Lets Highlight Vampire Survivors Casual Frantic Action Roguelike With Lots Of Secrets Endless Expansions and Very Affordable

Vampire survivors is one of those games that just keeps on giving, while at first it may seem like it’s a simple enough run around the map trying to survive the timer game there is a lot more to it than just that as you unlock abilities throughout the run to make yourself more powerful to survive the increasingly difficult hoards of enemies that come to eliminate you.

However it doesn’t stop there as the game could have been as simple as that and still been enjoyable but it continues in offering a variety of maps all that offer unique challenges and their own varied enemy types that create different feels to the levels which make it more than simply running around an area as often there will be scenery to contend with along with special boss enemies that make for unique challenges to take down in each area

Again the game could have stopped there considering it initially released for £2, but they continue to add value in that every character has their own unique weapons which you will unlock as you play as them, every area usually has it’s own special relic to explore to hunt down and gather and they also have a coffin containing another character to unlock

Every character has their own unique weapon which demands it’s own playstyle in order to survive the hoards of enemies you will be coming across, along with a secret recipe to evolve with another item if you find the right combination to evolve when collecting a treasure chest into a superpowered evolution making hunting and experimenting with loadout combinations a lot of fun in order to discover the evolutions available and create overpowered builds.

Yet still there’s more as beyond the simple contents of the game there are a bunch of hidden secrets to hunt down too with special challenges to perform in each of the levels area’s in order to unlock even more content, and some of these challenges can be very difficult to attain thus adding even more gameplay to those seeking to complete all of these challenges and be rewarded with the unlocks for completing them

Poncle didn’t stop there though as even though it’s a fully fledged and very entertaining game more free content keeps getting added to the game expanding further area’s and characters to play as, all coming with their own weapons and special evolutions also, and beyond this poncle has also added an adventures mode that means every paid DLC not only adds an extra level and usually a bunch of characters but also now comes with it’s own expansion of several thematic levels to complete all in their own sectioned off game meaning you can enjoy the new content as though a fresh character without having to delete your overall meta-save.

These DLC’s also usually have a secret or two to unlock along the say, so even though they’re also very cheap they add a fair bit of additional content to the game overall, and even if you buy all of the DLC’s and the main game it’s still a very cheap and fun game that you will get lots of hours out of and lots of enjoyment, the gameplay loop is very addictive leaving you wanting to come back for more and try to defeat every level and discover all the secrets and the hidden boss enemies and evolve every weapon for every available character and still be wanting to play more.

I could not recommend this game enough as it does what it does very well, and has spawned a whole heap of games that attempt to replicate the success of vampire survivors while perhaps missing some of the intricacies like how every level is so different in terms of enemies and theme and creating diverse area’s that each come with their own challenges, secrets and unlocks

This is why I give vampire survivors an indelacio star, because it just stands out so well in it’s field and is a bargain for what you’re getting and the ammount of enjoyment you will recieve from the game. especially considering the number of run combinations at this point if you own all the DLC’s mean there are so many combinations of builds it’s impossible to even count, and no two weapons are the same as they continue to create new and exciting ways for your enemy crushing skills which at this point is no mean feat to come up with new a diverse means of holding the hoards at bay.

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