Wooden Youtube Play Button 300 Subscriber Special Award Special Video April Fools

Over on the youtube gaming channel we recently hit 300 subscribers, and received the wooden youtube play button, not as well known as the more famous silver and gold play buttons but we’re on our way to earning those, but I wanted to show off my play button to thank everyone who’s subscribed and enjoys the content over on the channel even with all the technical difficulties I’ve been having with overheating pc crashing which has caused endless problems in being able to record and create content, as well as where windows updates have messed with audio in several ways on numbers of occasions too, but I’m trying to keep an eye on when things get messed with more and watch out for those to ensure they don’t happen, as well as having tuned things to not peak as much and have better audio balance to make everything a much more enjoyable experience

I continue to make daily youtube video’s over on the channel in variety gaming from all sorts of games from indie games through to more well known and popular ones which ultimately I review over here on the site too, and while unique content has fallen to simply streaming everything then publishing vods as a result of the overheating issues with my pc because streams at least don’t lose content when the pc crashes in the heat, but I am always open to suggestions on improvements and for other things people would love to see on the channel and on streams along with games to play through.

Obviously this was made as an april fools as it was around the same time and I wanted to do something fun, so I made the wooden play button myself but I will create further buttons in other creative materials along the journey to the silver and gold play buttons to show my appreciation so subscribe and join the action to see what I come up with for future play buttons, and do let me know things you would like to see, and if there’s any improvements that can be made, constructive criticism like if you say quality then you need to let me know good obs codec settings that work because I don’t know all the “good settings” and just use whatever I can and haven’t got the magic secret on the really good settings other streamers seem to use as they aren’t easy to find online anywhere under any searches, but I have added condensers and noise gates and the like on my mic which has improved quality immensely so I appreciate everyone who comes along on the journey as I learn along the way, and I appreciate everyone who’s came along and subscribed and continue watching the video’s as returning viewers and each and everyone who comments and likes the video’s

The channel started out with super monday night combat beta, cave story and some other indie games, and while lets highlight videos were well edited reviews of games these have fallen to the wayside as my pc crashes in the heat and editing these video’s became impossible without crashing and recent edited video renders were glitching out too towards the end of being able to do those too, so now reviews here are using playlists at least for a while until maybe one day I can afford a decent stable non crashing pc. With the most popular video being a struggling secret boss that trended for almost a year.

I appreciate each and every one of you who got me here and came along for the journey and I appreciate anyone else who subscribes and helps me get further on the journey to those elusive silver and gold (and maybe one day the custom play button) I hope that you’ll all continue supporting and enjoying the content, and I hope now that I’ve moved home I will be able to provide more consistent entertainment to you now that I’ve escaped the harassment I was suffering at the previous address which held me back immensely also.

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