So I haven’t been posting…

I think I should post on here more, even if my camcorder is playing up and wont charge unless you mess with the socket for hours and get lucky for it to connect, and even then connecting it to the pc to transfer files off it make it rather difficult, add to that the fact that sometimes when it is charged it’ll make a whine that increases in pitch much like science fiction films when something is overloading and about ot explode by simply turning it on.

There are a few game reviews I have recorded and edited but haven’t gotten around to writing the articles for, and some more which I need to edit together and I have been putting things off a lot, a lot of things have been getting me down and I’ve spent a little time off from this just so there wasn’t so much to cope with, but I will be getting back to this, and probably should write more even though I can’t get video’s out on the camcorder I shouldn’t let that hold me back and neglect the site entirely, reviews did take a back end simply because I didn’t want to write while feeling really down because in the past I’ve done that and it’s never been good and I want to write good well composed and considered reviews, there are also a few gameplay series I started and in the past I’ve posted links to the lets play series while writing a review of sorts around it, and I don’t want to put up lets play series in the place of reviews where I should be putting the edited and composed reviews with an associate video and I don’t know how to go about posting lets play series as well (new games haven’t even been playlisted yet, but I wonder should I add playlists on games where I’m doing that on the bottom of the review and the let’s highgight at the top?

At least I have the newer system up and running even if it’s on a poopy 3.6ghz quad where it should’ve been 4.2ghz quad, I’ll upgrade it another time and make do for now simply because there’s too much to get on with to not let people down.

So there will at least be an othello review soon only needing writing, others need editing and sorting out more, along with some unused camcorder footage I might make into articles and blogs, I’ve also got some cooking footage for wackykitchen I haven’t touched as that’s on the back end and another thing I’ve put off.

The main thing I really need to do is elevate my mood and get my health back in order, and having to spend 35 hours per week jobsearching and also go to interviews and be let down constantly doesn’t help with that or having free time, but I am going to make more of an effort to get things up to date here, add to that still battling the council for compensation for ruining 5 years of my life which is not only time consuming but also drags me back down emotionally having to dredge up all of that stuff over and over and over because they constantly delay and request the same facts over repeatedly.

Should I post more with written only articles? I know this is web 2.0 so adding associated videos is better but I know there’s a lot of people who just read and don’t watch so I guess it wouldn’t be so bad to simply post, and it’s better than doing nothing.

I should probably rejig the site too and change up some things, add some computer specs and make subscribe buttons easy and noticeable etc with social media links, but that’s a more labour intensive situation and there’s a lot of other things which would take priority over that.

There is gameplay going up on the lets play channel with new content and games, I just have a lot to review on top of that and keeping up with gameplay rather than reviewing perhaps isn’t what I should be doing.

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