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I was offered the opportunity to receive a pipe from dopeboon and it seemed quite interesting with it’s design and pretty fashionable and had claims that it was designed to reduce the amount of product that would end up in your throat giving you a smoother smoking experience, and having looked at their designs they seemed to have an interesting range of products available from the almost bong like inspired glass pipe design through to the most hipster of products being the avocado designed one.

With a number of special features built into the pipe this does seem like a premium pipe and you can see a triple internal rim on the inhale section clearly designed to catch any stray product or ashes that may enter the pipe and filter them back down into the ash collector rather than having the hot residue hit the back of your throat which believe me is the worst thing you can experience in any smoking method and does tend to be an issue if you’re using something unfiltered.

The glass of the product looks to be strong and sturdy and clearly designed to be heated, so will stand up to being ignited and having hot smoke pulled through it whilst remaining pristine and looking stylish enough to draw some attention, as if you pulled this out in a smoking area you’re likely to gather some interest and could become a conversation starter on a night out as people come to ask you what you’re using and where you got it being more unique than a standard pipe.

The range of products on the site should be checked out for yourselves to see if there’s something fitting for your personality and lifestyle.

Visit dopeboo at to check out their range of products on offer, and if you see something you like you can order with the discount code “indelacio” for 10% off sitewide, and until the end of September you can use the discount code Indelacio15 for 15% off all products sitewide on your order.

The product I received was

I was sent a sample of the new 007 Seven fragrance to sample and provide my opinions on, other than the cool bottle and interesting spray mechanism the product itself is rather generic.

Men’s aftershave and fragrances do tend to be strong and overpowering and this at least holds back to be a more sophisticated and subtle scent but still have the usual and fairly generic male fragrance scent where you would expect a fragrance suitable for james bond to stand out and be bold.

Being a spy who is often approached and gets all of the ladies in the films you would want a unique scent perhaps more fitting to the theme, with 007 being famed for martini’s, money and cars I would expect a scent that is reminiscent of these or perhaps some of the exotic locations that bond visits in various guises. Obviously not knowing the upcoming film in depth I cannot say if it fits spectre or even attempts to, but as a fragrance for men for me it is a little generic.

Perhaps they decided to play it safe in order to appeal to the most people, with a familiar scent that wouldn’t scare people from trying it, but that isn’t bond. Bond is never one to play it safe, he always takes the risks and comes out on top and that is what I think the fragrance with his name should do.

So all in all the fragrance is pleasant enough to use, but nobody would ever smell it on you and know it was 007 seven, it could be any fragrance to someone smelling it, and as a result makes itself replaceable in purchase for any other mens fragrance in my personal opinion.