Elite Alliance Music False Copyright Strike Against My Youtube Account For Pixelbay Content

Youtube’s own policy states that appealing a content claim will not result in a strike against your account yet appealing a false claim by elite alliance music resulted in a copyright strike against my account, during the process they made threats against my account unless I cancel my appeal process and that they would cancel the takedown if I handed them copyright back, even though my appeal seemed to go through as the page on youtube stated any issues found to be “none” and there being no restrictions on my video I got hit with a stealth copyright strike out of nowhere.

After the copyright status changed to “none” elite tried to file another takedown strike, it still stated “none” on my issues on the video until this surprise strike out of nowhere.

The worst part of this is that actually the game developers state that the music used is under pixelbay licence so there is not even any elite alliance music content inside the game, and they state that there should be no copyright issues with publishing the video whatsoever yet I have been hit with a copyright strike and threat against my account.

This seems to go against what youtube claim as filing an appeal did make them change it into a strike against my account, and even though youtube changed the status to “none” after my appeal which would suggest that I won my appeal because it was fair use as it is entirely transformative because the reason of watching my 3 hours content was for my entertainment value which is talking entirely over the music (where it’s under pixelbay licence and told I am able to use for free) yet I get hit by this strike. I don’t even know who the music belongs to it’s some unknown nonsense I dont even want on my video’s but they want to threaten my account and steal my 3 hours of entertainment for what was 1 minute of claimed content.

Youtubes appeals process seems to never go through youtube, only goes through elite alliance music who were in charge of the entire dispute process never involving youtube, and seemingly they hid the fact that the copyright remained by changing it to none then striking out of nowhere. This video was never even published as I do not publish things under dispute or with issues, yet I am getting hit by illegal strikes (where they’ve tried to double strike me for one video where they have nothing to do with as it’s pixelbays music, where someone probably sold the rights to their music to several different licensing parties but it is licenced and provided freely)

This entire process makes me question youtube’s legitimacy because if you search there are several results of issues with elite alliance music making false claims over content so I am not alone in this.

I have been transparent, I have transformed the content under fair use with my conversational content (where 99% of the video is not even anything they could claim but they’re stealing my content for their monetisation) but they issue takedown request of my video and a strike on my account even when I have been informed this is not their music and under a different licence where there will not be any copyright issues, this is clearly not true but I have acted in my knowledge of the situation, it doesn’t change the fact that this is highly transformative and fair use, they are making illegal and immoral claims on my account and damaging my youtube account as a result and this is unacceptable.

If there had not been an instance where the copyright status changed to “none” I would have simply given them their claim and deleted the video because it’s not worth it to keep a video for the dispute, (which I was told clearly would not result in a strike) yet disputing made a strike on my account, was falsly shown to be “none” issues after appealing as though I had won and then stealthed a copyright strike out of nowhere, copystrikes should not occur like this and is very immoral and dodgy. Youtube do not seem to care and just spout FAQs rather than actually dealing with the situation and why it lied to me stating none issues and then stealthed a strike on me.

This sort of thing makes me question youtubes legtimacy in handling disputes because they just give free rain to whoever makes a claim whether truly or falsly, because this under my knowledge isn’t even elite alliance music’s music, from what I’m informed is that it belongs to pixelbay, so how they get to control the situation and strike my account is very dodgy, especially as they ignore and breach fair use laws.

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