Lets Play Enyo Arcade: Retro Inspired Platforming

Enyo arcade is a very retro inspired action platformer, don’t take the fact that it is made using pixel art out of context as one look at the graphics and you will see that this isn’t the usual excuse for terrible quickly shipped out block art, instead the small graphics are painstakingly drawn using limited pixels to create very visually appealing artwork maximizing what you can get out of the least amount of pixels.

The effort put into the game doesn’t stop there as the controls of the game feel just right which through playing a lot of less than great platformers I have established that getting it to feel right and responsive without being floaty or feeling like you’re on ice must be pretty tough, instead this feels tight and responsive, all of your actions feel correct and like you’re always in control, even wall jumping feels good.

You might feel like you can put the mouse down to play however if you wish to use any of the guns this isn’t the best idea. I’m not saying it’s impossible to complete it without guns but it will be very challenging and perhaps not the greatest idea, and you will miss out on the fact that the guns are well coded too, with a variety of weapons from circular saws which bounce off the walls satisfyingly and curve down over a distance fired to rail guns and rocket launchers which yes can be used to rocket jump high previously unobtainable area’s of the map.

The level design is also well thought out with a few secrets scattered along with different objectives and even a boss battle. You might think that only having three area’s and a tutorial aren’t much but when you consider how many hours have gone into not only coding this game to work authentically and well but also all of the hand drawn pixel art and level designs all from one individual you can see that a lot of love and care have gone into this game.

I would recommend that you go purchase and play especially if you wish to see more from the developer as a good income from a game like this encourages further games or dlc from what has clearly been well designed and thought out and really deserves the sales.

Get enyo arcade on steam now http://store.steampowered.com/app/321330

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