Gameplay Channels

As well as reviews I do gameplay video’s across the internet, and you can find a selection of video’s on my youtube lets play gaming channel at which also includes a number of game review video’s amongst the full playthrough’s from first impressions with a first look at games through to final roundups and edited review’s which usually end up on this website.

I also do a variety of streaming video’s over on twitch at where you can come and watch live as well as interact with me throughout the livestreams, my current schedule is to do karaoke via twitch sings on Monday at 8pm, to play the hearthstone tavern brawls as well as single player expansions and possibly playing with other people on Wednesdays at 9pm and on Friday at 8pm I will stream a variety of games from first person shooters to basically anything people want to see and I’m always open to suggestions for games to fill the variety streaming spot. All times are in GMT.

If you want to find an easy list of games I have reviewed and see any potential discounts on steam you should checkout my curator page at / where a brief paragraph review blurb for each game can be seen linking to full reviews, or youtube single play video’s highlighting around an hour of gameplay raw footage. Following this page is the easiest way to see if any of the games get discounted over on steam, and don’t forget to checkout the dedicated indelacio’s stars section of the curator pages in order to see the best of the best games which go above and beyond expectations deserving recognition for outstanding games and must have purchases for everyone.

You can also find me across the internet on the social media platforms suggested on the right of this site.