Why my family are shit

Okay so I thought its about time I wrote a proper post about this, I did have one in drafts from aaages ago but I feel that would be kinda irrelivant today, oh and thanks for that shorthand title post lol! Oh well…

Anyway highlighting the fact of how shit my family are they were oh you lost your home because the government screwwed you over you’re not going to be able to afford to buy us xmas presents so we wont bother, my mum gets me a pack of 27p value teabags and wraps that in christmas wrap, worse than nothing because its not a nice surprise in the wrapper its dissappointment and of course my sister gets me nothing but worse than that continuing the tradition of stealing everything off me like she did while we lived together growing up she has stolen everything from my bag of stuff that was valuable to me (which includes some valuable things like signed cds etc) half of my stuff like shampoo etc but I guess that can be replaced, Im just glad I never left my stephs engagement ring in my bag of valuable stuff when I gave them things to look after when I lost my home, dear god ID’ve killed them if they stole or lost that, thankfully I had the common sense and the heart to keep it with me and by my side as a nice memory, of course now she’s back in touch who knows if we might get to that position again, I live in hope of course but with her going through equal financial problems and other difficulties of her own its not great.

So on top of all of that anyway my dad died recently and instead of getting any of the inheritance my sister is also stealing all of that for herself and her 3 kids which she couldn’t even look after (oh sorry you couldn’t keep your pants on while you were a teenager and then you couldn’t bring them up) and Im getting none of it though Im off struggling to even keep a roof over my head and stay alive, of course Im told Im ungreatful by my mum but yeah, expect me to travel down to a funeral I cant afford to travel to with a suit I don’t have because I lost everything and you lot also stole everything from me and Im expected to just sit back and hold a civil tongue while you all talk shit about me just because you have all of the power, Id rather be disowned and lose everything you’ve already stole pretty much everything valuable to me anyway so why not steal everything, its not like I would use that money to get a home and even take steph in so we have no financial problems and can all be well maybe. Sick of my hypocritical family who dont see they’re the self centered ones who only do things when its advantageous to them.

Anyway they couldn’t care less if I died they just want to be right, heck I was even forced to lie for my mum so she could have my sisters kids, I didn’t particularly care as its none of my business and although they would be better off not being bought up by her I did it just because they’re family, but do I get the same respect no, and am I thrown out the instant after Ive lied for her despite the fact she doesnt get the kids for an extra month after that and Im forced to live in some flea and pest infected shithole when I could’ve easily stayed in there for that extra month and sorted myself out before they arrived for somewhere a little better ha, that would be expecting too much, and to expect to get my fair share of the inheritance from my dad thats expecting waaay too much, had I been irresponsible and had 30 kids maybe they’d get thier share but oh Im sorry I have some respect and I’ve only been irresponsible with girls I wanted to have a relationship with and would be happy to get pregnant and raise a kid with, of course those days are long gone as Ive found steph and felt the difference instantly, just a shame life interferes and its not so easy to just be together and happy.  Still if it ever works then she’s my family and her family and forget this shitty pathetic excuse for relatives, they want to be selfish and money grabbing and only care for themselves then fine they lose everyone else.

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