Lets Play Ninja Pizza Girl: Dubstep Ninja Platformer

Ninja pizza girl is a speed based platformer/runner game with a few variations but for the most part is a race against the clock to get to the finish, with obstacles and enemies to “demotivate” you and impede your path to make it a challenge to complete the levels.

Boosts are gained by performing skillfully and collecting powerups ultimately resulting in dubstep ninja mode, where the music kicks in with the world more colourful and the result makes your character run faster and respond quicker.

Some minor complaints come in the form of the game being clearly developed for tablets or phones with very simplistic controls, with a single button being both the jump and dive mechanics, and if you’re using the modifiers you can unlock such as double jump this can make the effectiveness of the ability difficult, and even without this there are times you want to divekick but as there are no enemies present you will not be able to perform this action and have to resort to waiting in place to land, or at other times when you initiate a divekick to hit an enemy missing his head can result in you shooting down a hole that means certain failure due to the time limit of the level to get back out.

The levels can be quite monotone if you’re struggling to keep together your combo or neglect to go shopping to cheer up your character between levels as this has an influence on your starting speed and essentially your life bar before you get demotivated and break down crying in the streets, and the theme and artwork are styled after comic books and humourous which makes the game suitable for everyone.

Other than these few quibbles the game remains a fun and fast paced platformer good for short bursts of action, with high scores and increased difficulty modes which can be very challenging to complete and keep you coming back for more, sure I would like to be able to reprogram the controls so I can divekick whenever I desire for not only the increased flexibility of control but also effectively control my jumps and dives to truly ninja run around the levels but this is not something which breaks the game.

Check out ninja pizza girl for yourself, and have some fun frantic fast paced pizza deliveries with a humorous plot and nice comic book stylings.

Get ninja pizza girl now on steam. http://store.steampowered.com/app/319470

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