a long overdue rant

Okay so there has been a lot I have been having to deal with, especially involving releasing the inheritance funds from my fathers estate after he died in january and I have avoided putting up anything until an outcome was reached, in february my sister attempted fraud in the bank by taking one of her friends in attempting to forge my signiture, using mail obtained from my mum to pretend to be me as an identity document.

My mum has been happy to assist my sister in the fraud pretending to not be involved or care but still continuing to support the criminal in her endevours rather than reach a mutually agreeable outcome, I have attempted to be reasonable and assist but I have been ignored and held out of the entire situation, our father divorced my mum a long time ago and the estate should be split between my sister and myself, the entire estate not just the bank account, however my sister has already sold off all his posessions, his car, and more and made money from all of that, and is also attempting to fully steal everything in the bank account rather than allowing me my 50% legally entitled share, hsbc are happy to be complient to the criminal after her forgery, and actionfraud of the police seem to do nothing to persue the fact that she has committed fraud by attempting to sign my signiture illegally in order to gain a rather substantial sum of money.

There is a lot more to this story and more things I wish to rant about, I will be creating a video with full details along with an acompnaying article at some point, just a little drained right now from all of the stress and dealing with all of thier two faced lies.  It would be nice to have a family who care, unfortunately all Im left with is the ones who don’t and are selfish.  My father would definately not want my mum getting any of the funds, and would want me to have my share so I can get on with life.  I should have listened to him and just entirely cut my mum out of my life sooner, and the fact that my sister is criminal scum and she is assisting her, I don’t expect things to go easy in getting my entitled share, and at least either outcome I will have them out of my life and he would be proud of me for cutting them out of my life.

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