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This is a lost episode due to issues with using the honestech software to capture not only my live review but the footage from the show istself, with the fact that it added artificial noise as well as losing the majority of my footage in the transfer process it lead to severe delays in release due to quality issues, also due to memory problems I appear to have had some rendering issues not correctly cutting my picture in picture footage with the cheese and chef footage and it rendered at a state prior to editing and fixing correctly. I apologise for the issues and I hope you enjoy the review regardless of the issues that presented themselves, and this is the reason for the delays because I wanted to be able to get better hardware to resolve the issues for later episodes (which I have now done)

The good food show winter 2013 was held over 4 days each with its own supertheater and minor stage appearances by chefs of both celebrity status and renound michellin star restaurant chefs making appearances to cook and prepare food live in front of your eyes throughout the show. Depending on which chefs you would wish to see you should make a booking to ensure you’ve purchased a ticket for the day your chef will be making an appearance.

I visited on a friday believing this to be the most suitable day to be able to get around the event freely without too many people and also be able to get good footage for review.

The show itself spanned over 4 interconnected halls at the nec with another consisting of the supertheatre where shows would be performed throughout the day on a live large stage with your favourite tv shows being recreated on stage in front of your eyes, there were also a large number of smaller stages throughout the show including a great british bakeoff section which was rather popular towards the end of the day when the series winner was on stage, and also masterchef mini stages and belkin and other brands with thier celebrity chef of choice performing at intervals. I chose to include some footage from one of these events, and unfortunately due to my lost footage I lost the best parts where chef pointed out his sous chef watching in the crowd, a nod to me stating how things he’d stated he shouldn’t be stating as they’d be out in the press the next day, and the humour the chef input when someone ran in front of the stage rather than walk around during the show.

This alone is worth the cost of entrance if you consider the show itself to be the foody equivalent of a rock concert, where your favourite chefs perform throughout the weekend and you choose to watch whichever ones you wish to see while missing others, and due to the way this show is setup you have a much better chance of getting up close and personal because not only do you get to be very close up to the action itself and even if you’re feeling adventurous enough taste the food after its “left out for display” but you can also go up to and converse with the chefs who are usually happy to have thier photographs taken, and chef turner was seen posing with visitors to the show at the belkin stand before his performance.

For those wishing to make a purchase at the show there is also plenty on offer ranging from good quality produce to award winning speciality food that you would normally only be able to obtain online, some with a minor show discount and pretty much everything at the show was available to be sampled. I would stress that if you were to visit the show intending to sample that you be considerate of others as there were some people swarming the food stalls taking more than one of each sample in order to simply eat everything available beyond one sample of each flavour, many sat stuffing thier mouths with 5-6 chunks of the same flavour cheese which was very greedy and inconsiderate, especially when you add the fact that the world cheese show was being held at the show which not only meant there were a significant number of cheese vendors all with samples on offer, but also once the judging had been performed that exceptionally large numbers of high quality cheeses would be available for consumption by any who desired.

Don’t fret if you’re not into cheese or lactose intollerent as there were other foods availalbe as well, with cooked and chilled meats, vegetarian specials, sweets of all varieties along with beers wines and soft drinks, all with samples as well as purchasable gifts to take away that very day should you have been inspired to cook at home with the produce and ingredients available.

I also noticed a number of techy gadgets for aiding your kitchen experience, from an egg yolker which removes the yolk via a dropper and keeps it intact to juicers and blenders and some unusaul technology in between. When I did ask if one vendor would be happy to demonstrate his juicer he instead decided to question my camera equipment calling it something from batteries not included, which was a little offensive considering I prefer the analogue film style as a medium for artistic choice due to the realism of colour depth, unfortunately this was not possible with the new honestech software and my old hardware for transfer not having software compatible with windows 7 being xp only I lost the ability to transfer high quality video footage and retain my analogue artistic vision. I have now been forced to change to a toshiba camilleo x450 which I must say looks less like a camera and more like a tube, so if that’s how people consider professional camcorders now I would prefer something that looks like my old camcorder. (and the new camcorder doesn’t even capture audio well) Of course I saw through his insult and asked how long it would take for his machine to produce anything and he stated 20 minutes, so obviousely he was simply trying to cover up the fact his machine would be slow and terrible at demonstrating how to make a quick smoothy and wanted the media to avoid showing off the slowness of his product at all, and it probably output a terrible quality smoothy too considering he refused to demonstrate it.

Time slipped by quickly and soon the day was over, which is why I would state if you were to visit you should definately plan which stages you wish to visit for which chefs and which stalls you would most like to visit to make the most of your day and be able to see everything you desire, and definately get samples and free goody bags from the vendors that have these on offer, and on your way out from the show in order to maximise your value for money, but just on the fact that you get to see and interact with the chef’s alone if you’re a fan of any food shows on tv and celebrity chefs you should definately check out the lineup of chefs at the show and choose a day where you get to see them up close and personal and you’ll get more than your moneys worth, especially if you choose the double feature ticket which gives you access to both the winter and summer shows.

If I’m lucky enough to go again and take footage I know I’ll be choosing to plan my day better, and at least I have more trustworthy video technology now also so that I won’t lose all of my footage from the show, and with a more timely review I can also give a better in depth review of the particular show, and hopefully draw comparisons between the winter and summer shows to better demonstrate the differences between them.

In the meantime check out the good food show site for yourself and see wether you think you would like to attend this year.

Eurogamer 2014 kicked off with a bang, with hundreds of people queing at 8am in order to be first in line when early bird entry opened at 10am, eager to get thier hands on the latest consoles and up and coming game titles.

The event itself is spread out over 2 floors in earls court in the center of london not only housing booths to play games but also incorporating special shops and many competitions and tournaments.

When gates opened at 10am people could be seen running for thier favourite stand in order to be the first to play that particular title and have bragging rights over the first to complete the demo.  I opted to head for the hotly contested 18+zone and queue for assassins creed unity in order to avoid long waits in the queue for the booth later, ironically it resulted in a longer wait due to “health and safety” issues, but it was worth the wait as I got to see that the game was reverting back to a standard I could get along with rather than being very on rails and punishing you for diverting away from these.  I still need to see if they’ve improved boss mechanics, but it does promise a completely different fighting system which is good because of the new protagonist, and having everyone fight the same throughout history would be a bit stale for the series.

After this I headed out and took advantage of a free seat at dead island two, congratulations for reading this article as I forgot to mention this in my video, but dead island two follows the story which is lead out in dead island epidemic, you might not have played that as it is a moba style game, where dead island two follows the usual gameplay of the origonal, but in a world where the infected who are immune have become enhanced humans, better and stronger, but are being hunted down and eradicated by a terrorist group of some sort.  I played for a while in the demo where stealth was very much necissary in order to not set off the gas in the room, it was a little challenging and I gave up after a few attempts as I had other things to see, but definately looking forward to the release to see how things pan out as it could be a promising title.

The bafta’s were also at EGX and I did have an invite and permissiont to film at the side event, however I was unable to make it back on time with delays at hotel checkin, but I am sure that you can find content elsewhere about this.

Alien isolation is very much a suspense strategy game where you have to navigate the station under the constant threat of persuit from the sole alien on board, without testing out the mechanics I would be interested to see how it progresses as it could be possible to cheese the alien somewhere and leave you free without worry, or wonder wether its hard coded to teleport into your vincinity so you can never truly lose it, but this is definately a deviation from the heavy infestation shooters that are usually a part of this franchise and instead trying to revert to where the films like to venture of isolation with a single alien and suspense.

To be continued.

I have been lucky enough to obtain press access to the bbc good food show winter event at the NEC and will be bringing you coverage from the event, I will be attending on friday and get you the roundup of what goes down and if I’m lucky I’ll let you know what the supertheatre events were like and the tastiest produce and the best bargains at the show, supertheatre tickets aren’t a garuantee though as it isn’t included in my press access.

The show officially launched today and here is what you can expect from the show based upon the press release.

BBC Good Food Show

Opening for its 23rd year the good food show returns with big names such as Brian Turner, Frances Quinn, James Martin, Lisa Faulkner and Natalie Coleman launching the biggest food event of the year.

What can you expect to see?

A variety of kitchen appliences, gadgets and accessories from well known brands, as well some of the best local and regional produce, live cooking sessions, book signing by celebrity chefs, and plenty to taste as well as 50 chefs and experts from around the country demonstrating on 7 stages throughout the event.

Tesco Finest Supertheatre

The supertheatre will be where you can expect to see the big names, tickets are available for purchase on the door, and promise to be “your favourite tv shows come to life” with expected guests to be James Martin, The Hairy Bikers, Paul Hollywood & Mary Berry amongst others.

The Great British Bake Off Village

Fans of the show will be pleased to note that not only will the winners and contestants from the show be baking thier favourite dishes, but you can also book an afternoon tea session in the garden, no word if this is actually outdoors but it sounds a relaxing place to have a nice lunch.  I will have to look at this and the prices to let you know what you can expect once I am at the event itself.

M&S Christmas Theatre

Seasonal christmas produce from celebrity chefs Phil Vickery, Michael Caines and James Nathan are promised on this stage made only using ingredients readily available from M&S, visitors can pick up tips for the christmas season and if there is anything more unusual or wacky suggested you know I’ll be taking a note of that one.

Producers’ Village – Bursary Awards Winners & Good Food Champions

A showcase of six producers who were awarded burseries for thier award winning foods will be showcasing thier products, I will definately be taking a look to see just what is so special and hopefully sampling some of thier produce for you. The winners this year were

Ross and Ross Foods, Benjamin Chocolatier, Beach Food Co, Manfood, Edwards Cordial, and The Fruit Pig Company


Not only will there be live displays from masterchef contestants showing dishes you can create at home yourself you also have the opportunity to dine inside of the masterchef restaurant itself, an experience you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Wine tasting

WineTubeMap offer tasting tours of a variety of wines, offering three different tours, it is not stated if this is a map of the show, a train around the show or much more than the tour through different tastes and flavours and the food matches, but I will get more details for you on this, and having a wine tasting qualification myself I can let you know if the quality is just right

The world cheese awards

Not only will the event itself be taking place along with judging but it is also promised that you can view and taste the cheeses after the awards take place for the rest of the show, no word on what day the actual awards take place but if tasters are available I can get you the inside scoop on my winning cheeses of the day.

The magimix theatre

Who would have expected not only there to be an entire theatre for the magimix but also a selection of celebrity chefs showing thier recipe’s using it including Theo Randall, Glynn Purnell, John Whaite and host Marcus Bean.  But there will be the theatre running the entire event and showing just how versatile the Multifunction Magimix 5200XL Premium can be in your own cooking and how it can save you time and effort.  Definately an experience to watch.

How will you cover all of this?

With so much to see I probably won’t be able to bring you footage from everything, but I will definately bring you the highlights and the bargains of the show and give you a full roundup of the experiences.  If it comes down to it the show does run a further two days and I can always return on the weekend to look around anything I missed just so you do get the full experience.

Tickets on the door will cost £24.50 which for all of this plus much much more and all of the tasting experiences you will discover at the event you will definately get your moneys worth especially if you have cook books to have signed by the celebrity chefs.

If you can make it maybe I will see you there