Hare Krishna’s Recognise me

Thanks to my ex becoming a “devotee” after I dumped her, now I get recognised by all the hare krishna’s in the street. Im not even religious so why they would think I would be is beyond me lol.

Whats really stupid is while she was with me she claimed to be “non religious” too, its silly why people claim things that arent true just to be with someone, if they dont like you for who you are then is it really worth being with them. What did I do that made her convert in such a way anyway? I mean I know it didnt end well, but to make her believe in religion and to go off and join a cult like that giving up all worldly possessions and living in a commune… I must’ve seriously screwed her up. (even tho she already had a screw loose to begin with)

Its also a bit unusual knowing that Ill be the last guy she wouldve been with considering shes taken a vow of celibacy :-S

I dont want to be recognised by krishna’s they think Im one of them and expect me to join in with them and donate and everything, and Im not in the least bit religious.

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