Unboxing NPET K10 Multicolour LED Keyboard & Review Indelacio Star

The NPET K10 Keyboard is one of the best designed keyboards I have ever found, not only because it has a funky flashy design with cool led light effects, but also how well designed it is to the core to ensure durability and prolongued lifespan of the keyboard.

Stated to be designed for gamers, and with a 2 year warranty and 24 hour service you are immediately reassured that this will stand up to prolongued key mashing often associated with gaming, but the ingenious nature of the design goes far beyond that, and one of the first things that attracted me to this keyboard was the very simple design change to eliminate the valleys below the keys which most keyboards have, instead replacing this with floating keys which are easy to remove and clean, and dust will not gather up below clogging up your keys, but they went further than this and also included a tool to easiy remove keys for the easiest cleaning experience possible.

This design takes durability and cleanliness a step further, as the base is also made of steel for the most durable keyboard imaginible and will definitly survive a bash or too (and even survived being thrown over a fence by the delivery company) and then sealed up so liquid cannot enter providing a spill resistant keyboard, and we all I am sure have spilled drinks on our keyboards during gaming in the past and had to leave them upside down to dry, but this keyboard doesn’t have a canal for liquid to sit in and cleans so easily without allowing any liquid into it’s inner workings.

Obviously I am a fan of mechanical keyboards, as it’s important to be able to feel your keys and know they’re pressed, and this keyboard has a good tactile feedback, and is stated to reduce fatigue and be more comfortable as well as having fade resistant keys, so you will be able to see all the keys over the lifetime of the keyboard as well as stated “non conflict” so they will not accidentally click other keys while you press them

The good design doesn’t end there, as this keyboard also has gold plated anti interference interfaces as well as a braided cable which provides the most flexible and durable wire and decreases the chances of breakages of the wires within.

And then we move onto the non essential factors, after having ensured it’s the greatest imaginable keyboard they then move onto the desirability factor, and many gamers do love their fancy glowing led lighting effects and this keyboard comes with a multicoloured led backlight behind and through the keys with a choice of 3 options for colourschemes as well as a “breathing” mode which cycles through the colourschemes fading in and out with a programmable speed function. The bright and happy colour schemes are well chosen, and it is entirely plausible that someone could reprogramme the lights to do anything they would like, and a fading wave across the keys in a rainbow scheme could be another fun thing that could have been done

Overall this keyboard goes above and beyond expectations, and is also available for a bargain price of $25 (Or less with discounts) direct from NPET K10 Gaming Keyboard USB Wired Mechanical Feeling 20% Off First Order – NPET Online Store (dgnpet.com)

With how well designed and thought out this keyboard is, and available for a bargain price this keyboard has earnt an indelacio star, because you could go and buy a budget keyboard for essentially the same price and be very dissappointed, or you can get literally the best keyboard I’ve ever seen and I cannot imagine any way to improve beyond this design functionally in any way, so you have to go check it out for yourself, and you can view the full range of products available at http://dgnpet.com/

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