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In the UK the 5th of November is bonfire night or guy fawkes night, traditionally the time where communal park’s burn a huge fire to re-live the memory of the traitor guy fawkes who attempted to burn the houses of parliament and blow them up from beneath but was sold out by his fellow conspirators and as justice he was burned alive to remind those who might take on the government of the fate that would befall them.

Of course in recent years it’s a shame that bonfire night has twisted to become fireworks night, and although fireworks are also a nice part and relevant to the explosives that may have been used I’ve always appreciated the bonfire as well and I miss the annual bonfires as my area seems to only launch fireworks, so to commemorate the 5th of November and also in eternal remembrance of the years of my life stolen from me by this government and the council illegally withholding housing benefits due to me until they made me homeless, and the amount of time they unreasonably delayed in rehoming me I burn an effigy of myself to have a miniature bonfire as well as to signify the years of my life taken from me burning before my eyes.

Traditionally people use to go around collecting a “penny for the guy” to fund a bonfire carrying around a guy fawkes effigy to elicit funds for a firework and bonfire show, however these days kids seem to just go from house to house begging for money without any actual plans to hold any bonfire, and this spreads to Halloween also where rather than ask for candy with “trick or treat” they just ask for money, perhaps it’s safer to go buy their own candy rather than take sweets from strangers which we all know you’re told never to do other than Halloween so yeah, it might be smart in that sense. The point being funds raised with penny for the guy should really be put towards funding a bonfire rather than just being taken for personal gain, and any funds raised on 5th of November in donations to myself will be put towards putting on a bonfire for you guys next year so feel free to send any Donations appreciated

Obviously I’m never going to forget what the council and the government have done to me, and I think the government should also remember that they cannot do whatever they want to the country and pushing us too far does result in people pushing back, so hopefully the government remembers that they have to be fair to the public at large as well, so November 5th should be a time of contemplation for everyone about the past and the future of the country and if we’re heading in the right direction towards a fair utopia or if they’re just making a bonfire of society

I think I should post on here more, even if my camcorder is playing up and wont charge unless you mess with the socket for hours and get lucky for it to connect, and even then connecting it to the pc to transfer files off it make it rather difficult, add to that the fact that sometimes when it is charged it’ll make a whine that increases in pitch much like science fiction films when something is overloading and about ot explode by simply turning it on.

There are a few game reviews I have recorded and edited but haven’t gotten around to writing the articles for, and some more which I need to edit together and I have been putting things off a lot, a lot of things have been getting me down and I’ve spent a little time off from this just so there wasn’t so much to cope with, but I will be getting back to this, and probably should write more even though I can’t get video’s out on the camcorder I shouldn’t let that hold me back and neglect the site entirely, reviews did take a back end simply because I didn’t want to write while feeling really down because in the past I’ve done that and it’s never been good and I want to write good well composed and considered reviews, there are also a few gameplay series I started and in the past I’ve posted links to the lets play series while writing a review of sorts around it, and I don’t want to put up lets play series in the place of reviews where I should be putting the edited and composed reviews with an associate video and I don’t know how to go about posting lets play series as well (new games haven’t even been playlisted yet, but I wonder should I add playlists on games where I’m doing that on the bottom of the review and the let’s highgight at the top?

At least I have the newer system up and running even if it’s on a poopy 3.6ghz quad where it should’ve been 4.2ghz quad, I’ll upgrade it another time and make do for now simply because there’s too much to get on with to not let people down.

So there will at least be an othello review soon only needing writing, others need editing and sorting out more, along with some unused camcorder footage I might make into articles and blogs, I’ve also got some cooking footage for wackykitchen I haven’t touched as that’s on the back end and another thing I’ve put off.

The main thing I really need to do is elevate my mood and get my health back in order, and having to spend 35 hours per week jobsearching and also go to interviews and be let down constantly doesn’t help with that or having free time, but I am going to make more of an effort to get things up to date here, add to that still battling the council for compensation for ruining 5 years of my life which is not only time consuming but also drags me back down emotionally having to dredge up all of that stuff over and over and over because they constantly delay and request the same facts over repeatedly.

Should I post more with written only articles? I know this is web 2.0 so adding associated videos is better but I know there’s a lot of people who just read and don’t watch so I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to simply post, and it’s better than doing nothing.

I should probably rejig the site too and change up some things, add some computer specs and make subscribe buttons easy and noticeable etc with social media links, but that’s a more labour intensive situation and there’s a lot of other things which would take priority over that.

There is gameplay going up on the lets play channel with new content and games, I just have a lot to review on top of that and keeping up with gameplay rather than reviewing perhaps isn’t what I should be doing.

I ordered a new pc off ebay to get around the issues I’ve been having with ram difficulties with some more recent games and decided if I’m going to upgrade I might as well do it completely and get a really reasonable rig for the best price I can find, well I did get a reasonable one but it didn’t come at the specifications it was listed as on ebay, moral of the story is that you should never buy off ebay as this and my last pc both had problems with not being as described… Well you can but expect things to not be as described and have to get around those issues, and my way around this was to pay an extra £50 to get the processor of the standard I expected and not a downgrade but still get a reasonable upgraded rig, which I will do another post on later.

I haven’t got as many updates and articles out as I would have liked, I had intended for this new pc to arrive and make life a lot easier with being able to do other things on the other rig while edited video’s render on this one and vice versa without having to worry about lack of memory issues preventing rendering and causing problems (as 4gb just isn’t enough these days) and it doesn’t help that my camcorder died and has been buggy since I managed to partially revive it (sounding like it’s going to explode with a high pitched whine growing in intensity by the second when you turn it on is not fun, and the troubles connecting it to the pc makes me avoid using it. I will post a review of the camcorder finally at some point too, show how that wasn’t as simple as record and upload as the stupid thing records in mono and very quiet so I need to use the samson microphone separately to record a stereo track and edit this onto the track and then process and render which creates additional problems and editing time.

Anyway with this update I hope to add more content soon, I have a number of reviews I’m working on which on the old pc are of a lower quality than I can provide on the new pc, as I could ideally use full graphical settings on the new system while recording without having input lag or other issues, and hopefully OBS will actually record at 60fps and not need processing as camtasia does reduce everything to 30fps only in output.

I have also been thinking about redesigning the site in some form as it is a little outdated, it has the word blurb I thought was clever when the site started out as simply written articles, and since expanding into video’s I feel maybe I should make things a little more colourful and include pictures of myself even though I don’t feel very photogenic at present and need to get back into shape. But I do feel maybe I should have better more obvious social links on the site and have a nicer looking banner that isn’t word spaghetti, as most people don’t get the joke just as they don’t seem to get the hand drawn logo, but it is good to see some bigger youtubers appreciate the anti troll terrible pun because you can’t please them anyway as pewdiepie has his hand drawn intro and ssohpkc has the hand drawn bioshock thumbnail, and the point is you can never please them anyway and even if you make it look reasonable they say it’s shit so why not make it as shit as you can!

In the meantime do feel free to subscribe to the various channels and social media links as all the youtubers say “it really helps” and shows what you like etc, and is simply the easiest way to know of new content, twitter will post new articles here, subscriptions will show individual video’s of the lets plays etc.

Thanks for your support and if there is something in particular you are looking for more of do let me know, or any particular games or content you’d like me to make I welcome suggestions, I do have some upcoming things I have put off as they need the new system including syndrome which has just been released and the embargo has now passed and I want to play on the better system, clustertruck without any input lag so I wont flop about like a fish, D4 as hopefully it’ll actually work on the new system even though it should on this one lol! Soul axiom as I really like wales interactive and I’ve been looking forward to getting on with that. Along with many more reviews and other indie games I’ve got in the line as well as finishing off the existing series’

Stay tuned very soon for some steam based board games which I have also got under review and are being uploaded very soon.

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Hello, so it has been a while since I posted, mostly because I was moving and had issues to sort out along those lines but also with the whole leadup to moving house this made things rather difficult with preparations and lead to me falling behind on many fronts, what does this mean to you I hear you ask well firstly I have a number of gameplay series I never made playlists for so these will be coming here along with the written reviews, but also a number of vlog and experience reviews also along with some more political nonsense as there are still issues revolving around that.

Having moved though I would be able to do more as I have more time to record and write as well as generally being able to do more to write about, there are a few issues preventing me from doing this at present though, mainly revolving around having to get furniture and put my life back together, but also revolving around my pc not surviving transit too well over 6 moves, so the hard drive is on it’s last legs and in need of replacement, I am attempting to get a replacement and copy my old drive directly in the hopes that the operating system transfers over without having to buy a new one which would be very expensive.

In the meantime however there are a number of video’s coming out including gameplay playlists, some update video’s, unpacking my old life which involves whatever I could save from my house in the little I could carry and everything which has been in my moms attic for years. I don’t know if everything will make it directly onto the site here as I tend to put up playlists with something nice written for those of you who prefer to read (which seems to be most of the visitorship!) and I am aware I should encourage more of you to be social or subscribe to the channel, so in this instance I will say why not follow me on twitter and keep up with me, feel free to ask any questions or chat! @indelacio_co_uk or subscribe to the youtube channels indelacioletsplay and indelaciorantsravesandreviews

In the meantime enjoy the content coming out and if you want to do place comments or questions and feel free to like video’s in series you’d like to see more of as this does let me know what you’d like in preference if I have limited recording time.

This year I worked at Reading festival as opposed to leeds with the R&L2015 events, which meant not only different managers to I usually work for at barcode but also the staff I normally work with and a friend I got to signup to work at the events were all at leeds and I was on my own down in reading, and immediately it was noticeable just how different things were at reading compared to leeds.

The staff campsite for reading festival was located a good 40 minutes walk (and more if security were being pains not letting you walk down the exit to our campsite claiming it was for use by “emergency services only” as it was behind an emergency exit gate, luckily I was able to get out of the next emergency exit gate and use that path as opposed to the 1.5 hour walk it would be from the main exit, having walked that way on the thursday before working I knew just how far it was away. The main reason for the extra distance was that this is located pretty much inside reading city center itself as opposed to off in a field near to the town and a short bus journey away as most festivals tend to be. The staff campsite itself was located in a small football field just outside of the site, surrounded by barbed wire and concrete fences it definitely felt a little like Auschwitz with the confinement and having to line up our tents around the edge of the pitch where there was barely enough room for tents, this lead to rather cold nights without the usual guarantee of being surrounded by other tents to break the wind.

Of course I was one of the lucky few to actually take the staff boat in the morning, eliminating the long walk to the main bar, but this meant setting out early in order to catch said boat and as a result missing out on taking a shower before shifts, which were 12-15 hours depending on which bar you were set on, and with management not showing up on time the last night meant many staff were either late or missed out on lunch entirely, which despite arranging with the burger van (who held the lunches but could not release them to any staff without the manager) promising to ensure I got one, taking my name and bar number, I didn’t get a lunchpack.

The problems with the meals didn’t end there with dinner the first night being simply a burger with having my token taken at a stand which were rather stingy, thankfully this wasn’t a single stand deal like at V and using it at the pizza vendor the other nights meant a more reasonable dinner.

The event itself was actually a good atmosphere with good music, and people could get a good view of the stage without it getting really cramped, crowds maintained a fairly reasonable level even during the main acts so anyone could get a good view, and with the smaller stages there was always a small number of people watching, which also meant when I went to see black honey perform as promised I got to be right at the front despite only being out for my break to see them, and I got noticed being there by izzy who put on a really good performance.

There were a few covers performed at the festival, with limp bizkit obviously performing their usual repertoire of covers including killing in the name of which obviously goes down well, and panic! at the disco performed a really good cover of bohemian rhapsody, which made me wonder for a few seconds if queen were on stage (in their current lineup) there may have been more I wasn’t able to hear but I’m sure festival goers got their money’s worth out of the performances, not only with the live acts but also the special covers you don’t get to hear elsewhere.

Pete docherty was looking a little worse for wares on his performance and even took a break during the set, but I’m not going to follow the usual media thing of sensationalizing this as who knows the reasons behind something as it could be anniversaries of special things with amy winehouse that the public wouldn’t be aware of making him sad for all anyone knows.

Anyway on to the management of my bar, it was very different to I have usually come to expect from barcode, with 3 managers on the bar, one of which constantly marched up and down the bar shouting demoralizing propaganda (for the first day, taking it easier but still doing this saturday and to a far lesser extent on the sunday) Another bar manager constantly telling you to put your hand up and call every single customer passing to you, despite the fact that they’re funneled out of the gate system in the middle of the bar (where I was working) and pass down to the far windows to be served by those doing far less work, and thus depriving those people of doing any work and working 6 times harder myself when I have already chosen to work in the main window in order to work harder and do not need constant pushing to work harder than possible and deprive others of doing any work.

On the final day things took a different turn, with my ankle injury playing up I started working less hard and instead of getting the constant stick I constantly got praise about how hard I was working and how good a job I was doing, this felt like it was rewarding slacking off and taking it easier working while the stick was demotivating those who were working hard feeling like slave labour whipped to their extreme and beyond.

I also heard that 13 people were fired from the main bar alone, with 2 stealing £5k and £2k respectively from the tills on the bar, others fired for not turning up on shift, some drinking the stock and others I couldn’t possibly know.

Either way it just felt a little extreme, so if you’re choosing to work definitely choose leeds, there the staff meals were better when I worked there with kebabalon providing tasty large kebab portions in meat, fish and vegetarian varieties, huge stonebaked pizza’s and a far better situated staff campsite 10 minutes away from the main bars (confirmed by other workers) the site itself is much better laid out and less cramped, and the usual norther hospitality, which especially if you’re from elsewhere in the country you get welcomed even further.

The music is good though and the event is good so if you’re going as a punter and want a convenient location, you could easily walk to a hotel or train nearby if you weren’t up for the field tenting experience, but if you had the option I would always choose leeds over reading personally having experienced both.

A rant about the things I missed out on in 2014 due to the situation here, not only being stuck out in the middle of nowhere unable to really get anywhere due to terrible transportation systems here, but also from sleep deprevation due to constant deliberate interruption of my sleep and having to catch up during the daytime and not being able to get a really decent solid sleep segment.

I created a video taking part in the accent challenge incorporating the words I have seen in seperate challenges that werent always included in others so that I hope this is a fully inclusive version, at least from what I could find at the time of publish, maybe other people will add further words at a later date who knows, I cant exactly create a video based on the future now. I didn’t include the “explicit” version however so that it would remain PG and family friendly. I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave your own versions of this as responses.

the instructions required for the challenge are below
name, username, place

Aunt, roof, Route, Wash, Oil, Theatre, Iron, Salmon, Caramel, Fire, Water, Sure, Data, Ruin, book, boo, Crayon, Toilet, New Orleans, Pecan, Both, Again, Probably, Spitting image, Avenue, Alabama, Lawyer, Coupon, Mayonnaise, Syrup, Pajamas, Caught, naturally, aluminium, gif, jpeg, bitmap, grease, easy, envelope, tumblr, twitter, crackerjack, doorknob, gpoy, owned, pornography, tomato, often, dog, february, leisure, about, process, status, organisation, orange, talk, mobile, idea, dynasty, renaissance, patronise, breakfast, drawer, horror, herbs

What is it called when you throw toilet paper on a house?
What is the bug that when you touch it, it curls into a ball?
What is the bubbly carbonated drink called?
What do you call gym shoes?
What do you say to address a group of people?
What do you say to address an individual
What do you call the kind of spider (or spider-like creature) that has an oval-shaped body and extremely long legs?
What do you call your grandparents?
What do you call the wheeled contraption in which you carry groceries at the supermarket?
What do you call it when rain falls while the sun is shining?
What is the thing you change the TV channel with?
choose a book and read a passage from it
do you think you have an accent
do you know anyone on youtube in real life
wizard or vampire
million dollars or million friends,
say something in a second language.
Do another accent.
say 3 words

This is my attempt at doing an impression of Frank Gallagher from Shameless, for a first attempt with no cuts or edits I think I did alright considering.

Also I did a slightly  modified image (I added some text and changed the coat colour to green as it is supposed to be) but other than that its all me, and entered a lookalike competition at

I would appreciate your votes :-)

Okay had to wake up really early to get to work one morning, and I heard a bin lorry reversing in birmingham (whats so special about that I hear you ask)… okay so maybe not… anyway it just amused me that the lorry said “warning this vehicle is reversing, but not only that it was in a birmingham twang so that when it said reversing it sounded a bit confused like it was asking a question…

Warning this vehicle is, reversing? Amused me, mightve been because I was still tired that early in the morning but hey.