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Recently I attended a test I had been sent to through jobcenter+ which involved a very simplistic spelling and grammar test, some of which isn’t so simple considering google chrome is utterly useless and underlines everything spelled correctly in english(UK) and insists on correcting it to american spelling which isn’t correct here, so lately I’ve given up even bothering to spell correctly, some things come out american some things come out english and as everything get’s underlined when it’s correct and even if your computer and browser are set to english (uk) it gets corrected to american regardless.

This isn’t the point however, I passed the grammar and spelling test regardless of the uncertainty injected by google chrome messing up my spelling to american in many instances, the true test came in the form of a paradoxical question, where you are asked through multiple choice to fill in the blank spaces, most had one obvious answer however there was one question with a needless additional factor which changed the context of what you were asked.

“Sue’s alarm did not function. She had to be _______ for her job interview”
“late, damage, Holder, Early”

I don’t remember the inconsequential blanks, they were as stupid as that however, one’s that clearly could not make sense in any form of sentence to someone who spoke the language, and this persisted throughout the test, one obvious answer and three others which clearly had been picked at random from a dictionary and could never fit into context unless you had never spoken the language.

This question however seemed to have been made either as a paradox to deliberately identify any artificial intelligence completing the exam, because clearly we all know artificial intelligences cannot deal with paradoxes and would crash under the contradiction, and this was a contradictory question, her alarm did not function how could she possibly have made it to her job interview on time, she had to be late… And in the other context, her alarm did not function, this was no excuse as she had to be early for her job interview.

Clearly this was designed and added by the jobcenter as a question to say there are no excuses to be late for your job interview you have to be early no matter what, even if your alarm does not function you have to ensure you get there on time even if you sleep past the time you’re supposed to wake up they won’t accept that as a response, and clearly it’s the silliest question in the world to add, as if they removed the “alarm did not function” part then 100% every time she had to be early for her job interview, but adding the factor of the alarm not functioning, it does produce two concepts which are impossible to rectify, she had to be late because her alarm did not function she could not have possibly made it there on time as a result, but of course she would want to be early for her job interview to set a good impression and compose herself upon arrival, but her alarm did not function…*break*

*Logic Does Not Compute*
*shutting Down To Prevent System Damage*

Happy Back To The Future Day, to celebrate I go into a little information about why hoverboard’s don’t exist due to Marty Mcfly’s meddling in the film where he prevents himself getting into a car accident thus changing the future forever.

In the original timeline Mcfly crashes and the future plays out, other cars and people are involved in that crash, simply by avoiding that crash he not only alters his own future but their future’s as well, and who is to say that this accident wasn’t the trigger for some greater event, that by crashing the car the people or families of those people didn’t invent flying cars in order to avoid dangers on the roads and make driving essentially safer, and who is to say that this didn’t lead to hoverboards being adapted from the very same flying technology to adapt it into a fun toy for kids (as natural business opportunists would) and who is to say that technologies used to treat those in the accident didn’t lead to the cybernetic enhancements on the future tannon? Along with the fashion which may have adapted from a simple safety accessory because hoverboards don’t work in water and having inflating self drying clothes may have become convenient!

Simply put by stopping and not crashing to save his own future marty mcfly may have robbed us all of the opportunity to ride on a hoverboard today.

Also I talk about how people are saying the prime minister should talk to china about human rights abuses but clearly he won’t as he wished to remove the human rights act for our country, so why would he care for any human rights?

Lastly I talk about life and a few other things, and use a clip from black honeys performance showing where izzy spotted me at reading 2015 (after I told her I’d be at leeds but got changed, so surprised her, just because I wanted to include that clip) Full video where the clip was taken from >>

Jeremy Corbyn took to the floor as leadership of the opposition for the first time the other week and it has been heavily scrutinized by the media about both how he went to the public for questions effectively crowd-sourcing his debate, and about how he stuck to the questions not rising to the political clucking and theater usually associated with the house of commons debates against the prime minister.

While a lot of media outlets have been poking fun at corbyn and calling him a joke I believe it was quite far the opposite, as his very first move was to bring the concerns of the public which by and large were being ignored and glossed over by the conservative party, in a straightforward no nonsense approach trying to get straight answers from the prime minister and resisting the attempts by the prime minister to turn it into a theatrical joke. By resisting david cameron’s cockish behavior where he hammed it up for the crowds trying to get the MP’s to cluck and jeer in the hen hut of ministers, corbyn managed to put on a very strong image by continuing with his questions pursuing answers over ridiculous benefit delays, unaffordable housing rents, and the lack of increased taxes to those who can afford austerity measures while those who simply cannot are hardest hit by such measures, which remained true to the anti austerity wind-force which lead him to win the labour leadership election by a landslide.

I have also noted that not only have the conservatives released slur campaigns against corbyn but the media, and right wing members of the labour party all seem to be out to discredit his entire political career, because of standing up to issues he still believes to be wrong, some of which are even under investigation via public inquiries as to being wrong such as invading iraq, and generally trying to discredit his ideals of anti austerity and being illogical and unworkable completely ignoring the fact that the richer side of society are still remaining in a system prior to any austerity measures and not facing any themselves and while big businesses which can afford such measures continue to get tax reliefs instead.

We shall continue to see how things progress for the corbyn campaign, but I believe we have a new hope with this new leader strongly supporting anti austerity measures and bringing the prime minister to face questioning over what will be done to help those who need it most and really transform the government so there will be more affordable housing and jobs for those who need them rather than the political spin and bullshit that is usually associated, and while these questions usually get ignored and unanswered by westminster.

I for one hope that he remains in seat until an election because there was a lot of talk on the andrew marr show this morning about how they will “experiment” with corbyn for three years and replace him before a general election (amongst a lot of laughing at his expense in a way I found really offensive for the bbc to broadcast) If this is the case I would feel cheated, as the public have nominated corbyn to stand for their issues and to be bought to come to a general election so he can change things properly as prime minister, not to be replaced before he ever gets to run, and I would go further as to call for a fresh general election now all of the parties have new leaders after everyone quit over the calamity of the last general election, as now we have new policies and new politics to vote upon, and those who think 38% of the vote was a majority are quite clearly wrong as 62% of the public vote elsewhere, and the conservatives in numbers of votes only won by a slim number which would clearly lose out now as 2/3rds of those who voted elsewhere voted for left wing issues which would now be bought under labour’s new agenda and which would win the labour party a majority in any election.

In response to the utterly moronic statement by a terror expert on fox news I decided to make up some utterly ridiculous terrorist rant whilst pointing out how utterly stupid it was to put someone on air unvetted with unjustified or researched information, with a call to fire the guy because clearly he has made a carear out of inventing bullshit to terrorise the public and spread fearmongering tactics. Usually he would have an audience which doesn’t speak the language and who have never visited the region so he can invent whatever the hell he likes, and use subtitles to twist or contort what is actually said to whatever made up statement he desires.

Today however he made the wrong move by talking about the uk and birmingham in particular, and any backlash he gets is deserved, and fox news itself should have made a grand gesture with regards to charitable donations and fired the moronic twat who invents information to suit his own will without any sources (or sauces ;-) )

He did make a grand gesture himself of donating £500 to birmingham’s childrens hospital, make your own mind up wether that is remotely significant for calling the entirety of birmingham a terrorist muslim hotspot where regular people are afraid to visit for fear of getting stabbed for not being muslim and in muslim attire. I don’t think it was sufficient for the insult, and he should be made to publically redress his statement on the very same network news show at the same timeframe to ensure people aren’t mislead the world over, because people believe whatever is spouted on the news at them, and if no statement is made to apologise they will continue to believe the bullshit fed to them directly by someone who must have something against birmingham or just enjoy terrorising the american citizens to make such statements live on tv when they are clearly unjustified lies.

As it stands the housing benefit system is very unfair to young people in that anyone under 35 are forced to apply for shared housing, and in a market where full time employment is very difficult to come by, and especially for graduates who are negatively punished by employers of basic jobs in that they fear the employee will seek better work and promotion and leave, so they do not get chosen for employment, and being so young that they have no savings to purchase a home or ability to pay for rent they are punished and forced into living either with parents or friends or really terrible overcrowded and dirty accommodation.

In particular this is not suitable for many including the 1 in 4 who suffer from mental health issues such as depression, and also those who require a clean environment such as seperated fathers who require a clean home for the baby to visit, also secure from strangers and dangerous individuals who clearly don’t care for cleanslyness or the safety of those around them.

Initially my e-petition to the government was worded in focus of depression and those who need these special circumstances for not being punished into shared accommodation rate, this was deemed “outside of the government’s control” even though they control and set housing benefit. So it was reworded to focus on simply reducing the age to 25, and wording it to focus on keeping youth in education as this was thier intention (however who stays in education 15 years, hence 35 being ridiculous)

Find the petitions here.

And the archive link to the absurdly rejected petition of exactly the same matter.

Please sign, so youth isn’t punished into living out on the streets and dying, while the government focus on giving the elderly everything they desire, rather than providing a home to young people so they can seek work and be productive to society.

Okay so when eviction day came I didnt wait around til the exact hour for them to evict me forcably, instead I trashed the place a little after packing what I could, had very little energy after that though but still did a bit and then snapped the key off in the door (am I vindictive or bitter?)

Anyway now Im stuck on a sofa in the living room of an ex who I really didnt get on with as she was the only one who could put me up at such short notice and it really sucks, I keep getting threatened by her ex of being thrown out and being woken up by her pet or kid at silly hours in the morning and last night she blackmailed me saying she wanted sex or she’d throw me out and I didnt so thats not going to be fun to go back to, she stayed up til 4am so I got very very little sleep last night and Im just really pissed off, not even able to write half of the stuff ID really like to right now and theres been a tonne of stuff I would have liked to do video reviews for also but thats not possible as she has no internet so I cant do any of that as I can’t transfer the files to upload to the net from pc libraries due to the file sizes of videos…

So where does that leave me now and where do I go from here, its next to impossible to get a home I just have to hope that the country will implode into civil war or insite it or go to jail really, I cant stay here its horrible and I hate it.

I just wish I still had steph, everything would be great with her in my life.

The world ends on july 11th 2012 in the early hours.. or at least I wish it would, as for me thats the day I am officially evicted because of this stupid government screwup where they froze my housing benefits as I couldn’t provide 5 wageslips for working one weekend I was given permission to sign off and work, because it only provided 1 wage slip. There is no miraculous savour for me, no life changing event, just someone slipping away to nothing unnoticed and uncared about. I talk a lot of things in the episode but lets face it I have no energy to fight anymore, a whole week has drifted by where IVe had no energy to do anything, Ive just sat and moped and lost time doing nothing, I dont have the energy to make plans, I just want to die to be honest as it would be over and no more shit to deal with. What good to I have remotely in life anyway, especially after losing my home and everything and everyone I care about.

I wrote to the queen who couldn’t do anything as you’ve seen in another video and number 10 couldn’t even care enough to even give a reply, news organisations want paper trails I don’t keep track of and half of which are between the council and my housing association anyway so I don’t have access to these. I just want to keep my home, but all I get is further depression and less hope. I shouldn’t let new people into my life really, it was a mistake getting close to someone and caring when Im in no state to really socialise on any level.

Ill try to do more video’s before eviction but no promises due to demotivation and lack of energy.

In this episode I have a major rant about the state of the uk government and how they are screwwing over people on benefits and in particular how they have screwwed me over.

Many people seem to think the world is going to end in 2012 so I address some of this in the video and state that perhaps it should mean simply the end of the world as we know it, and that we can all start to make a difference to make things better I mean if you look at how consumerism is failing and all of the big corporations are suffering I do believe its time for something to change.

I created a video taking part in the accent challenge incorporating the words I have seen in seperate challenges that werent always included in others so that I hope this is a fully inclusive version, at least from what I could find at the time of publish, maybe other people will add further words at a later date who knows, I cant exactly create a video based on the future now. I didn’t include the “explicit” version however so that it would remain PG and family friendly. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave your own versions of this as responses.

the instructions required for the challenge are below
name, username, place

Aunt, roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, book, boo, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Avenue, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, naturally, aluminium, gif, jpeg, bitmap, grease, easy, envelope, tumblr, twitter, crackerjack, doorknob, gpoy, owned, pornography, tomato, often, dog, february, leisure, about, process, status, organisation, orange, talk, mobile, idea, dynasty, renaissance, patronise, breakfast, drawer, horror, herbs

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you say to address an individual
What do you call the kind of spider (or spider-like creature) that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
choose a book and read a passage from it
do you think you have an accent
do you know anyone on youtube in real life
wizard or vampire
million dollars or million friends,
say something in a second language.
Do another accent.
say 3 words