Tesco Fiveways Closed Rant Why In Birmingham

Firstly I appreciate I have been told about how tesco were being charged for multiple unused floors on the site and a dispute over this lead to the closure of the site, but this was after I posted the video and with the popularity I decided to post an accompanying article too.

I still think it’s a shame the major supermarket of birmingham has closed as none in the city center are remotely as well stocked as fireways was, I have been informed that there should be a very large morrisons just by the prior location to tesco but I have yet to see this at present.

Sure you can get bits and bobs from the plethora of “local’s” and the “metro” which have appeared in the town and the sainsburies but these are always small and lacking in the majority of things you would require that you cannot find in the market’s so it is a pity that this store closed, especially as it was always busy and always well stocked on everything you could require that you couldn’t find anywhere else in the city and always became an essential part of the supermarket shop, hopefully tesco will open another large supermarket in the city once they find a suitable location as currently there is no suitably large equivalent tesco in the city center of birmingham.

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