Birmingham’s Terror Timebomb and Fox New’s “terror Expert”

In response to the utterly moronic statement by a terror expert on fox news I decided to make up some utterly ridiculous terrorist rant whilst pointing out how utterly stupid it was to put someone on air unvetted with unjustified or researched information, with a call to fire the guy because clearly he has made a carear out of inventing bullshit to terrorise the public and spread fearmongering tactics. Usually he would have an audience which doesn’t speak the language and who have never visited the region so he can invent whatever the hell he likes, and use subtitles to twist or contort what is actually said to whatever made up statement he desires.

Today however he made the wrong move by talking about the uk and birmingham in particular, and any backlash he gets is deserved, and fox news itself should have made a grand gesture with regards to charitable donations and fired the moronic twat who invents information to suit his own will without any sources (or sauces 😉 )

He did make a grand gesture himself of donating £500 to birmingham’s childrens hospital, make your own mind up wether that is remotely significant for calling the entirety of birmingham a terrorist muslim hotspot where regular people are afraid to visit for fear of getting stabbed for not being muslim and in muslim attire. I don’t think it was sufficient for the insult, and he should be made to publically redress his statement on the very same network news show at the same timeframe to ensure people aren’t mislead the world over, because people believe whatever is spouted on the news at them, and if no statement is made to apologise they will continue to believe the bullshit fed to them directly by someone who must have something against birmingham or just enjoy terrorising the american citizens to make such statements live on tv when they are clearly unjustified lies.

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