Birmingham Half Marathon Fundraising

This video is long overdue as I ran the birmingham half marathon back in 2011 and with circumstances in my life I never got around to asking people for funds for the charities, however I did force myself out of the house to complete the event even though Id stopped training and was in no physical shape which is why I was on pace for the first half and then slowed right off, but ran the final stretch.

Please donate to the charities listed below it would be much appreciated and you really are helping people live better lives and get the medical help and research which both of these charities would benefit greatly from
Ehlers danlos is what steph suffers from and it would mean a lot to me if anyone would like to donate.
The cystic fibrosis trust are the company I chose as my charity a long time ago before I ever met steph and had also agreed to run the half marathon for, so if you would like to donate they show you how to via that link

Ive included the footage of me crossing the finish line at the end of the video so you know I didnt just compete I actually saw it through to the end.

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