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Decay of logo’s is an anime styled colourful adventure game designed to be challenging but not unfair much like dark souls, where you will want to take enemies on individually rather than allow them to group up as together they will be an overwhelming force especially at the beginning. You will go through the game with your creature companion who is supposed to level up as you progress and gain more affinity which will allow it to help out in battle as your bond grows closer however for me nothing seemed to happen despite doting on the creature looking after it and feeding it every lullaberry that grew in the kingdom, and it will also act as a secondary inventory to store your items as you progress through the game although it’s space is very limited too.

There is a couple of major hurdles to overcome for newcomers to the game, but as long as you’re aware and plan around these you can enjoy the game to the point where it opens up and allows you to explore and gather treasure without the constraints of your inventory and weapon’s degrading. The first major hurdle is the fact that every hit you take will reduce your stats and unless you’re aware of the location of rest points to recover your stats and where to find them you can end up in a situation where the challenge just ramps out of control to impossible levels, and the game doesn’t make it clear where you can rest because it teaches you that “shrines” are save points, which aren’t like bonfires you cannot rest at them and recover your lost stats, instead you need to keep an eye out for circular ringed area’s which you can sleep at and replenish your stats to full and the first one is at the bottom of the hill at the beginning once you know this life becomes a lot better and this can be easily missed and bypassed leaving you with a huge challenge to get through fighting across the upcoming area’s and challenges that will befall you, especially as a boss will stand between you and the main hamlet of fons central area.

Weapon storage and degrading is the next major haurdle to progressing, as initially you may wish to explore and find all the loot however you can only hold one big weapon, one small one and a spare inventory slot, and your creature can only hold one of each type too so whilst treasure may be abundant if you explore for it you will not have the room to store all of these items until 1/3rd of the way through the game, so you may wish to plan to just plow forward through the game until you’ve got the room to store things and only collect new weapons as yours degrades to unusable levels as you won’t get the ability to repair these until after the first boss either.

Having said all of this the game does do a good job of making you think you’ve explored everything and you’re coming towards the end and then you open up a whole new area, and then this will happen time after time and although it’s a fairly small map with 3 main area’s to explore they do often intertwine and loop around in unexpected ways and I like how the game does provide a little refreshment with these new area’s every time you think you’re coming towards the end.

It took me around 17 hours to get through the game although some bugs and problems with the creature on certain puzzles and others being a little problematic to navigate and me exploring everywhere and everything may have lengthened the game beyond what it might take to go through now that things have been fixed to a greater degree, though there do seem to be secrets I somehow missed like there’s supposed to be 3 spells you can gather to use but I only got the one you have to get from the first boss and all the loot chests were often disappointing for the backtracking and effort I went through to get them providing weapons which were all pretty much of the same levels and usefulness rather than being any specialised loot as the chests seem to randomly drop items rather than being set and special treasures to gather.

As long as you persist to the hamlet of fons the game opens up and becomes a lot more approachable at that point, and definitely knowing how to use the rest points which aren’t ever explained and are hidden away providing only a few opportunities to sleep here and there is definitely required to be able to enjoy the game too. I did also have an issue with the end credits where if you waited past them to see if there’s an after credits scene you aren’t provided with the option to then begin new game + but instead forced to liveout in the world without quests or anything to do after you’ve done it all (and the main plot characters also leave the hamlet) which I found unapproachable, and I tried going back to the end boss and it’s already defeated and no option there, and I ventured around the world to no avail, though bringing this up to the devs resulted in a very harsh response and immediate thread locking, claiming I should’ve just clicked in the end credits and not waiting and how stupid I was to not know that the very rare statue save points offer you the option to go to new game + (where at this point in the game I used the rest circles and ignored the statue savepoints because they were pointless at this stage as they don’t allow you to replenish your stats) but how was I to know this insider knowledge, just seemed a little harsh, but sure apparently there is the option but it’s not given to you on screen after the credits if you miss it or wait it out, and it’s not on the pause menu or anything userfriendly, instead you’ve got to treck a significant way from the hamlet you spawn back in to get to one of these statues to go select to new game + and you have to know this because the game will by no means lets you know this and how would anyone have any clue, sorry I asked I guess. Wow.

All in all the game and story are pretty good, there’s only 4 bosses including the final boss, though there are some miniboss challenges like all the brutes, the knights and some hidden creatures to go slay, the variety pool of enemies is pretty slim too and the area is quite condensed but as a colourful soulsesque game it’s pretty fun and it’s a very reasonable price for what you’re getting, just the hurdles to enjoyment and gameplay do have to be overcome and a lot of people might get frustrated by the lack of well storage and repair options til later and the very hidden healing points you have to venture into and discover yourself with no tutorialisation or hints towards such rest points. I feel that if these lessons are learnt then the game is good and a sequel as far fetched as it would be because of the plot changing and adapting things and being a lot bigger could be a very interesting title. I can see why they make the statue saves so it’s more challenging and prevents you from healing back up immediately upon death at certain points but the mixing of save points and rest points and just outright hiding the rest points makes it so difficult to approach without this knowledge as most people might get so weak they keep dying and just stop playing and the devs expect people to just know way too much (including that the statues let you go to new game + if you didn’t select it during the credits)

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Warden Melody of the undergrowth is an adventure game very much in the style of old zelda games but released on the pc so you don’t need to own a nintendo system to finally play a similar adventure. The game is set over a persistent world where all changes you make stay in the world no matter if you travel to another area or play in another day.

The story revolves around the boy prince being trained and suffering an accident where he falls into a river and is washed up ashore lost and trying to find his way home, he is awoken by nyona who charges him with the task of being the next warden, protector of nature and to stop the king changing the world forever and destroying the balance of nature, but things might not be as they seem as you realise through the story progressing there are two sides to every story.

Along the way you uncover former wardens ghosts who have the ability to take hold of fabians body and then grant new powers and abilities to solve the puzzles. Mostly these powers are used to gain access to new area’s previously off limits, sometimes they just open shortcuts and are a requirement to defeat the boss of that area.

I will suggest that there are a lot of secrets that are never explained through the story progression and there are definitly area’s that were off limits and impossible to figure out how to get into, along with a seemingly pointless completionist task of lighting every single lantern and torch in the game which perhaps upon completion grants something special but I never completed this task. Also there are a plethora of seemingly pointless hats that perhaps when worn in the correct way with the right weapon and warden allow you to talk to the shadow beings you can “Sense” in certain circles, however if you fight them they are gone forever from the world, which could perhaps lead you to never being able to complete everything, unless of course simply eliminating every sense being much like pixel hunting in hotline Miami leads to a greater secret being unlocked such as an extra area or a modification to the ending it’s hard to tell from what is revealed in the game, and while some games like spelunky do this well with a hidden secret until the community finds it as a whole this is something I would like to be able to be uncovered through in game discovery as it feels more like something you should be able to ask in game characters about or find special in game lore that uncovers the secrets.

Having said that though the game itself is really good and definitely a lot of fun and I would recommend 100% that you use a controller as there are points where precise platforming would be required that would be a lot more difficult on keyboard and mouse. I myself put 12 hours into the game with my playthrough with a little exploration and discovery of secrets but mostly on a linear path to the ending as much as the game allows as there are progress gates which require a specific number of motes to be collected, which can lead to going off to find and collect the larger collectables in order to progress so it’s a good idea to collect any you go past on your playthrough if you want to avoid backtracking throughout the game. Travelling between area’s has a convenient fast travel system via a dream world by campfires so this isn’t as awkward as it might otherwise have been.

There are three main area’s all of which have their own guardians and their own unlockable warden forms with individual powers to help traverse the world, and the bosses of each area usually involve using that skill in some form to defeat that boss, and then obviously a final confrontation with whichever final boss you decide to go against, as nature and humanity clash. Your choice however is final as once you defeat the final boss returning to try and do things differently is impossible due to the global nature of in game elements and returning leads to a black screen of death glitch.

I still feel like there’s a lot I didn’t discover and a lot more to unlock with those hidden secrets and all the maths and translation puzzles I didn’t complete, but the in game lore and information about these tends to be lacking so knowing for sure what these would do for you besides complete achievements and give you a sense of completionism is something you would have to discover for yourself, but I do feel there are a few area’s I couldn’t gain access to, with the sewers and perhaps in the hat room, and outstanding lore with the witches who perhaps created the crystals which locked down nyona in the first place.

I would recommend the game and you’ll have plenty of fun with it exploring the game for yourself, the combat feels good and not too easy or too difficult and there’s always something else to do.

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