Why Have I Not Updated In So Long? Catching Up With Past Projects & Being More Productive

A long awaited update explaining why I haven’t posted here in so long, firstly I have been moving house and sorting everything out from getting services connected and getting the essentials and furniture together have taken some time with having to be productive and look for work along with cooking, eating etc so things here took a bit of a back seat especially after getting combo’d by the brexit depression and massive rise in interviews I suddenly received after brexit (brexit at work and employers needing british workers?) but this did lead to a massive drain feeling terrible from both waking up very early for the interviews and the creeping mould in the flat effecting my health, and no way to clean clothes effectively still waiting on a washing machine promised to be delivered, but now I can at least clean clothes properly and managing my time better I can get back into thing here.

So there are a number of projects I need to catch up on, some being less urgent like updating channel trailers and more creative projects, but some like catching up on reviews and well edited review highlight video’s I really should have done by now rather than waylaying with let’s play series of the games with a reasonably written but rushed article for the site being pushed out. Having more time now and having recorded a reasonable backlog of gameplay video’s I can get back onto getting these reviews put together decently and to a standard I feel happy with, as well as producing the lost footage of EGX where everything was so dark at the show I wasn’t happy with the quality to publish, so have spent many cycles editing and adapting the footage to make something worthy of publish and we’re getting close to being able to do that.

Of course there are shows upcoming like I58 and this seasons EGX which I really should have applied to but feeling down I stupidly didn’t apply to stuff which could have raised my mood and been things to look forward to because I didn’t want the burden of heavy editing, especially having fallen behind with the one EGX video, but I can get that together and maybe at least an article for this year’s EGX even though I’m not going as a way to make up for that, and there are many other articles I really should have been doing too with press releases I have been receiving, however not being one to simply copy and paste these I would have to write them in my own manner and do associated video’s to feel happy in myself making them (unlike some places who simply copy and paste releases without even reading them) and perhaps even get some teasers for shows and events coming up in the hopes of getting press admission as I really should try to get back into doing that effectively and not let complications in life get to me.

So this is a beginning of content returning and being done properly once more not rushed out, yes I took some time out to be able to get things together after moving but from here forward I should be able to get things out in a manner and quality I feel happy with, decently edited when it comes to reviews and with suitably considered and written articles with my twist on any improvements and highlights I feel noteworthy.

I always welcome any contact through the correct channels, so feel free to get in touch if you have any suggestions for video’s or want me to review something for you.

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