Partnering With Humble Bundle Incorporating Everything Featured Site Update And Future Content For 2022

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Having purchased humble bundles since their second ever bundle I decided to partner with humble bundle as an additional way to support the site, and I may add more partnerships and opportunities going forward as I don’t have any exclusivity and providing additional opportunities which help both support the site and recommend services and products I use anyway seems like an ideal additional form to help support the site indirectly, and this especially is great with humble because not only can you get some great games and bundles discounted heavily from full retail but you can support charity as well as supporting me, and in the bundles especially you can choose where your money goes so whether you give it all to the game devs, or to charity or some to me along with a cut for humble themselves it’s all customisable for whatever you buy

I have a ridiculous bundle addiction and ended up with lots of games from all the bundles I’ve purchased so definitely recommend humble and often they have some really great game bundles on offer, and I have recommended them in the past without being a partner so it only seems smart to partner up and offer the opportunity to support the site while getting your discounted steam game bundles (and software and more)

Alongside this I finally updated the featured section at the top of the site on the index page which you may have noticed and incorporated all of the other forms of content I create into one section to highlight and provide the opportunities to visit these on the front page of the site as I intended when I first updated the design and I will continue to work on more ways to incorporate these in the future, obviously I plan on having a cycling visual link showcasing the contents on offer from the youtube and vlogging channel and twitch livestreams through to the discord community server and the steam curator page showcasing in particular the indelacio stars on sale but also if you follow you will be able to see when all games I have reviewed are discounted on steam (it’s a shame they don’t have a partnership programme to earn a commission also as I absolutely would directly recommend through there but hey)

With 2022 around the corner a lot of the popular series’s are coming to an end too and I’m open to suggestions for new games to play and new content to create, obviously I’m working on bringing music back in some form to streams after twitch sings closed and I’m always open to new collaborations so definitely open to all suggestions and content idea’s and I plan on writing more reviews going forward and being more active now I’m feeling a lot more healthy and getting back in shape after a hard year which got me down heavily, but the future is looking bright and things are looking good so working on making the site more encompassing of everything and creating better content for you going forward even where I’ve fallen off the rails at times, I will be bringing more opportunities for you to be able to support without just directly subscribing or donating money to me via twitch streams but in ways that you can support while making purchases you may make anyway on great products and services I recommend and use myself.

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