How To Fix Radeon Series Graphics Cards Fan Not Spinning / Working Problem & AMD Rx 570 Review

To fix ensure you have the latest drivers at then you will have to enable then re-disable the setting for zero rpm in your graphics card adjustment settings, because it won’t remember to disable this feature every time you boot your pc which is really annoying, but without doing this your graphics card will overheat and the fans will never function despite what your card claims that it will function when necessary, as I’ve had it get so hot they should turn on but they don’t and the pc crashes due to the graphics card overheating repeatedly without this fix.

Obviously this isn’t an ideal solution but the graphics cards make claims that it’s “perfectly normal” for the fans not to spin, but upon use it seems they just never do and don’t kick in when they’re supposed to when it gets hot and always goes so far into overheating that they smell burnt and then crash your pc which is quite a problem, so much so that I purchased a new power supply at 850 watt to try and combat it believing maybe it didn’t have the power requirements, however upon further inspection its the graphics card never turning it’s fan on which was a problem, and I managed to find a solution to fix it, but really the radeon software needs to update so it will remember your settings (or just work when it gets hot and start spinning) as this zero rpm setting is pretty terrible when it causes overheating and crashes before ever spinning.

Other than the overheating problem the rx 570 is a pretty good card, being 8gb and vr ready, along with all the modern settings required to run recent games well, and I got my rx570 armor edition for £120 and it came with 2 AAA titles for free which had just came out so it was a huge bargain when you deduct the cost of the games leaving just £50 for the card essentially.

All radeon cards tend to come with decent bargains and free games on the most recent cards, and always update the games on offer so if you’re thinking of upgrading a card it’s worth looking towards the radeon series especially if you have amd processors as they work well together, however the zero rpm bug is a serious issue which they really do need to fix, as I’d rather my fan just always spin not caring about the noise over my pc overheating and crashing from the gpu fans never spinning and it burning out.

Now that I’ve found a way to fix this problem it’s a highly recommended graphics card and a ridiculously cheap way of getting 8gb top end graphics as well as some free AAA titles along with your purchase for a bargain price.

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