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christmas is actually a pagan festival of a feast for the survival of the winter solstace, not christs birthday. However there is a figure born on this day, but its not christ, its a sun god mithras… so instead of being christmas day its mithras day, it had existed long before christmas, and was always the feast, christians stole it as people already celebrated on that day. Of course later in time there was saint nicolas who is father christmas Santa clause (where saint nicolas was lost in translation somewhere in another country) He was famed for providing gifts for needy children every year. Instead of wearing red though, I believe it was either blue or green he dressed in.

So why am I blabbering on about all of this? Well christmas isnt anything remotely religious, do we do anything religious for this day, its not even christs birthday, and thats a fact, the christians jumped on the bandwagon of a pagan festival, not very christian of them now is it.

Its a day to have a feast with the family, where you can all cook together as a family all your specialities and provide a really good meal, little party foods and snacks that can be left on the table and snacked on through the day with variety being the thing that is called for. And guess what, you dont have to eat just turkey. Why do people eat turkeys? Becauase thats where saint nicolas came from. It should be all about eating food everyone in the family enjoys, having family games and making a big celebration of the day. Giving gifts to people who deserve them just because you want to get them a gift, not because you have to or because you want one back.

I was going to say we should all stop calling it christmas, Im still going to say that, but instead of going with Xmas, as it is Xmas celebrations, (which I will still say use over christmas) but now I know of mithras day, perhaps we should all revert to calling it what it was origonally. People need to know that its always been a day of feasting and celebration long before christianity stole it.

My idea of a good xmas, a day with nice food, party food like beetroot and things available to snack on during the day, a nice cooked meal, and a day playing party games with the family. We dont have a culture of spending lots of time with family so one day of the year would be the right idea. Oh and one important factor is you HAVE to have the cheesy christmas pop hits in the background, worth the cd, really sets the mood for the day.

Seasons greetings and goodwill to you all this mithras (xmas) day.

Take care

Or the apparent home of witty banter. Basically its UKTV:men but they thought that was a bit sexist and couldn’t come up with anything better, as a last resort and as a lame sort of joke someone suggested “dave” as a name for it, obviousely the committee couldn’c come up with something better, and decided to go with dave… at least thats how I think it happened. I’d been suspecting fora while that it was uktv, with all the uktv adverts in there. of course my suspicions were proved right with a quick visit to

One annoying thing about the channel is if theres nothing else on on the weekend and you’ve put the channel on, and theres “nothing but” something or other, in this case bottom, they will show 3 or 4 episodes of the thing then repeat them again and again throughout the day so that theres no point watching the channel, and you’ve put it on as a last resort anyway due to the fact that theres nothing else on and most of the other freeview channels are just showing repeats of what they’ve had on every other day of the week. But thats for another rant.

The way the channels going, I just see it using up all of its content by christmas, unless they’re going to get some more repeats of olde bbc things, theres only so much there before they’ve completely ran out.

Okay, one of my many theories, which I will add to here at some point in the future. Right on the theory of “dark matter” so nobody knows exactly how much there is, but its stated that its required for the universe to have formed and that roughly at the moment 90% of the universe is missing.

Okay secondly black holes have been proven to exist, theyre not exactly massless now are they. they suck in matter at such a rate that not even light can escape… So that means that they have some weight, and these havent been included in these scientific constructs of the universe being created. Black holes amongst other things are formed from the destruction of some remote stars which burn themselves out in a supernova, could also make other spacial anomolies, but for this discussion Im just going to mention black holes.

So burnt out stars make black holes, which we cant see or account for all of with out microscopes unless they are doing something to make themselves visible like sucking in a remote sun. They account for some of the missing mass, and of course all the stuff theyve been sucking in all these years could easily account for the rest of the missing mass. I do have a theory on the destruction of the universe and will mention this in this section later. You do have to think to yourself, if 90% of the universe is indeed missing, then how much longer has the universe got left until the black holes suck in the rest of the mass? If we know how long the universe has existed of course then we would be able to work out a rough estimate but hey, only 10% of the universe remains unexploded or unsucked into black holes so not much left now.

You do have to allow for some mass so small floating in the space between solar systems, microscopic spacedust so small that our telescopes cant detect it; this could account for some extra mass, and detecting this could be the key to seeing black holes as seeing the lack of the microscopic dust (and the fluctuations like a tornado causes) would show exactly where a black hole is and its path and speed.

Okay so this isnt a prediction so to speak, but more of a statement on how things should work.

I mean with the size of this country, we are quite a small country, and our population is growing exponentially, we limit the ammount of space that be built on with greenbelts and conservational lands, so that if you want somewhere to live in a city you are limited to somewhere already existing, thus rising prices of houses beyond affordable limits, and mortgage rates, so that nobody can afford them, thus leading to wage increases to be able to afford accommodation etc. Ridiculous right?

So how do you actually go about solving this? we all want our own little house somewhere with our own private space, but what is so wrong with luxury apartment buildings, with decent living space? okay so towers dont have the best reputation due to the fact that they are seen as dirty places where criminals etc live, but rather than having lots of seperate houses, why not have small 3 or 4 story buildings with a decent living accommodation per floor. this would easily make more houses for the space, allowing enough place for people to live and to have all the greenbelts and everything maintained, in big cities especially like birmingham and london, these arent the types of places to go looking for a “house” youre in the city for a reason, towers and flats are the expected so why build normal houses in these places, they are out of place, wasting land driving up prices so nobody can afford to live.

Okay so this may americanise the country a bit but hey we are facing a houseing crisis and this would be an extremely viable solution; and having good quality affordable flats works much better than overpriced small houses which people are dissatisfied with.

Either this or we create a completely new city somewhere where theres nothing, if I had the money or the funding, I could create a great modern cityscape which had a proper city center which was corporate, and decent houseing in decent locations which arent wasting space.

The most ridiculous part of the current crisis is that although you cant obtain a mortgage of £100,000 on a basic wage, if you could your repayments would be less than you are paying to rent a house (or even just one room in a shared house or flat in birmingham city center to be precise) so if the banks would lend me the money I would of course be paying out less to have much more space and my own house… wheres the logic there? And why do they do this? Because if they did lend this amount to everyone there would not be enough houses to go around and house rises would probably quadruple in a month due to the fact that everyone can now get a mortgage on these houses. Its cache 22.

Another really irritating thing is the fact that should there be somewhere £40 or £50k which banks will lend, it will be purchased by some rich developer to do up and make unfordable and sell on to people who can afford much more expensive places. How is that fair to the majority of the population?

I could go on all night about this, I have really strong feelings on the matter, and its just going to get worse over time, we have stupid legislations to block out pretty much anything and stop us actually progressing as a country and having a nice place, all we really need is a cooperative government which looks after its people and makes sure basic things such as accommodation arent priced out of the ordinary persons price brand, sooner or later we will end up with slums on outskirts of nowhere with poor people living sharing the tiniest spaces as that is all they can afford, possibly even box rooms like Japanese culture, where all you have is a bed and thats it, and then the ultra rich living in huge houses wasting space just because they can afford it.

Has anyone seen dark angel, a grim look at the future, where everywhere is policed with strict border control, and you need special passes to get through to another town or city, well theres also airborne camera drones. Now this has been implemented in dudley, a modified toy which floats, but has cameras in it for the police to monitor the town remotely.

Are we really turning into a state where there will be cameras floating around everywhere watching your every move, how long before we have border controls between towns so you cant travel easily,

Isnt it enough that we have cameras on every street covertly watching your every move, why do we need ones that can fly around everywhere and intimidate you if its floating near you and youre doing nothing wrong (all you have to do is walk around a supermarket with a bag on your own to get followed by security guards here)

Final thoughts, in a busy city center, if the batteries run low, its gonna land hard on someone

One of the stupidest things about exams is where the questions on the paper are only actually 25% of the actual score, it wont tell you this, you have to find out from the teacher, and if they dont tell you theres no way you can pass no matter how well you do, because theres another 25% for giving relevant industry examples, another for relating your answer to other fields of knowledge, and another 25% for giving a quote of some sort. So no matter how well and fully you answer the question, its more about relating it to other things and including these formula for the grading criteria rather than answering the question well.

Shows why exams thesedays arent really worth much because its not about what you know, its about knowing how to pass the exam rather than actual knowledge.

Maybe they should state these things in the question, more people would possibly know to do these things then, I mean the question is what you answer, not and also include all this other stuff in every question that the exam doesnt remotely mention anywhere on the paper.

Of course I passed second time I did the exam because I was informed “where I went wrong” maybe if theyd said this extra stuff was required I wouldve known lol.

After a day out on the spygames experience at the northampton raceway, here is a video of my lap of the advanced driving techniques, unfortunately my camera person wasnt the best at keeping track of the location of the car, so Ive edited it from several laps to show my lap (but all the videos are of me driving, and it shows basically a whole lap of what we did.)The rest of the day included j turns, axe throwing, rifle shooting, hand to hand combat techniques, as well as handgun techniques, which included bodyguard scenarios unfortunately the videos for these are missing, as the camera was full before then… note to self next time take a bigger memory card and spare batteries.

Of course the website I purchased the experience from stated there was bomb disarming in there during the day but this did not happen which was disappointing, this would have been a fun part of the day also.I would recommend it, it was a fun day out, and I would definately do something like this again. It deserves a *

Has anyone seen the new tv series of flash gordon? The character rankol so is riding a segway underneath his costume. clever idea, give him a really long coat to cover the thing, and with the whole way you just have to lean forward to get it to move, it makes him look like he’s floating along as well as adding a few feet to his height.

Whichever costume designer came up with that idea deserves a round of applause, definately a great idea. And hey Id love to do that, and you just know he’s bound to be scooting around on it all day off camera too.

Note that this is just a theory dont have definitive confirmation that he does ride a segway but Im 90% sure and it most definately looks like it, and hey its a return to the good ole days of scifi where they use props rather than cgi (cgi usually looks so fake anyway)

Okay had to wake up really early to get to work one morning, and I heard a bin lorry reversing in birmingham (whats so special about that I hear you ask)… okay so maybe not… anyway it just amused me that the lorry said “warning this vehicle is reversing, but not only that it was in a birmingham twang so that when it said reversing it sounded a bit confused like it was asking a question…

Warning this vehicle is, reversing? Amused me, mightve been because I was still tired that early in the morning but hey.

Well… the tv licence… what can I say… luckily I live with people who pay for the licence for the house, so I dont have to pay :-)

But I mean come on if youre not going to watch the channel you still have to pay for it just to watch any other channel, imagine you have to pay for a sky subscription even tho you dont actually watch the thing. Wheres the difference there? The technology exists where you can encode the channel so that you have to have a special decoder card to recieve specific channels which arent free, so why should the bbc be in such a state that you have to pay for it to watch other channels?

Imagine supermarkets giving you brussel sprouts, you can take as many as you like but you have to pay £20 to enter the supermarket to purchase other items, but the brussels are free for you to take, but you cant enter without paying for them. The bbc is working in the same way, not exactly the best method.

What do they do with all of these fees anyway? they spend it however the hell they like, making little pointless before show ditties of circles to show some sort of pointless thing. And there is the odd show I would watch, like heroes, but hey thats already been on nbc and Id rather pay for that channel, watch it when it first comes out and have some better shows on there as well

And what is the reason they dont make it so that you have to have a special decoder or reciever to get the bbc channels? because they get away with not having to, its the law to have to pay for them forcing it upon you, how legal is that really? If you dont want it and you want to watch other channels (which are paid for by adverts) surely it should be perfectly legal not to pay and to just not have the bbc channels… when will that day come? surely soon, theres only so long they can do this which in my minds isnt too legal, being forced to pay for a channel which if it wasnt free the majority of the people wouldnt actually have!