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The windows 10 creators fall update is here, like all windows updates it’s forced upon you whether you want it or not. For the most part these are fairly harmless changes in the background that you’d never know about however this one is causing particularly large problems for many, ranging from software becoming unusable to supposedly bricking the pc’s entirely leaving a completely black screen.

Having experienced a similar problem myself with the previous time this update attempted to assert itself I tried everything from changing the resolution to no avail before I finally found a way to fix my pc and get rid of this problematic update.

What happened to my pc?

How my problem manifested on my pc was that it begins with a black screen, however if you jiggle your mouse around enough you can find a way to get it onto your screen, after a lengthy time (around 15 minutes) the background will actually load in, and then it will take several more minutes for the icons to appear along with a windows fall update window, however the resolution won’t be changeable and you’ll be stuck to a really sketchy blurry out of resolution screen that shows only about 1/5th of your native desktop size with the rest being off your screen (and this is on a fairly large sony tv which should be more than big enough to contain the entire pc, and does with much better resolution on the previous version and displays perfectly with the 8gb graphics card it uses.) However in this resolution you would need a wall eating 80″ tv to show everything at this scale and it would still undoubtedly be blurry and terrible to use.

How To Solve This Problem?

So how to fix this problem? What you have to do is fish about on the bottom of the screen for the windows logo, which thankfully they added as without this you’d be stranded in broken pc hell destroying your entire pc. Once you’ve clicked this you have to hope enough displays for you to be able to find the settings button, I believe if you type S on your keyboard it will take you there and be the first clickable in the list unless you’ve added more software that overrides this (finding this blind would be very difficult)

You may have to express some patience as this slower version of windows seems to take a very long time to open this, once you have it open you need to scroll down to “update and security”, your middle mouse button won’t natively scroll like it will in any other window so you’ll have to find the hidden scroll bar here.

Once you’re into the next window you can use your middle mouse again and click on the term “view installed update history” at the top under the windows update status, from here select the second option “recovery options” from here you should have the option “go back to the previous version of windows 10″ click on this button, it’s the second in the list and you’ll be able to uninstall this broken and terrible garbage fire version of windows that destroys your pc and enjoy the previous working version.

After you have done this it’s a good idea to go back into the settings and pause updates for as long as possible to delay this garbage update coming back and re-enforcing it’s horrid nature on your desktop device.

I hope windows realise they’re destroying themselves by pushing this update and not allowing you to prevent it’s destructive nature from reasserting itself over and over again, because it needs to end and allow us to simply use our pc’s without this trash.

Okay so this isnt a prediction so to speak, but more of a statement on how things should work.

I mean with the size of this country, we are quite a small country, and our population is growing exponentially, we limit the ammount of space that be built on with greenbelts and conservational lands, so that if you want somewhere to live in a city you are limited to somewhere already existing, thus rising prices of houses beyond affordable limits, and mortgage rates, so that nobody can afford them, thus leading to wage increases to be able to afford accommodation etc. Ridiculous right?

So how do you actually go about solving this? we all want our own little house somewhere with our own private space, but what is so wrong with luxury apartment buildings, with decent living space? okay so towers dont have the best reputation due to the fact that they are seen as dirty places where criminals etc live, but rather than having lots of seperate houses, why not have small 3 or 4 story buildings with a decent living accommodation per floor. this would easily make more houses for the space, allowing enough place for people to live and to have all the greenbelts and everything maintained, in big cities especially like birmingham and london, these arent the types of places to go looking for a “house” youre in the city for a reason, towers and flats are the expected so why build normal houses in these places, they are out of place, wasting land driving up prices so nobody can afford to live.

Okay so this may americanise the country a bit but hey we are facing a houseing crisis and this would be an extremely viable solution; and having good quality affordable flats works much better than overpriced small houses which people are dissatisfied with.

Either this or we create a completely new city somewhere where theres nothing, if I had the money or the funding, I could create a great modern cityscape which had a proper city center which was corporate, and decent houseing in decent locations which arent wasting space.

The most ridiculous part of the current crisis is that although you cant obtain a mortgage of £100,000 on a basic wage, if you could your repayments would be less than you are paying to rent a house (or even just one room in a shared house or flat in birmingham city center to be precise) so if the banks would lend me the money I would of course be paying out less to have much more space and my own house… wheres the logic there? And why do they do this? Because if they did lend this amount to everyone there would not be enough houses to go around and house rises would probably quadruple in a month due to the fact that everyone can now get a mortgage on these houses. Its cache 22.

Another really irritating thing is the fact that should there be somewhere £40 or £50k which banks will lend, it will be purchased by some rich developer to do up and make unfordable and sell on to people who can afford much more expensive places. How is that fair to the majority of the population?

I could go on all night about this, I have really strong feelings on the matter, and its just going to get worse over time, we have stupid legislations to block out pretty much anything and stop us actually progressing as a country and having a nice place, all we really need is a cooperative government which looks after its people and makes sure basic things such as accommodation arent priced out of the ordinary persons price brand, sooner or later we will end up with slums on outskirts of nowhere with poor people living sharing the tiniest spaces as that is all they can afford, possibly even box rooms like Japanese culture, where all you have is a bed and thats it, and then the ultra rich living in huge houses wasting space just because they can afford it.