Tesco #OneLittleChange and Arla Bzz Campaign Review, Tasting and Opinions

As part of the #OneLittleChange campaign, tasting some products in tesco’s own brand noted as being healthier options where one little change to your eating habits can make a difference, I try out the products and give my opinions as well as noting what might be different wether it is a reduced sugar content or simply changing to a healthier product which seems to be the change.

As part of the campaign I recieved coupons for some soups, which are healthy by nature but I would guess to be healthier than bigger brands with a reduced calorie content, although the products themselves do not seem to mention the #OneLittleChange or anything healthier tesco themselves state they have made changes from the previous versions to make them healthier so I go on my best comparison, and there seems to be no compromise on taste and quality in terms of the soups I chose, which includes lentil soup which is always the option I go for when choosing a soup.

Other products I chose were the healthy living yogurt, where there is no noticeable difference between the healthy choice and the ordinary, so if you’re looking for a healthier yogurt you might as well choose a healthy living variety as there is no compromise on the flavour and quality of the yogurt, comparing this to the arla protien quark I recieved with the bzz campaign, where 20g of protien is promised per pot (and no idea on how that compares or if this is a significant source of daily protien) all I could note is the product was powdery dry and impossible to finish after a few mouthfuls becoming too dry and disgusting to eat. I would state that if anyone was looking for a protien shake or the like they would probably be preferable as they would be more liquidy and you could at least down that to finish it off, or choose pulses, nuts and other sources of protien which quite frankly will taste nice rather than dry and disgusting, so as a product itself I don’t see it lasting long on the shelves especially as specifically looking for the product within tesco it was difficult to spot masked by its own boxes containing the product.

Also recieved as part of the campaign I got some frosted flakes which may as well be standard cornflakes by the time you put the milk on, so although being healthier with a reduction in sugar it becomes one of the products where the reduction has seriousely effected the product integrity, making it a higher sugar content cornflake which you cannot taste the difference of, rather than a lower sugar frosted flake. I even tested the product on a resident frosties eater, my mom. She stated that you couldn’t taste the frosting and she wouldn’t change brand as a result even if it was healthier because you lose the ability to taste the frosting entirely and as a result rendering the product pointless.

Overall it seems most of the little changes can make a difference without effecting the integrity of the product, however if you are making a little change to eat healthier cereal you are better off changing directly to cornflakes, or bran flakes rather than a reduced calory sugar frosted flake where upon adding of milk it all gets washed off and loses the ponit of being frosted in the first place, everything else however remains high quality, with the yogurts all being very tasty and healthy, and the soups maintaining high quality and flavour with whatever changes they have made, which are difficult to note individually as they aren’t revealed on the products themselves. However it is noted as a healthier choice, so if you’re making one little change to eat healthier these products can help, as part of a balanced diet and excercise reigieme of course.

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