Raising Funds For The WWF on Earth Day Charity Livestream & Giveaway 22nd of April 2024


I was invited by the WWF to raise funds on earth day to help support their charitable services and as it's a worthwhile cause I decided to join in, I have a page live over at jason beckley is fundraising for WWF-UK (justgiving.com) where you can support at any time, during the livestream on http://www.twitch.tv/indelacio_co_uk I will be doing some fun things to encourage donations, such as eating double dares beans where they can be either nasty or nice for every single donation as well as giving away a copy of evergate gratiously provided by PQube to give away during the stream.

I will be going live from around noon BST and going onwards throughout the day for as long as I can, I am open to doing anything within reason to encourage donations as well as any other goals you may have in mind, and it would be great to have you there either supporting the charitible fundraising or just hanging out in chat and lurking to support during the event.

This will be the first charitable livestream I have done so it would be great to have you over to spur me along, and every donation of at least £1 gets an entry to potentially win the game, I will also be playing evergate during the stream and potentially other games like community gartic phone or even I am fish or other games that may come up during the stream as it may be a long one.

As long as you have a reasonable request I am fairly happy to do anything as long as it comes with a charitable donation, and there is a fairly reasonable and reachable target of £50 which if we reach I will also throw in a few extra games into the giveaway from duplicates I have from humblebundles I have purchased which are fairly good games also.

I hope you can come along and support during the stream it would be great to have you over there and the WWF is a very worthwhile cause raising funds to protect endangered species and other great efforts to protect nature.

Be sure to donate over at jason beckley is fundraising for WWF-UK (justgiving.com) and if you aren't able to donate but have twitch prime, I will be sure to make a donation of £1.50 for every prime sub activated during the stream on your behalf which will also get you entered into draws too so you can support a great charity without even spending a penny if you have your prime available.

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