’re looking for the megapixel recording quality of the camcorder, sure you can mention it later in the tech specs, but with the title to draw you in, mention the camcorder qualities after all that is what the shopper is looking for, and you’re more likely to get a sale than trickery and filling your page with gumph.

So what features would I really like to see?

Standardisation amongst the industry, cmos recording quality without the digital trickery, lens type, focus speed and factors that effect blurring while filming, obviousely there would be a desire for lighting issues so you can see what works well in a variety of light ranges.  And an easy way to search for camcorders on shopping sites where you don’t have to look through individually you can actually select the cmos quality as a primary function, so you get the best cmos sensor initially and you can weed it out from there, along with having something in your price range, rather than spending 3 hours looking, finding something that seems reasonable but then noticing its 2.5mp cmos than the 5mp you’ve been looking at in the same range for the last hour and a half but not going with because of the blur or focus, but the footage you’re watching is deliberately slow and not showing something that might highlight these issues and just giving up shopping yet again.

I’m sure one day I will find something that will meet my means within a reasonable price range that doesn’t look flimsy and tiny and puts me off, but for now I just can’t do it, especially when there is due the leap from 1080p to 4k hd and inevitably prices will come down for really good quality camcorders soon enough, but for now I just can’t pick out a reasonable one I would be happy with over the cheap knockoffs that just wont cut it, so I stick with what I have.

Having browsed the entire meat section, not just the tesco finest display and looked at the entire range I noted that the majority of the products were just boring standard meats and overpriced, without any sort of note on what made them extra special over the standard variety to pay extra (I.E provenence etc)

Looking at products to select many were in expanded packs where the meat had clearly began to pass its best as it had created gasses expanding the vacuum seal, also the “thinly cut” steak had all fat removed from them (which is the flavour adding component) and had been machine tenderised to within a millemeter of thier existence, which left rather deep cuts and something looking like it was on the verge of being a patty rather than a steak, and clearly all of its protien bonds had been broken which would have made it not taste and feel like a steak.  I much prefer a thicker steak with nice trimmed even fat throughout, maybe lightly tenderised, but this had been battered so much it looked like it was ready for mcdonalds.

I continued to browse and most of the products seemed a bit pricey, with 6 pork medallions for £6 which were so small you would have a £2 coin of pork after cooking, although the joints looked like they would be nice the £30+ price tag with little provenence over the £10-15 equivilent was a little hard to swallow.

I’m not saying that the products are bad or poor quality, just maybe they had been on the shelves a little longer than the regular produce due to thier price tag and not as fresh as a result, so maybe a shorter best before date on finest products might be ideal to ensure they remain at thier freshest on your plate, and also a price reduction to make them more affordable, or even highlighting the provenence or what makes them extra special compared to the regular variety of the same meat from tesco, as otherwise it is hard to tell what exactly you are getting for quite a considerable price increase.

Coming to the finest sausages however I noticed a nice selection of fillings, ranging from cheese to mustard and challot.  So at 2 for £5 I decided to go with those as these sounded very nice, although the selection was wide in pork I would have liked to see a tasty beef and chilli variety that use to be around but I have not seen for a long time as that was my favourite and definately worth the additional cost.

Upon cooking the sausages however I was dissappointed to find that the instant the skin touched the pan it blackened to such a severe degree that the outside was burnt (at a regular steady heat, not particularly high) and the middle remained raw, so I had to leave the sausages to burn to a dry crisp on the outside just to cook the sausage to an edible degree, this left the promise of flavour lacking as the charred (burnt as char would be acceptible but this was beyond barbequed) outside took over the flavour and left the expected special tastes hiding very distant in the background, and left for a rather dissappointing dry sausage sandwhich.

All in all I recommend tesco products, and if you wish to spend extra perhaps there is some extra provenence or the animals are treated better in a finest standard meat product, but from a regular standpoint it was hard to tell if any of this was noticable, if the animal had lived a longer slower better life, if the product istelf was anything above and beyond the standard, I personally would stick with regular tesco meat and get considerably more for my money, and have it fresher than was on the shelves for the finest range here.

I have been lucky enough to obtain press access to the bbc good food show winter event at the NEC and will be bringing you coverage from the event, I will be attending on friday and get you the roundup of what goes down and if I’m lucky I’ll let you know what the supertheatre events were like and the tastiest produce and the best bargains at the show, supertheatre tickets aren’t a garuantee though as it isn’t included in my press access.

The show officially launched today and here is what you can expect from the show based upon the press release.

BBC Good Food Show

Opening for its 23rd year the good food show returns with big names such as Brian Turner, Frances Quinn, James Martin, Lisa Faulkner and Natalie Coleman launching the biggest food event of the year.

What can you expect to see?

A variety of kitchen appliences, gadgets and accessories from well known brands, as well some of the best local and regional produce, live cooking sessions, book signing by celebrity chefs, and plenty to taste as well as 50 chefs and experts from around the country demonstrating on 7 stages throughout the event.

Tesco Finest Supertheatre

The supertheatre will be where you can expect to see the big names, tickets are available for purchase on the door, and promise to be “your favourite tv shows come to life” with expected guests to be James Martin, The Hairy Bikers, Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry amongst others.

The Great British Bake Off Village

Fans of the show will be pleased to note that not only will the winners and contestants from the show be baking thier favourite dishes, but you can also book an afternoon tea session in the garden, no word if this is actually outdoors but it sounds a relaxing place to have a nice lunch.  I will have to look at this and the prices to let you know what you can expect once I am at the event itself.

M&S Christmas Theatre

Seasonal christmas produce from celebrity chefs Phil Vickery, Michael Caines and James Nathan are promised on this stage made only using ingredients readily available from M&S, visitors can pick up tips for the christmas season and if there is anything more unusual or wacky suggested you know I’ll be taking a note of that one.

Producers’ Village – Bursary Awards Winners & Good Food Champions

A showcase of six producers who were awarded burseries for thier award winning foods will be showcasing thier products, I will definately be taking a look to see just what is so special and hopefully sampling some of thier produce for you. The winners this year were

Ross and Ross Foods, Benjamin Chocolatier, Beach Food Co, Manfood, Edwards Cordial, and The Fruit Pig Company


Not only will there be live displays from masterchef contestants showing dishes you can create at home yourself you also have the opportunity to dine inside of the masterchef restaurant itself, an experience you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Wine tasting

WineTubeMap offer tasting tours of a variety of wines, offering three different tours, it is not stated if this is a map of the show, a train around the show or much more than the tour through different tastes and flavours and the food matches, but I will get more details for you on this, and having a wine tasting qualification myself I can let you know if the quality is just right

The world cheese awards

Not only will the event itself be taking place along with judging but it is also promised that you can view and taste the cheeses after the awards take place for the rest of the show, no word on what day the actual awards take place but if tasters are available I can get you the inside scoop on my winning cheeses of the day.

The magimix theatre

Who would have expected not only there to be an entire theatre for the magimix but also a selection of celebrity chefs showing thier recipe’s using it including Theo Randall, Glynn Purnell, John Whaite and host Marcus Bean.  But there will be the theatre running the entire event and showing just how versatile the Multifunction Magimix 5200XL Premium can be in your own cooking and how it can save you time and effort.  Definately an experience to watch.

How will you cover all of this?

With so much to see I probably won’t be able to bring you footage from everything, but I will definately bring you the highlights and the bargains of the show and give you a full roundup of the experiences.  If it comes down to it the show does run a further two days and I can always return on the weekend to look around anything I missed just so you do get the full experience.

Tickets on the door will cost £24.50 which for all of this plus much much more and all of the tasting experiences you will discover at the event you will definately get your moneys worth especially if you have cook books to have signed by the celebrity chefs.

If you can make it maybe I will see you there

Its not too late to get your tickets to the festive gift fair, running from the 21st to the 24th at the birmingham NEC.  I will be bringing you coverage from the event as well as the hidden gems and my favourite stalls along with a host of other content, but until then here are some of the things you can expect to see at the event as a confirmed final list (this list isn’t exhaustive there is plenty more Im not listing, seriousely… it would be too huge to list everything here I can’t list all 325 stalls and details about them, want to know more look at thier site at the link above.)

Present Creche

No matter what you buy you won’t have to worry about carrying around everything like an over encumbered camel, trust me we’ve all been there at some point right?  Carrying so many purchases and seeing something else you’d like to get.  You can drop off your gifts and collect them later, perhaps even take the chance to go for a calm meal or enjoy the entertainment without worrying about all of your packages.  This definately makes it a convenient xmas shop.


Many of the stands will offer tasters of thier products, and with food from companies such as the cornish cheese company, fudge kitchen and perfect tiple there is a range of treats for all tastes.

Something for the ladies?

Nail art and jewellery seems to be emphasised as the gifts to go for however I would say to visit stands like vintage teapot and baby doll bling for the more unusual gifts as these would stand out for your loved one and be more unique, you never know you could find the perfect gift to match your loved ones taste, one fine example is a LED lit compact makeup mirror, small convenient and ideal gift material.

Don’t forget the guys

Well also the ladies too lets face it I know plenty of ladies who are into gadgets and technology, there promises to be stands to fit any taste really, but there are also “dad” related gifts which lets face it if nobody buys a dad gift for someone, even if they’re not a dad its not xmas is it, someone has to unwrap one just for the cheesyness.


Of course, theres stands such as on the big red bus, jumping clay and the book people amongst others, what this means is that there will be plenty even for the most choosy kid as toys, books, creative and learning toys, sweeties, music games etc.  If you can’t find a single thing your child would like I would be amazed to be honest.

Ah but you forgot decorations

Maybe but the show didn’t, you’re starting off the festive season so its not too late to get some new decorations this year, and there will be the usual party string lights (in a plethora of designs from elephants and fish to simpler more traditional ones like butterflies or snowflakes.)  However jormae pourri will have some nice smelling decorations for spreading the christmas scent through your home, along with other stands offering some more unusual decor.  There will even be the chance to get some lighting with telling tales’s range of candles and lanterns.  I personally think the hand blown glass decorations from treasure tree would be one to look for.

Book me up

Well its not ideal to get tickets posted so show up at the doors, NEC £9.50 thursday and friday and £0.50 saturday and sunday with children going for £3.50 unless they’re under 5 in which case its free.

I shall be heading to the event and getting you the inside on the bargains of the event, what samplers I took and my opinions as well as the highlights of the event.  Maybe you’re reading this a bit late for this year, watch my footage in the next post and you’ll be sure to book up for next year.  I know its my ideal start to the xmas season.


Okay so there has been a lot I have been having to deal with, especially involving releasing the inheritance funds from my fathers estate after he died in january and I have avoided putting up anything until an outcome was reached, in february my sister attempted fraud in the bank by taking one of her friends in attempting to forge my signiture, using mail obtained from my mum to pretend to be me as an identity document.

My mum has been happy to assist my sister in the fraud pretending to not be involved or care but still continuing to support the criminal in her endevours rather than reach a mutually agreeable outcome, I have attempted to be reasonable and assist but I have been ignored and held out of the entire situation, our father divorced my mum a long time ago and the estate should be split between my sister and myself, the entire estate not just the bank account, however my sister has already sold off all his posessions, his car, and more and made money from all of that, and is also attempting to fully steal everything in the bank account rather than allowing me my 50% legally entitled share, hsbc are happy to be complient to the criminal after her forgery, and actionfraud of the police seem to do nothing to persue the fact that she has committed fraud by attempting to sign my signiture illegally in order to gain a rather substantial sum of money.

There is a lot more to this story and more things I wish to rant about, I will be creating a video with full details along with an acompnaying article at some point, just a little drained right now from all of the stress and dealing with all of thier two faced lies.  It would be nice to have a family who care, unfortunately all Im left with is the ones who don’t and are selfish.  My father would definately not want my mum getting any of the funds, and would want me to have my share so I can get on with life.  I should have listened to him and just entirely cut my mum out of my life sooner, and the fact that my sister is criminal scum and she is assisting her, I don’t expect things to go easy in getting my entitled share, and at least either outcome I will have them out of my life and he would be proud of me for cutting them out of my life.

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