If you would like to get in touch, please ensure you prefix the subject line with INDELACIO so that I can filter out any spam requests from any real emails, also it would be helpful if you include in your subject line what you are emailing about, IE Press requests, fan mail, etc. Place the reason at the start of the email subject in capital letters, I get a lot of spam and requests may go unnoticed without this.

A further step to ensure there is no spambot hiking is to get the email from below.

jasonbeckley (a) Ya(REMOVE)hoo dot co (again) dot uk
I am sure you can decode that if you aren’t a robot. and I am sure you get that the a is an at symbol.

I DO NOT ENDORSE subscribing me to newsletters without my direct signing up to them, unsolicited mail or spam. Instances will be reported to the appropriate ombudsmen and direct mail associations for such breaches. That being said contact me properly if you want press coverage or reviews, not unsolicited newsletters I have not signed up for.

Thankyou for your time.