Community Twitch Games Jackbox/Gartic/Words On Stream ETC

Over on we have been holding regular community games together for a while now, and while I aim to do at least one per month obviously it would be great to hold them more commonly if we had more people to join in.

The aim is to have regular community gaming nights often on a sunday as people work and this is the easiest day to arrange when people can be all free together to play some games, and often these will be announced or arranged in advance through the discord server, and while I arrange the voice calls with people I know I’m open to inviting others in if they’re in streams often and can be trusted, and everyone’s welcome to come join in the games

We tend to play a lot of trivia murder party 2 from jackbox 6, but I’m fully open to playing other jackbox games too, and we’ve started playing gartic phone a lot too lately, and I’m very open to adding words on stream and other twitch chat interactive community games to the loop as we grow and I’m always open to suggestions, obviously I play other games that have twitch interaction features alongside these in regular streams also.

You may have noticed that we’ve added a bunch of new follower emotes to the channel too, and there are obviously a few sets of follower emotes that cycle out for the jackbox days, where we have murder party character representations of some of the regular friends of the channel gawain, tharia, nataloe and myself in their in game character forms, and obviously have some other people in mind I would like to create characters for if they would also join in the games, and then there’s the regular set of emotes for common streams.

The more viewers show up to play games the more likely I am to run more frequent community streams as I would enjoy playing regularly with the community and obviously at present I arrange games with a few friends as I don’t have a regularly scheduled spot it just tends to be random when it occurs, but having people commonly there means I would be more and more likely to arrange a permanent schedule for these.

Obviously I am open to collaborations and this is the greatest opportunity to spontaneously collaborate and join in with the group, and it would be great to have you there to play along.