Twitch Sings Closing It’s Doors New Years A Sad Goodbye To The Karaoke Game Which Bought Many Streamers And Communities Together

I was lucky enough to take part in the twitch sings beta and loved the game ever since I first heard of it as I’d always wanted to do some singing and potentially some dancing on stream (sadly I lacked the room to do the dancing and the game will close before I do) and I must say the game was much more than it ever intended to be embraced by the twitch community as a whole with many fun features bringing people together and introducing many streamers who would not have connected if not for sings.

As you would expect it’s a karaoke game and obviously had many songs you could choose to sing and earn stars on with solo performances, but also introduced “ovations” which would bring interaction from chat to applaud your performances with it adjusting to the viewer numbers to appropriately award praise, anyone with sings would also get introduced in songs as the audience with their avatar should they follow subscribe or donate bits

The real fun which extended outside of the game itself was the duet feature where you could set a seed singing parts of a song and other streamers or your audience could complete the other half and sing along with you for you to view back later, whether adding silly interactions in the middle empty parts of songs or generally having fun together these proved to be the most popular part of the game and many people came together to form friendships and connect to play together as a result of the connections made through discovering duets and completing them with others.

Some streamers did make it big using sings and rely upon the platform for their entire streaming experience, and whilst twitch promises that something will come to replace it for musicians or something eluded to in that fashion it will never quite capture the bottled magic which sings seemed to encapsulate, because there was so much more than the sum of it’s parts and beyond the bridging of communities which captured magic that will be sadly missed by many and me especially.

Obviously sings capitalized upon the success of duets and added party singing where groups of up to 6 people could get together to chat and have good times while passing the mic around to all sing together and have a great karaoke party together, this feature is fairly new and still in it’s infancy which all adds to the feel that sings only fell because of the dmca uprising whilst we were all awaiting to see which next big feature would be added to the game.

I know for certain that I owe my entire twitch success to sings as I had held off on streaming because I wanted to grow a following before streaming so as not to stream alone, yet with sings I enjoyed the game so much and it felt right to stream that I grew my audience and much of my following from there, now having over 1000 followers many of who’m are a result of sings, along with my first three subscribers which are all thanks to sings, and then you have to take into consideration the connections I have made and the friends I play with who are all thanks to sings, whether finding them through sings or them popping along to my stream during sings streams to join in with me and connect I know that I owe so much to sings.

Who knows what the future will hold for twitch and what they are planning to bring out once it is gone, but I can’t imagine it being the same bottled lightning that sings was for the twitch platform which was embraced by streamers of all sizes and bought everyone together in one great equalizer in the mixing pot of duets

I hope that whatever they bring and whatever they develop they find some way of creating a truly community branching experience that brings people together in the same way sings did and allows smaller streamers to connect together and play and chat together but I can’t imagine anything they could do which would have quite the wide ranging appeal karaoke did through sings and it’s duets.

Download twitch sings and check it out while you can before it goes, because when it’s 2021 sings will face it’s final courtain call and close forever.

Feel free to come sing any duets with me, and we should all get together on new years eve to celebrate this wonderful game and say goodbye to it forever in one last party, and much love to everyone I’ve sang with and who’ve sang back with me. You’re all lovely people and I am blessed to have met and interacted with you all, and you’re all welcome to come play any other games with me anytime, I’m always open to new collaborations, especially with all of you lovely people who I’ve met through sings. Much love and take care of yourselves, and it’s a sad goodbye to a game that has brightened my life immeasurably.

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