Jeremy Corbyn’s First Parliament Debate VS David Cameron’s Cockish Behavoir: A New Hope/Media Smear Campaigns

Jeremy Corbyn took to the floor as leadership of the opposition for the first time the other week and it has been heavily scrutinized by the media about both how he went to the public for questions effectively crowd-sourcing his debate, and about how he stuck to the questions not rising to the political clucking and theater usually associated with the house of commons debates against the prime minister.

While a lot of media outlets have been poking fun at corbyn and calling him a joke I believe it was quite far the opposite, as his very first move was to bring the concerns of the public which by and large were being ignored and glossed over by the conservative party, in a straightforward no nonsense approach trying to get straight answers from the prime minister and resisting the attempts by the prime minister to turn it into a theatrical joke. By resisting david cameron’s cockish behavior where he hammed it up for the crowds trying to get the MP’s to cluck and jeer in the hen hut of ministers, corbyn managed to put on a very strong image by continuing with his questions pursuing answers over ridiculous benefit delays, unaffordable housing rents, and the lack of increased taxes to those who can afford austerity measures while those who simply cannot are hardest hit by such measures, which remained true to the anti austerity wind-force which lead him to win the labour leadership election by a landslide.

I have also noted that not only have the conservatives released slur campaigns against corbyn but the media, and right wing members of the labour party all seem to be out to discredit his entire political career, because of standing up to issues he still believes to be wrong, some of which are even under investigation via public inquiries as to being wrong such as invading iraq, and generally trying to discredit his ideals of anti austerity and being illogical and unworkable completely ignoring the fact that the richer side of society are still remaining in a system prior to any austerity measures and not facing any themselves and while big businesses which can afford such measures continue to get tax reliefs instead.

We shall continue to see how things progress for the corbyn campaign, but I believe we have a new hope with this new leader strongly supporting anti austerity measures and bringing the prime minister to face questioning over what will be done to help those who need it most and really transform the government so there will be more affordable housing and jobs for those who need them rather than the political spin and bullshit that is usually associated, and while these questions usually get ignored and unanswered by westminster.

I for one hope that he remains in seat until an election because there was a lot of talk on the andrew marr show this morning about how they will “experiment” with corbyn for three years and replace him before a general election (amongst a lot of laughing at his expense in a way I found really offensive for the bbc to broadcast) If this is the case I would feel cheated, as the public have nominated corbyn to stand for their issues and to be bought to come to a general election so he can change things properly as prime minister, not to be replaced before he ever gets to run, and I would go further as to call for a fresh general election now all of the parties have new leaders after everyone quit over the calamity of the last general election, as now we have new policies and new politics to vote upon, and those who think 38% of the vote was a majority are quite clearly wrong as 62% of the public vote elsewhere, and the conservatives in numbers of votes only won by a slim number which would clearly lose out now as 2/3rds of those who voted elsewhere voted for left wing issues which would now be bought under labour’s new agenda and which would win the labour party a majority in any election.

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