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So I decided to search for myself see how the results were, on google and yahoo, and it seems I’m doing alright, sure there are a couple of off things, like the guy on twitch using my name hence being Indelacio_co_uk instead, and thats the major reason many of my things resort to being a URL rather than just indelacio, and on google some stupid tribal wars thing I’ve never used, so don’t assume someone using that name is me.

Other than that though things are rather accurate, and thankfully no dodgy things or porn, just slightly inaccurate users in some instances however I do operate the majority of the top slots.

I did see this site on my search on the top page, and decided to claim the page, it was stating that I have to follow 3 sites to claim it but I noped that off right away and just reloaded to claim my own site.  Seems an easy way to subscribe to new posts and a convenient page to see everything in a quick list different to the site, up to you if you use it for searching posts and being informed of new ones, either way I’m claiming it before someone else claims it.. Whoever created the page, or if its just because of plugins I installed I don’t know but either way it seems convenient.


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