How To Fix Radeon Series Graphics Cards Fan Not Spinning / Working Problem & AMD Rx 570 Review

How to fix your radeon series graphic's card fan not spinning along with a review of the rx 570 graphics card based on my experiences. Fixing The problem fault in the gpu fan settings.

Lets Highlight Neversong Action Platformer Metroidvania With A Twisted Dark Plot Game Review

Neversong is a 2d action platformer metroidvania with a dark storyline of being in a coma while trying to rescue your girlfriend who's been kidnapped by some demon while all the adults have gone missing from the world.

Best Bargains In The Green Man Gaming Summer Sale 2020 (In My Opinion)

Best bargains in the green man gaming summer sale include death stranding 20% off. Blackhole for 99p, game bundles from 19p and many more huge discounts.

Lets Highlight Waking Literally Your Life Story Adventure Roguelike Review

The story of you told through a challenging action roguelike, as you battle demons to wake up. Worthy of an indelacio star for it's unique way of making you truly the protagonist.

Lets Highlight Lithium City; Fast Paced Action Game Set In a Neon Future. Review

Fun fast paced action game with cute neon style set in a futuristic landscape using weapons from swords and guns to tron cyberdisks.

Site Redesign & Official Discord Launch Competition

It’s been a long time overdue but we finally updated the design of the website to a more modern feel that matches more with the review site aesthetic, where previously…

Lets Highlight Ministry Of Broadcast Neo Futuristic Dystopian Puzzle Platformer Homage To Another World

Ministry of broadcast is a 2d platforming adventure with some puzzle elements inspired by classics of yesteryear such as another world and flashback where the protagonist attempting to survive and…

Lets Highlight A Fold Apart Cute Narrative Puzzle Level Folding & Flipping

  A fold apart is a cute and colourful puzzle game with a narrative revolving around a couple having a long distance relationship and the struggles that come from such…

Lets Highlight Decay Of Logos Cute Anime Style Soulsesque Adventure Game

Decay of logo’s is an anime styled colourful adventure game designed to be challenging but not unfair much like dark souls, where you will want to take enemies on individually…

Lets Highlight The Jackbox Party Pack 6 Fun Trivia And Identity Hiding Word Swapping Jokes And Sillyness

The jackbox party pack 6 is the latest collection of fun party games from the creators at jackbox, containing 4 all new game modes as well as the return of…