With birmingham council’s continued ineptitude (which may be deliberate noting some politicians recent appearance on bbc news stating how harsh and strong walfare cuts in the area are deliberate) I decided to send my third application for housing last year via recorded delivery to prove that they recieved it and to exponge thier excuses that they haven’t recieved it.

Despite having tracking proof stating they have collected the application from thier po box they still deny any reciept of the application, this is after they did this whole song and dance in the first place losing wage slips and bank statement proofs when they origonally requested it illegally witholding my housing benefits, and also witholding for 6 months beyond accepting the proofs stating I should be in reciept of my full benefits.

Wether this is a case of the council deliberately avoiding applications and paying out benefits to those who are not only entitled to them but require them as a necessity until they are able to find employment which can pay for rent and basic bills or wether they are truly inept is for you to decide, but couple this with the fact that they are deliberately cutting welfare in order to cut the defecit, the people who will be hit hardest while they improve the economy for the richer who have more room to lose income and not be effected is for you to decide.

Birmingham in particular is one of the hardest hit area’s because not only are there people who have been living there long term but also the fact that it has become london’s sinkhole to dump those who it deems undesirable such as benefits claimants, immigrants and the homeless all being moved to the area discreetly, but not so discreet that it hasn’t been noted in the news in the past and on channel 4 documentories.

They expect people to sit back and take it or die in the streets, but I call for people to stand up for your rights, because those in power certainly wont and will do everything in thier power to hide the truth and distract you elsewhere.

So if you’re in a similar situation or have your own gripes with the council and the government now is the time to stand up and ensure your voice gets heard, if you don’t speak out against acts of terrorism against your personal human rights nobody else will.

Of course if you take on the media and the establishment you’re likely to be targetted and labelled as crazy, especially if you do something viral or entertaining to get your message spread such as how randy quaid decided to put a mask of rupert murdoch on his wife and pretend to have anal sex with her. They cut the part where he pretends to and simulates “fucking him up the arse as he got fucked up the arse by murdoch” missing out on doing the “up yours” quote from independance day; By cutting this it seems like he would actually be doing it rather than simulating it for the comedy and viral factor to get his message accross, and seemingly anyone being wronged speaking out in a public medium because the media won’t spread thier message gets deemed as “a crazy persons rant” these days, perhaps getting fucked over and losing your home does that to someone and makes them “mad” as in angry, aggitated, irate. Not “mad” crazy, dulally, insane.

What that video possibly doesn’t show is the leadup and possibly months or years of arguing and trying to get the situation sorted and his meassage heard through the murdoch owned presses, and as a last resort turning to social media to get his message heard and perhaps investigated, as taking down a larger institution which in these days can do whatever the hell they like and essentially own the law is a practically impossible factor, but as always underground unions unite when the hard working man is downtrodden and thrown aside unable to work or have a home and basic rights.

I will always stand up for human rights and the rights of the downtrodden, and I urge everyone to speak up and be heard, not in the future where empty promises never appear, but now and make things happen.