Lets Highlight Neversong Action Platformer Metroidvania With A Twisted Dark Plot Game Review

Neversong is a 2d action platformer with metroidvania elements as you explore a world within your coma trying to rescue your girlfriend from a demon who has kidnapped her, exploring the world at large fighting some immature creatures along the way and discovering that all adults in the world seem to have vanished.

The storyline mixes a dark world with the immature humour of children who now rule the world wondering what happened to their parents, and as you explore area’s you unlock new abilities which allows you to venture further into the world and discover more of the secrets of what has actually happened.

The gameplay is pretty solid and the new abilities do give you more options to traverse the world, and also provides the option to go explore to unlock more cards which provide cosmetic options for your character. The game is relatively short and can be beaten in around 2-3 hours, and all of the enemies will remind you of butts and genetalia as though drawn from the mind of the child you’re playing as, and there are some twists along the way as well as a dark undertone which you will sense at every encounter with the ultimate villain dr sleep until things are finally revealed at the end.

I enjoyed the game, and for the most part it’s relatively smooth other than one timing based explosive puzzle I had some trouble with, and the bosses maybe could have been a little tougher not providing additional enemies to heal on for additional challenge, but they could always add harder modes in the future which provide those options.

The interplay of story and game is pretty well done often providing mixing elements of gameplay and communicating with the inhabitants of the world so you don’t feel overwhelmed by story and always feel like you’re progressing and playing the game.

Obviously there would be comparisons to “coma” but I’ve never played this so I could not comment but as a standalone game it’s fun and interesting and an enjoyable experience worth playing though I would suggest going through blind and without spoilers as you’ll enjoy it far more that way discovering the secrets as you go along for yourself.

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