Interactive Soundboard Via Stream Stickers For Fun Interactive Streams, Free, Sub Only And Bit Donation Variants As Well As Loyalty Rewards And Free Sticker Party Time

Stream stickers is a fun way to add interaction to your streams, allowing viewers to post fun images and animated gifs over your stream for short periods of time along with a soundboard trigger, and this comes with a pre loaded selection of meme’s along with the ability to create your own custom stickers

The pre loaded selection includes many of the well known meme’s including “bruh” the doge “bop” the cosmic “wow” along with many more, and you’re able to set your own prices on what you think is fair for these on your channel as well as disable any entirely that you don’t want to use which allows you to condense and control the selection entirely for whatever you feel fits your stream experience entirely, and with the lowest price on the pre loaded ones being 1 bit you can certainly make them affordable for everyone.

I do particularly like that you are able to completely curate your own soundboard, starting with 16 slots you can upload your own animated gifs and sounds to be triggered, and these can be set completely free, only for subscribers or up to 10,000 bits each so highly customisable especially if you only want to create your own soundboard and images rather than global memes.

The fun doesn’t stop there however, as alongside being able to generate revenue through sound and image triggers and generate a user friendly soundboard you are also able to adjust when a sticker party triggers, where after reaching the figure you set between 1000 and 10000 bits for the next 60 seconds all stickers will be free for everyone to spam and paste all over the screen while a fun party song plays so even people who can’t afford the stickers can paste anything at that point and join in on the action. This number carries over between streams and is a global donation amount too so will always be able to build up until inevitably it gets triggered and everyone can join in on the action.

Another great feature they have is that everyone has their own individual total too as a loyalty reward and can unlock special loyalty stickers that can only be used by those who have reached the individual donation targets, and these too can be set to either free or costing bits to trigger but special rare stickers that only those who’ve reached the donation levels can trigger so your viewership can feel even more special for gaining access to these ultra rare stickers.

There is a revenue share with stream stickers matching all twitch extensions so you get 70% of all revenue, however you are getting a great service for the cost and adding value to your donations and bringing more fun and interaction to your streams. While you are gaining revenue you will unlock more custom sticker slots along the way so you will have more options to create more fun elements as more people donate.

Channel points are planned to be implemented at some point as an additional feature so your viewers can pay with sticker points to trigger some stickers also but at the time of writing this isn’t currently integrated however once it is this adds a further element to reward your viewers loyalty as they can use the points they’ve accumulated through simply watching your streams to participate also and not have to pay out to join in on the fun and reward them for spending time in your streams and watching alongside.

I have integrated this into my streams over at and I have created a few different channel based memes and sounds as well as some loyalty stickers and curated the pre loaded ones down to ones that I like and think will go well with my stream taking out the majority of the global ones I don’t think are worth it for me, so I have curated my own interactive soundboard that you are in charge of and can access anytime on any stream. There are a few subscriber only stickers that you can trigger free anytime for being a twitch subscriber, as well as a few free ones anyone can use.

To join in the fun all you have to do is hover over the stream and on the right hand side you will see a stream stickers icon and if you click on that it will show you the stickers you can trigger along with their prices. There is the option to have it enabled as a panel below the stream instead if that suits you however I feel having it accessible on the stream itself is more convenient than having to hunt for it below the stream and also there are plans to add the option to choose where to post the sticker too which will only be accessible via the overlay option as I have enabled so this future proofs this option when it becomes available.

Feel free to come join in on the action and paste some of the stickers for yourself over on my streams, I have my sticker party set to 1000 bits so every time this gets reached everyone gets to join in with some free stickers, and a variety of fun sounds and elements as well as more planned for when I have the unlock space for more and I am always open to adding any sounds and elements people would like to play with, because on my stream you are in charge of the soundboard quite literally and you can trigger these at any time during any stream and catch me unaware so please do feel free to make any suggestions of what you would like to be able to trigger and I can make it happen.

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