Rants, Raves And Reviews

My final thoughts about tesco’s new product range called “easy home bake” based upon my experiences in both trying to find it, the price and the taste of the product and what else they have on offer similar and a price comparison of such.

Needless to say my views are that the product is not worth it as there are very few places that offer the range, it has no significant place in the market that I can assertain, and it is almost double the price of thier premade cookies and even thier premium premade cookies are cheaper and are better value as they have more chocolate etc.

Television review of Jimmy and the Giant Supermarket on Channel 4, discussing the first episode and how it claimed to be about free range foods but really wanted to replace free range beef with veal and was a huge sob story trying to get people upset of the deaths of veal calves so people would go buy cuts of veal from tesco and nothing remotely to do with the meatballs the episode claimed to be about.

Additionally next weeks program about sausages also showed it talked about veal so I am highly dubious about the series.

An update to the government rant about benefits and the council and how they have screwwed me and other over as well as nick cleggs plans to legalise all drugs including class A drugs and my opinions on these matters.

In this episode I have a major rant about the state of the uk government and how they are screwwing over people on benefits and in particular how they have screwwed me over.

In this episode I talk about a lot of things I have been meaning to talk about for a while including the post play review of portal 2 and my ideas on the symbolism involved in the game and where portal 3 would possibly lead.

Reviewing the bzzkit for the voltarol pain relief campaign I recieved from bzzagent and giving my opinions on it, and why I think they should have sent out a coupon for a free product as opposed to a bag. The 4 second introduction has no sound so please wait til the actual video begins.

This video is long overdue as I ran the birmingham half marathon back in 2011 and with circumstances in my life I never got around to asking people for funds for the charities, however I did force myself out of the house to complete the event even though Id stopped training and was in no physical shape which is why I was on pace for the first half and then slowed right off, but ran the final stretch.

Please donate to the charities listed below it would be much appreciated and you really are helping people live better lives and get the medical help and research which both of these charities would benefit greatly from
Ehlers danlos is what steph suffers from and it would mean a lot to me if anyone would like to donate.
The cystic fibrosis trust are the company I chose as my charity a long time ago before I ever met steph and had also agreed to run the half marathon for, so if you would like to donate they show you how to via that link

Ive included the footage of me crossing the finish line at the end of the video so you know I didnt just compete I actually saw it through to the end.

In this video I unbox the easy bake bzzkit from bzzagent and give my impressions of what market I believe they’re aiming at with the pricerange and product range on offer, in the next video I will have redeemed my coupons and have the products to actually show for real and cook and taste to give a proper review and state if in my opinion I feel it is worth the pricerange they are marketing the product at.

In this video I test out the naturally powered washing up powder available from tesco which I have been sent by bzzagent to test and review, these are my initial impressions. Please note the intro has no sound as I have not obtained any intro music as yet which I am able to use without copyright, so wait til the main video starts and you will hear it fine.

Many people seem to think the world is going to end in 2012 so I address some of this in the video and state that perhaps it should mean simply the end of the world as we know it, and that we can all start to make a difference to make things better I mean if you look at how consumerism is failing and all of the big corporations are suffering I do believe its time for something to change.