Follow the Arto Kickstarter For Roguelike Action Game Fundraiser Benefits #ad

Arto is an action roguelike where you bring colour back to the world across 6 levels themed from various art styles which also incorporates it’s own varying gameplay style from retro top down action through pop art to realism and modern 3d action combat.

The game itself will be released soon and a full review will be made once I’ve played enough to give a more realistic and thorough explanation of the game and everything it is about but from what I can see in video’s and in the store this is the impression that I get and having played the demo it’s a very fun experience with what seems to be a branching narrative of decisions through open world gameplay.

Before release the game will be running a kickstarter campaign to fund it’s development and launch so if you’re interested in finding out more with what sort of benefits you can obtain by funding the game be sure to pre register your interest at the kickstarter campaign so you can get in early to capture any limited availability slots and to be sure not to miss out.

Check out the arto kickstarter for yourself at

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