Why Hoverboards Don’t Exist Back To The Future Day

Happy Back To The Future Day, to celebrate I go into a little information about why hoverboard’s don’t exist due to Marty Mcfly’s meddling in the film where he prevents himself getting into a car accident thus changing the future forever.

In the original timeline Mcfly crashes and the future plays out, other cars and people are involved in that crash, simply by avoiding that crash he not only alters his own future but their future’s as well, and who is to say that this accident wasn’t the trigger for some greater event, that by crashing the car the people or families of those people didn’t invent flying cars in order to avoid dangers on the roads and make driving essentially safer, and who is to say that this didn’t lead to hoverboards being adapted from the very same flying technology to adapt it into a fun toy for kids (as natural business opportunists would) and who is to say that technologies used to treat those in the accident didn’t lead to the cybernetic enhancements on the future tannon? Along with the fashion which may have adapted from a simple safety accessory because hoverboards don’t work in water and having inflating self drying clothes may have become convenient!

Simply put by stopping and not crashing to save his own future marty mcfly may have robbed us all of the opportunity to ride on a hoverboard today.

Also I talk about how people are saying the prime minister should talk to china about human rights abuses but clearly he won’t as he wished to remove the human rights act for our country, so why would he care for any human rights?

Lastly I talk about life and a few other things, and use a clip from black honeys performance showing where izzy spotted me at reading 2015 (after I told her I’d be at leeds but got changed, so surprised her, just because I wanted to include that clip) Full video where the clip was taken from >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1DRm7uerP_c

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