Rants, Raves And Reviews

okay so my computer died and my current one does not install half of the stuff I need on it and I cant upload any videos at present, and also having some serious stress with british gas still not sorting my bill out.

Just thought Id put an update rather than leave you wondering why Im not posting anything.

After many things going wrong and being constantly ripped off lately I decided to have a mini rant on the matter.  I detail a few of the items I have purchased which I have been truly ripped off on and all of the stress it has been causing when people tell you something is working and it isnt.  Is this what the world has come to where you cant believe anything anyone in shops tell you?

After visiting the gadget show live 2011 at the nec, I decided to make a vlog detailing my visit and my impressions on the place as well as showing what I obtained at the event, and my problems with a couple of the things at the event.

I think it should have been bigger personally and that the security shouldnt give you misleading information actively telling you to go away from the signing queue and come back at 3pm only to be told at 3pm the signing queue is full and taking no more people.  They would need to sort out this along with a few other things to ever make me want to go again, and it was more sales and toys rather than showcasing gadgets, I would have liked to have seen more cutting edge stuff rather than a tiny little stand in the corner being the future tech and the rest of the place dedicated to selling stuff off.  A lot of the stuff like 3d was really old news, was good to try it out but Im still saying it will never replace ordinary tv as so many people just go without perfect eyesight and would get less than no benefit from it as with poor eyesight you actually cannot even see the image as you have the blurred layers, with perfect eyesight you do get a good effect though but it is not worth the price, and if they force it into the market by driving out standard television then it will never be accepted as like I say people just refuse to accept they need glasses.

In this video I unbox and try my final graze box, as usual signup and use the code to get yourself a free box and the second one half price with £1 for each code used going to charity.

In this episode I pose my theories on portal 2 and how it could follow on from portal 1, bearing in mind I havent played portal 2 at this point, and also pose my theories on how it all links into the half life universe along with the consequences of portal being so popular that it has split off from half life.

I entered a trial for the phillips wakeup light HF3480 to sample and review it and this is my initial unboxing and first impressions, as you can see I am not particularly impressed by either the light or the methods in which philips used to shift stock.

This is my attempt at doing an impression of Frank Gallagher from Shameless, for a first attempt with no cuts or edits I think I did alright considering.

Also I did a slightly  modified image (I added some text and changed the coat colour to green as it is supposed to be) but other than that its all me, and entered a lookalike competition at

I would appreciate your votes :-)

Here is a video of me unboxing my first graze food box and showing you what is inside and what you can expect to recieve, as well as showing you my seeds which were delayed almost a month by royal mail.

If you wish to recieve your first graze box for free and a second one for half price (with absolutely no obligation to even purchase beyond your first free box as you can cancel your order at any time) then please join with the following link and the code P58JV7B3

I decided to whip out my camera and film the “supersized moon” so people could see what it was like, it wasnt anything too special really and the previous night with the ultrabright full moon was a bit more spectacular in my opinion but hey.
Also note that I confused the condensation on my window for the moon being potholed and debris around it on my small camera screen.

census 2011 question 17

census 2011 question 17

In the recent 2011 uk census there was a blank question for number 17 and a lot of people wonder why, well there are two types of people actually those who wonder and those who just accept it and move on, I’m one of the previous who thinks whats the point in that, well apparently its to do with a special question for the welsh which seems rather pointless why did they not give us the special question or just put that one on the end and leave it off the uk version. Its like when in high school you get the “this page was left intentionally blank” and you wonder why and sometimes even deliberatly draw something or write “why” or something like that just to see what happens so I figure maybe you should use this question to take the opportunity to ask the government a question yourself, anything you like go ahead show them how stupid they’ve been.

Whats the worst that could happen? Heck if you really want to rub it in write something like “what am I not welsh enough for you” someone might have a laugh at that at the census depo.