Monetising The Website Traffic From Searching Best CPM Adverts For Banner Ads Top Results & My Choice To Use

Obviously as the site grows it’s going to become essential to monetise the website traffic, especially as already I’m at the edge of cpu usage on my current hosting plan and it will cost more to cover the traffic costs so it’s essential to be able to monetise the site in order for it to be able to keep going

I decided to search for the “best cpm adverts” in order to find an advertising system to use on the site (other than adsense, which I’m going to keep separate just for youtube and keep a separate advertising system for the site) and you would think the results suggested for the “top advertising websites” suggested would be all high quality rated networks, however there were a few issues and essentially on my fourth try I found the right advertiser for me.

Some of the other results which are suggested as best by google may just mean best in terms of revenue but not necessarily actually good because 2 out of the first 3 sites actually were dodgy upon further inspection, the first I tried had an advert stating “this is a test click here” which then lead to a really dodgy download advert and nothing else and probably lead to spyware and viruses, the network suggested that it vetted ads but clearly didn’t and refused to remove the dodgy advert from their system stating your site will automate adverts over time but after a day or two of that dodgy advert alone being on my site I had to remove it, the second just didn’t have ad formats suitable for me only offering popups or flyovers and things I really didn’t want to use. The third site I found didn’t seem to show, but triggered suggested dodgy content warnings from the second network I had rejected, and upon further searches was known to be dodgy and take over your site using it’s code so I immediately removed that.

My fourth and final application on the list was with and immediately I was far more reassured than the previous results as it’s recommended by cnn and other big sites, it’s part of the yahoo network and very well trusted, and I’m glad to say that this is what I will be using going forward to monetise the traffic, I might add another banner ad on the frontpage with a main internal content one but I’m not going to cover the site in adverts, and at present we have one box for it down the side (along with the gmg one and a few smaller suggested programmes like amazon prime and OBS boxes.

Obviously this network promises 1.5x more advertising revenue than other networks, and while that’s fantastic as obviously the more ad revenue you can get the better my primary concern was to get the most trusted adverts for showing on my site which had the capability of cpm earning so traffic could be monetised to keep the site going, and support the time and effort put into writing articles or editing together all the reviews as this is a very time consuming process with a lot of effort and care put into it.

All in all I’m pretty surprised that at least 2 of the “best cpm advertising sites” actually weren’t well vetted or even outright known to ad dodgy adverts or simply url redirect and takeover your site was pretty bad, and that this site was listed below those as I would really suggest this should be the top result of any list, and if you’re looking to monetise your site you should definitely go to this network first, there’s a variety of ad types from banners and boxes of all sizes from the traditional to half page ads providing a wide choice of options to monetise your traffic and earn the money you need to support and fund your website.

I would definitely recommend Joining this ad network ^^^^ As they are the best and most trustworthy advertising network I could find from the top results which meets what I’m looking for out of an advertising network and I would suggest you start there with monetising your site, and it’s what I will be using going forward to fund the upkeep of this site and will use the funds to provide more top quality content and more frequent reviews.

I have an agreement that if you use my link to sign up for the system you will gain an additional 10% on top of your earnings for the first 3 months after you join as well so if you needed any better incentive to join than additional earnings what’s stopping you?

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