Play the UK Lottery for free

Earlier today I stumbled accross an interesting site that allows you to play any of the UK lotto draws for free, how it works is you make X number of internet searches, obviousely they earn commission for that, this is then used to purchase tickets and depending which draw you choose you’re in very small syndicates so the share per win is favourable and you’d 5-10% of the prize depending on the draw. You are limited to 2 tickets per week but this is simply to prevent abuse of the system as they wouldn’t recieve the payout and you wouldn’t recieve tickets if that wasn’t the case.

So I signed up, it doesn’t take much and if you’re going to be making searches anyway (and they use yahoo so its not some scrubby unknown thing thats going to give bad results) and you don’t have to click any sponsored or advertised links just the results you want to view anyway and you’re away earning lotto tickets.

This is UK only but if you want to give it a try follow the link below, I’m definately giving it a go and giving it a tentative thumbs up for now, and for full disclosure I will earn one ticket for everyone who signs up but feel free to invite your friends also and earn even more lotto tickets, if I win any big prizes I’ll be sure to let you know. (launches the site)

If you would prefer to earn tickets in a cashback manner there is also this site, where you can use the points you earn to buy tickets in syndicate sizes from you alone to 100 people per ticket

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