This website is the personal blog of Indelacio, it incorporates my rants and raves, as well as reviews on a variety of items as well as photo’s and video’s either taken of me or created by me.

I will be using this site to post reviews, unboxings and life updates with associated video’s. I like to ensure I thoroughly test out products and games before writing a review to ensure it is accurate and correct, and I will often show unboxings of products so you can see how they look out of the box and my first impressions prior to review also.

I have been a gamer most of my life starting at a very early age, starting with platformers and I never stopped gaming. I often found I was better at games when I was very ill but I have a lifetime of experience and tend to be pretty good. I like to show the failures as well as the successes because it’s more entertaining than just seeing 100% perfect gameplay and I do play for fun rather than perfect strategies. I enjoy all sorts of games ranging from intricate puzzle games to action games and everything between, as a result I like to keep a varied playlist over on my lets play channel on youtube to give a mix of everything throughout the week from the 2d and casual games to the 3d and hardcore concentration intensive games.

I have a varied life outside of gaming, I enjoy a variety of tv shows and movies as well as all sorts of music, I’ve worked at many music festivals throughout the country and have given my roundups of these events in the past from a workers perspective (where often I had time to go see a lot of the bands as well as backstage access and sometimes even camping with the artists themselves) I enjoy music and have been able to give press impressions of gigs and events.

I’ve worked in the hospitality industry for a while as my main source of income, from basic waiter through supervisory and team leading roles, from the low end cafĂ© to high end events such as serving Gordon ramsays canapĂ©’s and entertaining his guests serving his food. I’ve lead a varied life within the industry and have a lot of experiences both good and bad seeing how some establishments break the rules and others that have precise service followed perfectly.

I have also had some bad experiences with governmental policies which have effected my life in serious ways, and I’ve kept a track of the hardships I have suffered as a result of illegally withheld benefits and how long it took for the council and the government to put things right (even if in the most half arsed way possible and not fairly compensating for how much of my life they destroyed) so this took a major part of my life and as a result there’s a lot of articles on here about the progress to putting my life back together and the effects I have suffered as a result. With brexit looming of course the country is ever evolving and a lot of the law’s and information I learnt at college and university are likely to be invalidated and who knows what effects this will have on me, so as the law and the country change I’m likely to post progress on politically associated stories because of how I’ve been effected as nobody should have to go through what I’ve been through because the government wants to save a little money in the least humane way possible.

My gaming setup is currently as below, I will try to keep this updated as much as possible. Not everything is available on amazon so where there are close associations or the products I use these will be listed, I know there are some missing things I use.

I also use OBS studio to record my content and streamlabs for live streaming interactivity, you can get these for yourself Here
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