Having had my adsense closed by google due to “bad traffic” to my sites and losing my income via youtube I decided to analyse exactly what was the cause of the bad traffic, and still remain confused why they will not allow me to remove adsense from my websites and continue to run adsense on my youtube video’s as a partner, there were no warnings, no messages, just a simple shutdown of my account. Had I been offered the choice I would have chosen youtube over my websites as youtube would be the better option. My accounts remain partner with no copyright issues or any problems on that side that would make them a bad option or risk my adsense, all video’s published have the permission from any content included (including the computer game lets plays) so this all seems rather stupid

Anyway it turns out the bad traffic is from webcrawlers including thier very own googlebot so surely that means they’re responsible for my bad traffic and should be liable for any loss of income as a result right?