Hire me for personalised messages and celebrations at cameo now for all your voice acting, singing, accents, silly video’s, birthday wishes and more

I was recently invited to join cameo, a service where you can get personalized video’s and messages from your favourite celebrities and I figured it was a great way to allow you the opportunity to request any video’s you would like highly personalized for all occasions from myself to you.

I am of course known for many different reasons across the internet from being a gaming content creator and streamer on youtube and twitch to my varied shorts and tiktoks alongside vlogging, cooking and also very well known member of the twitch sings community.

Comparisons have been made to a variety of celebrities I have been told I look like and I’m available to do impressions of any celebrity you feel I may pass for thougb time may be required for growing out a beard for certain lookalike scuffed video’s

Another thing I am known for from my content is my voice acting and the variety of accents and voices I have made so any requests for specific voices and accents or just a random selection are also welcomed and I will happily do my best to fulfil anything you would like created for your personalized video as it’s entirely up to you what you would like to request, from simple personalized messages wishing well for celebrations like birthdays and other occasions to singing and voice acting for a short personalized video in a role or anything in-between including any memes or jokes you may like I’m available for whatever you would like to come up with

You can hire me at a very affordable rate and you will see that I’ve already had my first request which was for a random selection of voices and accents being mean and reading some names and prompts about them where I improvised some extra talking to make it sound more fun and elaborate on the prompts as though describing an individual using voices on the fly and switching for each and as you can see my first review rated me five stars which is the highest rating so they enjoyed what they received even to such a degree that they tipped 5x my actual fee.

So if you would like to hire me for any personalised video’s recorded specifically for you of whatever you would like, or you’d like me to send a message to someone you know, or even another streamer or creator you know as a joke or for someone you think would really love a personal video from me just follow the link and send me a request and I’ll be sure to fulfil it for you.

Hire indelacio on cameo now at https://www.cameo.com/indelacio

You can also sign up yourself and skip the queue using my code jason620cy2ox https://v.cameo.com/invite?c=jason620cy2ox

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