Site Redesign & Official Discord Launch Competition

It’s been a long time overdue but we finally updated the design of the website to a more modern feel that matches more with the review site aesthetic, where previously it was matching for a personal blog as the site began, and with web browsers and design coming a long way in the years since the site launched it’s been overdue an update and redesign.

So as you can see we’ve gone with a much more modern feel with modular preview boxes for the articles with the teaser photo’s for the video’s contained within, and then clicking those leads to the full articles as it always did, however there are more changes than that, with the big social buttons clearly visible at the top of the page matching how sites like youtube have the socials in the top banner area of the profile.

There are still some rough edges around that need working on, and I want to incorporate more features like live twitter feed, a page showing the latest youtube posts which links to those and perhaps even a banner on the front page highlighting the latest few video’s, some of the design is still a little rough around the edges I need to trim down and personalise and fix up, so bear with that.

Going forward some other things will change up like additional and longer streams, more frequent reviews including some of the single play video’s as written articles here too and becoming a more incorporated site including all aspects of the content created, and bearing some of these things in mind we’ve launched a new competition

So the discord was officially launched to celebrate 1k twitch followers and 1 year as affiliate, and it’s intended to be a nice place to come chat, not get spammed with going live or anything like that, just a community area, but I really don’t know what I’m doing with a discord or what people want, so having people join and help shape it would be awesome, so part of the competition is to come join in the conversations there and help shape it’s future.

There are some funny and entertaining moments throughout the channels history and it’d be fun to include some of those moments in a highlighted video, so we’ve got a clip gathering competition, whether you make a twitch clip of the moment, or get the timestamp at the time of an entertaining moment or out of context voice clip on one of my youtube video’s, all these moments can get you an entry to the competition, but they will be vetted so only authentic moments will count, even if it’s not that entertaining just as long as it makes sense as a clip (but preferably entertaining)

Finally there’s some other options like providing feedback on what you enjoy watching on twitch (entries that say something like I don’t watch twitch won’t count) authentic responses for the entry on that one, etc.

Best of luck with the competition, and feel free to post comments on posts, you don’t have to register for the site but if you want you can, spam posts will be deleted though.

1 year Twitch affiliate Competition

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