Increase Stream Income And Interactivity With Tangia Interactions For Increased Revenue With Memes AI TTS And More. Use My Link for Instant 1000 REP BONUS

I have recently added a new feature to my streams which has a variety of fun factors involved, and if you join with my link you get an instant 1000 REP bonus just for joining.

One of the best features you can create using this service is to create your own AI TTS in your own voice, which you can even programme with a personality so people can ask it questions and it will read out and respond to those on stream with a variety of hilarious consequences, alongside countless celebrity voices you can use, the option to make these have conversations together with more REP you can unlock extra custom voice slots as well as the option to have these as the voices to read your subscription and donation alerts.

The interactions don’t stop there with hundreds of curated memes and sounds that you can choose to enable to be triggered and set the individual price of everything as well as options to have these trigger for channel points too, and now user created memes can also be shared through the community so there are countless options for fun interactions and soundboard elements.

If you are creating a soundboard, your stream can even upload sound bytes from any clip using a special feature on your live viewer interactions page which when you are streaming will show all of the options for the alerts you have chosen to be able to be triggered and their prices, but there will also be an option to clip and create their own soundbytes from any clip, and create a soundboard to trigger any noise or out of context wording they particularly like and want to turn into a meme at any point.

You can add special minecraft interactions which will create and spawn in game interactions to mess with the streamer and for vtubers there’s an interactivity option that works alongside that also to throw objects at the streamer, as well as AI art generation the ability to draw on the stream and more

More interactions are added constantly and there is even going to be an option to create AI art of the streamer, while this isn’t available yet it looks like a very interesting option and I’m sure they will undoubtedly unlock the feature to interact directly with more games in the future also.

I particularly like how customisable the entire experience is as you can not only choose where elements will appear on your screen in it’s own special overlay selector so similar elements will appear in different places and you don’t have to set up 5 overlays to compensate, how you can choose the prices and what you would like enabled as well as whether you can allow your viewers to use some triggers for channel points.

The AI TTS is also pretty robust, with the customised AI voice being the best of the options I’ve heard available and while it did require a 20 minute script reading it was worth the extra effort to ensure something that at least sounded like me (with a particularly challenging accent)

The sheer number of features you have available and the fact that the number of AI TTS and interactions are constantly growing and evolving and how more and more services are becoming available all under this one app I would definitely recommend using this over all of the other competitors just because it works very well and is very convenient, and with the REP system to unlock further slots and upgrades I do believe this is the best thing you can do to increase interactivity on your streams, whether at twitch, youtube, kick, facebook or other popular streaming services this works with all of them and I would definitely recommend you give this a go as you won’t be disappointed.

Sign up yourself at to add all the interactions you would like and set up your own AI text to speech options to allow your chat to use the interactivity and increase chat participation along with your own revenue to bring your streams to the next level. Don’t forget that you gain 1000 REP bonus for using my referal link if you don’t you miss out the REP bonus.

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